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Bikram Yoga
11 years ago
| Hot!

I'm wondering what opinions you all have about Bikram Yoga.

The reason I ask is this; Bikram's class was how I first got introduced to yoga and I found it most enjoyable and beneficial.
I have since developed my yoga practice and have shifted away from the Bikram routine, but I awoke this morning with the urge to do the full Bikram session. I should point out here, that I am not normally as enthusiastic for such things on a Sunday, my usual Sunday routine being to drink lots off coffee and watch "Goals on Sunday" on Sky Sports
However, today was different, and as I'm no longer familiar with the routine, I dusted off the CD's I got a couple of Christmases ago, and started the practice.
Well, it was awful. Not the routine, but the CD itself. I found the tone stressful and the speed at which they run through it far too quick, with little chance to even catch your breath.

I found the tone of it quite intimidating (I believe that's not the idea!) and switched the CD off halfway through disc 1 and continued without.

So, has anyone else any opinions on Bikram?

If so, the CD's will be on Ebay shortly


11 years ago
Here's a thread that was in the archives, including two previous threads before this one.

I haven't tried bikram yoga myself - exercising in heat isn't something I can handle. But I know others in the group have experience with it.

Bikram Yoga...
11 years ago
Namaste - Hi, I am new to care2, just joined this morning.  I think its great.  Anyways, this is the first time I heard about bikram yoga.  I looked it up and it seems great.  Seems very healthy, like sitting in a heat room like the YMCA has, (I forgot what it's called though).  Good for losing weight I know that.  It also reminds me of the native american sweat lodge - so it is kinda like a mix, the american indian sweat lodge and hatha yoga. Sounds great to me!  I wanna try it.  All the health benefits I do not know, but it sounds awsome!  Damen...
Bikram yoga
11 years ago
There are dangers in doing yoga in the heat that Bikram's yoga uses.  It is much easier to injure yourself, as the heat can give you a false sense of your flexibility, and your strength may not be sufficient to compensate for the more-than-usual flexibility that you feel.  You may also injusre yourself if you expect to be able to, or try to, do the things that you can do in the heat in more everyday temperatures.  Issues have been raised by some about how balanced a rountine it is.  If you read the previous threads, you'll also see that Bikram himself is controversial.
11 years ago
Seems very healthy, like sitting in a heat room like the YMCA has, (I forgot what it's called though).

Not everyone can sit in a sauna, though. Dry heat in a sauna or a steam sauna makes it really hard for me to breathe. And for some people, being in that kind of room can cause difficulties in certain health conditions. You might want to talk to your doctor before starting a bikram or "hot yoga" practice.

And this article supports what Phil said about injuries.

It's up to the individual, but it's also important to have the background and all information before starting a challenging yoga practice.
11 years ago

Hi everyone

Re Bikram. It is a hatha routine with a fixed sequence of about 26 postures with some pranayama (Kapalabhati) at the end. The practice room is hot and has a high moisture content. The Bikram rooms in London all have wall to wall mirrors which you face.

Plus (subjective)

The sequence itself is carefully chosen. It has a good balance of standing and supine postures but no inversions.

The mirror allows you to check alignments.

The ambient heat allows the body to open up much more than in a normally heated environment.

The sequence will certainly have a beneficial effect on body strengthening, lengthening if practiced regularly. I would imagine that there will be a positive effect on many back problems with this sequence.

The practice will probably have a powerful effect on purification due to the profusion of sweating and the amount ofwater needed before and after to stay hydrated.


The speed of practice is quite fast. Holding postures for about half a minute each side (where appropriate) and having a short rest in between.

The focus is external rather than internal given the mirror and the type of instruction.

The instructors manners are usually akin to gym instructors in manner, energy (high) and instruction type in my own experience practicing in London around 2001 (tighten that but!).

There is minimal relaxation at the end of the practice.


Probably not for advanced Yogi's or those wanting a spiritual or relaxing environment. Recommended for those wanting a strong yoga workout or wanting a way in to yoga from a gym culture. Those with high blood pressure should probably be careful and talk with the instructor.

A fan of bikram yoga!
11 years ago

I have tried Bikran Yoga a couple of times and really enjoyed it! It is hard and you do sweat alot! But you are so relaxed and content and comfortable afterwards that it is all worth it! I recommend you bring lots of water!

I am a YOGA newbie... I LOVE IT!
9 years ago

Patience seems to Me to be the MAIN THEME of My transformation... Yoga from "couch potato"...

ok, not so much a "couch potato" because I never did sit around "doing nothing", it is just that I don't know a CUTED UP TERM or PHRASE for the fact I WAS NOT INVESTING TIME in my body's need for exercise, for mediation... and other HEALTH direction! 

 I have "waved good-bye" to the "OLD" and am welcoming the NEW ME with a great CELEBRATION...

I know that I DO NEED the IMPROVED personal conditions...

I am looking forward to gaining much SUCCESS in my TRANSFORMATION by utilizing resources of YOGA, stetching, meditation, diet... and other pertinent facets of LIVING LIFE...

AND OF COURSE am counting on this GROUP's support!

I will look at this Bikram Yoga...

I like to try to UNDERSTAND the principles of various YOGA...

thank you.


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