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3Day walk
14 years ago
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Hello everyone! It is fantastic to see that there are so many people in support of Breast Cancer. If we hope to find a cure soon we all need to support it 200%. Many of you have probably seen my postings on other Breast Cancer groups. But I don't get tired of searching because I know it is doable. I have joined The 3 Day walkathon (60 miles), going on Oct. 7-9, 05. My team name is Cougars for a Cure! Every person that joins commits to raising a minimum of $2,100. which should not be difficult. Unfortunately I have not received the response I was hoping for. The walk net proceeds benefit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and the National Philanthropic Trust. If you are interested in joining my team or making a donation please follow this link: I take this very seriously and do it with much pride. You can probably call me a fanatic. My nail polish is pink, jewelry and earrings - pink, my boyfriend even had custom sneakers made for me in pink, white and gray in support of it so I can wear during the trainings and for the walk itself. I can't do this alone though. I ask you to please PLEASE support me. Every person that does should feel very proud because you too will be represented in the walk. 1.) Your donation makes a difference in someone's life. 2.) I will be your legs and proudly reach the finish line! If you are not able, that's ok to because we all cannot. But help me out by passing the link around to everyone you know. God Bless! & Thank you! Raquel
14 years ago


What about it we want to sponsor Raquel? I have had a link on my site about the 3-day for a couple of years. It is a major fundraiser every year.

Give me some feedback on this please...

Great idea!!
14 years ago
Rev...I think we should do it!
Not all of us are phsically able to walk to the corner store; let alone the bathroom!
I will be sending out Raquel's link in my emails and as soon as I get more hours (at work) and my paycheck is fatter...I am going to contribute.
I just started working and my February schedule should be better.

Thanks Raquel for being our legs!
14 years ago
No...THANK YOU! I appreciate it everything that you guys do. I will proudly be your legs! We came to San Fran., Ca on vacation and have been walking pretty much everywhere, which isn't an easy thing with all the hills and valleys. But it's great training. I will keep everyone posted on my progress not only on the fundraising but also on the training. I am planning on selling the pink rubber bracelets (like the Armstrong ones) if any one is interested let me know as well. Once again THANK YOU THANK YOU! you're support is GREATLY appreciated not only by me but also by those that are fighting this disease as well. God Bless! Raquel
14 years ago
Hello everyone, I told you guys that I would keep you posted. Currently I am up to $490. Not bad, but still a long way from $2,100.! Come on folks if we all join together in the fight we can find a cure and beat it! I am also currently selling the pink bracelets that say "Find the Cure" for $2.00 if anyone is interested. The link below is to make donations or to join the team. If you have questions please feel free to contact me. Have a GREAT day! Raquel
14 years ago

You should be very proud of yourself! I think its wonderful what you are doing! Im ake donations to the Susan G K foundation. I recently was diagnosed with a Pre-cancerous breast condition. I get mamos every 3 months and have had one biopsy. I feel blessed its not cancer and pray it never happens! Its folks like all of you here that make me hopeful!


14 years ago
Raquel...Hope the addition to the Announcements helps!
14 years ago
I think the more people see it sooner or later they will take part as well. If you can spread the word to everyone you know it would be greatly appreciated. There are currently 3786 members in this group. Lets double the membership, join together and show that the world that the members of this group support the cause through it all! Breast Cancer patients and survivors have a special place in my heart. I hope and pray that someday a cure will be found. I did this for both men and women. Let me be your walking angel. Raquel Cougars 4 A Cure - Team Captain
Fundraising call to action!
14 years ago
Rev...I support the 3Day walk 100% and encourage all other members here to. We've all either known or lost someone to this dreaded disease and owe it to them to carry the torch!
This Group is AWESOME!
14 years ago
I cannot thank all of you enough for your support and words of encouragement. I hope and pray to make all of you proud and be your representative for those loved ones whom you've lost or that have been affected. For all of you that have someone or you yourself are fighting this disease now, find comfort in knowing that thousands of us around the world care just as much as you do and we pray for recovery and will and do everything we can to find a cure! I am so proud to be a part of this group, you guys are AWESOME! I will keep all of you posted on my progress. I'm hoping for a miracle right now Many hugs, Raquel
New Update
14 years ago
Hello Everyone! First of all I want to welcome all of our new members. We have had a significant increase which I think is GREAT! Well here is the update ..... I am currently at $660. we are moving along slowly but surely. My boyfriend is going to be my walking partner and will be joining my team. So between the 2 of us a minimum of $4,200 will need to be raised. But 1 step at a time. We walked 6 miles the other evening. So for everyone you now have 2 walking Angels on your side. Rev I want to thank you once again for the network message you sent out. I greatly appreciate it! Unfortunately we didn't get any responses I am having a hard time understanding why people are not as supportive. I sent out an Network message yesterday asking that everyone that read the message if they gave $5 the goal would be met and exceeded....Nothing! It's heartbreaking for me because I know that so many people will be benefiting and those that donate will feel really good becasue they helped. I even said we spend at least $5 on coffee and donuts why not spend $5 and help save a persons life. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't think I am asking for much, do you? Let me know. Your walking Angel, Raquel Cougars 4 A Cure - Team Captain
14 years ago

Raquel...Unfortunately, if you look at the click to donate site you will find that the breast cancer gets the fewest clicks. Add in that the walk is in October and people like to wait till the last minute and it becomes easy to see why we are having some troubles.

We have to keep pushing and build the base. It will happen...we'll get you there.

10 Day Update
14 years ago
HEY Everyone! 1st let me start of by thanking you Rev. for posting the walk on the Rock! 2nd updates... James (my boyfriend) registered so I have a member He is already upto $128. so between the two of us we are at $788. Keep in mind we need to be at $4,200 ($2,100 each) at least. We are selling magnets and bracelets, the students in the Business class at the middle school I work at are going to design the team shirt. We are going to pick from the ones they make and wear them during training walks and at the actual walk. I'm trying to see if I can get corporate sponsors to donate so their logos can go on the back of our shirts. We have shirts that we are wearing now and I have an offer for you guys. If you make a donation of at least $5. to either one of us I will write the name of that person you want us to honor on our shirt! When you make the donation just email me and I will write the names down. We are all here because we have been touched in some way. Lets honor those loved ones lost, current fighters, and survivors by participating in finding a cure. Don't forget ALWAYS do your monthly self-exams! Much love and Blessings! Raquel - Team Captain & Your Walking Angel Cougars for a Cure To make a donation or to Join our Team follow the link below:
14 years ago
Friends...Let's keep the momemtum building. Support Raquel and her boyfriend and pass this on to everyone you know!
14 years ago
Just followed my own advice and sent this to 7, 261 folks on my network! Come on everyone...step up and support our Raquel!!!
An update & Challenge
14 years ago
Hey gang, We are currently @ $995.00 between the two of us. We still need another $3,205. I posted on the "Breast Cancer awareness" group (which I am a part of as well) my update. I challenged them asking for 641 of their members to make a $5 donation. The true question is Which group will make the MOST donations? So the same applies here. I need 641 of our members here (which I see is growing --- Hooray!) to make a $5 donation. When you make a $5 donation email me the name of friend,family or even yourself so that I can write your name on our shirts. You will be walking with us. Please also include the group name "Susan G. Komen Foundation" so that I can keep track. So I wonder which group will it be? PS - - When making a donation please make it to the one that has the least amount. Each of us has to raise a MINIMUM of $2,100 and I don't want to be unbalanced. Thanks so much for all your help! YOUR walking Angel! Raquel - Team Captain Cougars For a Cure
14 years ago

Just sent it out to my network. My wife and I will make a donation of at least $10 to each of you in the latter part of the Summer.

14 years ago
I totally support you
14 years ago
Thanks Rev. SO very much. Many Many blessings are being sent your way from me to you everyday! Queen Thank you so much as well for your support as well! Many blessing to you as well. Come on PEOPLE let's start doanting, $5 is not much to save priceless and countless lives! A cup of coffee! Your Walking ANGEL! Raquel
14 years ago
Ahem...Your Majesty, shouldn't that have been "We support you..." Now that you have been crowned you can use the royal "we!" Wink!
14 years ago
Just as an FYI to everyone we are @ $1,476.00 which is $738.00 each. Isn't that AWESOME! BUT we still need YOUR help! Please do not think that because we are in March it is too early, the sooner we can meet our minnimum required the sooner we can give our focus on training for it. By no means am I saying that once we reach our minnimum will we stop. We are on a mission to get some serious money for the walk. But please please please I ask you the other 5477 members that we have in this group to search your heart and support a fellow member who is willing to represent the group in something that we all feel so strongly about. Many blessings! Your walking Angels Raquel & James
14 years ago

Let's Keep the Money Coming!

Raising funds for the 3-Day Walk
14 years ago


Thanks for letting me join your team! I'm really looking forward to this event. Walking has been literally a lifesaver for me during my 13+ years of chronic illness, so this is doubly important for me.

Just wanted to let you know that as part of my new campaign to end environmental illness, I'm going to be writing and selling a series of e-books to raise funds for this 3-Day Walk - and continue to fundraise for the Komen Foundation after the walk. I'm a writer and publisher, so I thought why not use what I do best to try and raise funds? Wish I'd thought of it sooner, but I guess better late than never!

I'm going to be selling these e-books through different Internet lists that I have and that my e-publishing partners have, and also via Internet radio and MP3 postcards, so I hope to reach lots of people and raise lots of funds for the foundation.

So, please think positive thoughts for the success of this fundraising effort and I hope to be contributing many donations to sponsor you, James and myself over the coming months!


14 years ago
Janet, You ROCK! You are very welcome, but it should be me thanking you for joining our team and supporting the cause. So from the bottom of our hearts .. THANK YOU! I think that is awesome that you are using your talent to help raise funds. Let me know where they can be purchased. So that I can spread the information to my friends and co-workers. I must say though that as time approaches the more and more excited we get. James and I are truly honored to have you as a part of our team. If there is anyone else here in the group that would like to join please feel free. We are always in search of more team members. I think it would be fun. Can you imagine members from the SGKF group all meeting up as walkers in Tampa to walk. I think that woulld really be cool! I know not everyone can walk but you can still help us out by making a donation. Remember EVER dollar counts nothing is too small! Many Blessings! Your walking Angels Raquel, James & Janet - Team Cougars for a Cure!
14 years ago
Hey everyone, Our team is currently at $2,336.00 - it is truly a phenomenal thing. BUT we are still a long way from the $6,300 that we need to raise (that is $2,100 per person). I had a group member send out emails to all of her friends and family and several of them have made donations in her name. Please feel free to send the link out to everyone you know, it doesn't have to only be care2 members and they can make donations in your name or in the name of someone else. It is a great way to honor someone. We really really need everyone's help. We are already in mid May and the walk is in Oct. ANY amount is greatly appreciated! If we send out the link to all of our friends and family we have a better chance of reaching our goal. Remember that all donations are tax deductible. If anyone had any questions please feel free to email me. Many blessings, Your walking Angel Raquel - Team Captain of Cougars for a Cure
14 years ago

Currently Raquel and her team are at $2701.00 of their $6,300.00 goal. My wife and I will be giving at least $5 to each member of the team. I'd like to ask everyone else to do the same. Let's blow away the goal!

Team Members:Total Raised$2,701.00  Raquel Perez$1,498.00     James Ernestine$773.00     Janet Helin$430.00  

13 years ago
Hello group members, Before I begin let me apologize for taking a few moments of your time. I would not do this if I did not believe in this whole heartedly. I am doing a 60 mile walk for Breast Cancer called “The 3 Day” in Tampa, Florida Oct. 7-9. We all know that Breast Cancer touches the lives of millions of people, how wonderful it would be if we could find a cure. This walk is for that, the monies will go to the Susan G. Komen foundation and the National Philanthropic Trust Breast Cancer Fund. Can you imagine how happy a child would be to have their mother with them one more day/week/month/year(s) because the treatment she is given allows it. And the joy you would feel in your heart knowing that you have given that opportunity to someone. I can, because that is what I feel now and this is how I will feel when I walk those 60 miles. I’ll give a child that chance and pray that future generations will not have to deal with it. Each person that registers is COMMITTED to raising a MINIMUM of $2,100. Now here is the thing I am not doing this alone, I am also the Team captain of “Cougars for a Cure,” which means that it is also my responsibility to help them out as much as possible. So why this Topic you ask, because WE NEED your help. Between all three of us we need $6,300 we are at $2,726. This is not a hoax, this isn’t some scam, this is completely legitimate! I am asking you to make a donation, of ANY amount. EVERY dollar counts! Some of you have made donations, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! But I am requesting everyone’s help on this one! The following website is our team page, you can make a donation to anyone of us. They can be done online or you can download our donation forms and mail them in. EVERYTHING is tax deductible. If you make a donation and email me I will write your name on our shirts or I can write the name of someone you’d like to honor. Help us, Help them, Find a cure and save lives. If anyone has any questions please don’t hesitate to email me! Once again I apologize, I know that it may be against group rules BUT Breast Cancer touches all of our lives in some way and I Care so much 2 spread the word and take action! I thank you in advanced for all your help and MANY MANY BLESSINGS! Raquel – Team Captain “Cougars for a Cure” James – Team Member Janet – Team Member
Happy Easter
1 year ago

Easter is coming so Wishing you Happy Easter and Stay Blessed

Happy Easter

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