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Finding balance
13 years ago
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I was reading the input that many posted about what they would like to see from this group.  The feedback was that you would like more personal stories about how yoga effects lives and how to be more motivated to do yoga.

It just so happens that I am writing on meditation.  Yoga plays such an important part in my meditation practice that I have to write about yoga as well.  I am no scholar or expert.  I am simply writing about my experiences in the hopes that it will help others deal with that stillness that so many people seem to be afraid of.  As a friend of mine told me, who wants to read another book from a monk.  What people want to know is how REAL people such as working mothers balance life and meditation.

Someone posted something about Christianity and yoga.  Well, it just so happens that my husband is an Episcopal priest, and I happen to work for the church as well.  One of the comments I hear so very often from Christians who are so thirsty for daily practice is that it is too difficult to sit in silence for fifteen minutes.  This is what caused me to begin writing on meditation.

Yes, I know that Thomas Keatings has books on Centering Prayer and they are wonderful, but I wanted to make this a down to earth practice for moms or dads who come home from work tired and frustrated, but there is no time to rest because there is homework for the kids and dinner to be made, not to mention the phone calls, e-mails to answer - the list goes on.

So how do we find those quiet moments?

Anyway, I thought if people are interested we can share those ideas with this thread.


Finding Time
13 years ago

Time is always against us or so it seems.  I just listened to a talk on how to be successful or at least APPEAR successful.  It was actually suggested that one should schedule phone meetings while you are driving to a meeting.  Conference calls are the best.  Every minute of your day should be scheduled.  Even if you are taking your kids to basketball practice, this is another time for you to organize your schedule by updating your Palm Pilot and making phone calls.  Don't forget to network with those around you.  They may be potential clients.

I said to that.  I don't want to live my life like that.  I imagine I would burn out rather quickly if I tried to live at that pace.  No wonder speed is the number one drug in America.  You can find it on any corner in just about any town - STARBUCKS (Coffee)  I admit it, I'm guilty of overdosing on coffee to make it through work.

Instead of making all those phone calls and trying to appear important or what-have-you, I focus on my breath and attempt to be in the moment.  I want to be present for my children's events. 

I went to my daughter's first band concert.  Only a parent or grandparent would willingly go to a concert full of beginners.  I have been listening to my daughter practice.  I know what she and her band buddies are going to sound like.  No matter.  I would give her my full attention.  I sat on the front row with my husband.  I noticed those around me flipping through their cell phones.  I frowned and dared my husband to resist the urge to do the same.  As I breathed deeply, surrendering to the moment, I sat up straight, pulled my shoulders back.  This posture always helps my back.  I became aware of all the tense muscles in my neck and began relaxing.

My daughter played well.  Yes there were mistakes, but that was okay.  She was learning to play an instrument and how to use her breath to make it work.  I watched her tap her feet to the beat.  I smiled and realized all the things I want for my children and for myself was actually being lived in this very moment.  I put my worries aside and embraced this moment.  Happiness flowed through me. This is what it is all about.  Right here, right now. 

It has been thanks to yoga and meditation that I have been able to find these gems in my life.  I often stand in tree pose while I cook.  If I am waiting for something to boil or bread to bake, I will do sun salutations and upward dog by placing my hands on the counter, rolling shoulder back and arching my back so that it is a standing upward dog.  I will do balance poses such as dancer's pose.  When I bathe my youngest son, I make myself aware of my posture by kneeling in heros pose and then kneel on my knees.  I will contract my stomach muscles and arch my back so I stretch out my lower back muscles.  Then, when I stand I put my hands on the edge of the bathtub as if it were a yoga block to stretch out my back and then come to mountain pose. 

These are little tricks I do so that yoga is a part of my everyday life

thank you
12 years ago
Hi!  Thank you for your post!  I am a beginning meditator and  I used  to practice yoga.  I listen to a great meditation podcast and there are wonderful discussions and it's all very interesting but most of the members are in a different place in their lives (a non-kid stage) and I find it a challenge to do meditation or yoga as a work from home mom of a toddler.  What you wrote was great, because it fit with what I need help with - fitting it in.  Thank you.  And, I actually do 'have a minute to myself' right now (it's what I tell hubby I never have   ), so I'll sneak in some meditation time before someone wakes up and wants something.  Thanks again. 
Thank You!
12 years ago

I forgot about starting this thread.  How nice it is to see it again and read what I posted.  Wow!  So much has happened since then. 

I moved across the country and started a new job as did my husband.  My daily schedule is slightly different, but I still take the time to find those moments when I will do balancing poses while I cook and listen to my body as I go about my day.

It has been hard to find time because of the stress of a new job.  The job doesn't exactly "fit" me, so I am struggling with that.  But, I have paid attention to spirit and how it thirsts for those things that I enjoy.  I kept saying I don't have time.  Then I remembered something the Dalia Lama said in one of his books.  "If you really want it, you will find time."

I reflected on that, especially last month as the year was drawing to a close and new year begins.  What do I really want?  Why am I not doing it?

It was then that I became more and more aware of time and how I spent it.  I realized I was collapsing in front of the TV watching a show or a movie I really didn't care much about.  What if I used that time to write intead?  What if I used that time to meditate or read?  Why not start doing something enjoyable during that time instead of zoning out in front of a TV?

I am a week into this and I have noticed a difference.  I am more aware of what I am doing with my time.  My kids seem happier and I am a little more relaxed.  I'm learning to let some things go instead of feeling the need to get the laundry done THIS MINUTE.  Of course I am only a week into it.  We'll see how this goes.

I hope you find more time to yourself to do the things you want to do - things that will fulfill you and your spirit. 

Slowing down to find time and balance
12 years ago

I am new to Care2 since Tania's March 13th posts and wish to note what a pleasing occurrence it was to see them appear highlighted again following the last recent post in this thread. So many of us are rushing through life too fast for things that don't matter,  we are depleting rather than replenishing our energy. thanks Tania for sharing these observations that remind us how easy and important it is to re-focus from time to time.

Finding balance
11 years ago

Hi everyone. Tanya, I really enjoyed your posts. It's too bad this thread has been dormant for a while. Maybe we can revive it.

I have recently been trying to make yoga practice a more regular part of my life. I think it takes a real sense of committment but it can be a bit easier if you just take it one day at a time and one moment at a time. This is something I have to keep reminding myself - to b in the present moment. I have always found it a challenge to have the patience and committmet to meditate but yoga, and the relaxation that comes at the end, helps me to find some balance.



Forgive me
11 years ago

I have not been present for this group as much as I would like. I have been making a habit of staying off the computer once I go home.

It is good to see some interest in this thread because yoga is a life saver for me.  In a world that seems so chaotic, it is always nice to unfurl my mat and to do yoga.  I try to say at least fifteen minutes and hopefully squeeze in thirty or more.  My youngest son loves to come and do yoga with me. 

There are always little moments that we can still, even at work, to simply sit and breathe.  I have found that focusing on my breath while I am working on a frustrating project at work, helps me to stay focused. 

Not every day goes well.  Sometimes there are too many distractions and I don't get to the mat and I find that I haven't really had any stolen moments in the day.  I become upset and feel that I have failed in someway.  I am learning to forgive myself and say "After all, tomorrow is another day."  As long as I keep trying. 


Ayurveda and balance
11 years ago

Just wanted to say hello and share what I've been reading about lately--Ayurveda-- a Sanscrit word translated as the "science of life." It incorporates yoga and meditation, as well as healthy eating, eating in tune with the seasons, and also living in tune with our own daily bodily rhythms. It ties together a lot of areas I try to pay attention to, but tend to somehow keep separate in my mind. This is blends it all together towards a more peaceful life, which allows our minds to be calmer and our spirits the space to grow too. If anyone's interested in learning more there's a cool DVD I've watched from Gaiam called "Ayurveda for Stress Relief."

Re: [Yoga Journeys] Finding balance
11 years ago

I am so trying to find balance in my life. It is so hard, when you are the mother of a teenage girl. Christine E. Eret    ---

Re: [Yoga Journeys] Finding balance
11 years ago

Cornelia: I too have discovered Ayurveda. I went for a treatment in India last year and I continue them here in Los Angeles. It has helped with my thyroid issue. And of course I continue my yoga. One day I will become a yoga eacher. Namaste Rhobert From: Care2 Groups: Yoga Journeys Mailing List [] Sent: 18/2/2009 12:04:40 AM To: Subject: [Yoga Journeys] Finding balance Ayurveda and balance 3:41 PM Just wanted to say hello and share what I've been reading about lately--Ayurveda-- a Sanscrit word translated as the "science of life." It incorporates yoga and meditation, as well as healthy eating, eating in tune with the seasons, and also living in tune with our own daily bodily rhythms. It ties together a lot of areas I try to pay attention to, but tend to somehow keep separate in my mind. This is blends it all together towards a more peaceful life, which allows our minds to be calmer and our spirits the space to grow too. If anyone's interested in learning more there's a cool DVD I've watched from Gaiam called "Ayurveda for Stress Relief." namaste cornelia 9 messages in this topic | post via the web | start a topic via the web Group Links home | announcements | discussions | members | email preferences To stop receiving discussion posts from Yoga Journeys, visit: or email to: new topic email: owner email: Cornelia M. Care2 Groups Care2 groups offers tools for keeping in touch with those who share your interests including: * host announcements * member discussions * rss content * group shares To learn more go to C2C Groups Popular Groups Habitat for Humanity (49,007 members) Rainforest Action Network (6,476 members) PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (35,295 members) Healthy Cooking (394,810 members) ASPCA (31,369 members) More Popular Groups » Share, Learn, Connect and Make a Difference with Care2 Groups! _____ To stop receiv === message truncated ===

Finding balance with internal dialogue
11 years ago

Relative to that comment about finding inner quiet in a stressful world, i find a great many answers from two very enlightened beings that give me a good deal of guidance in my life. And nothing said by either person is contrary to any religion, be it Christianity, Islam, Judaism, or any others. One can be found at the Isha foundation (do a search on google for Isha Foundation and read about Sadhguru), and another in florida, on a site called Sadhguru is a bit more mystical and heavy-duty (like trips to Shiva's mountain in Tibet), but Swamij in particular is an incredible teacher. Somewhere in his thousands of pages of vedic instructions and commentary, you can find real gems about dealing with everyday life. My story began many years ago, when as a young typesetter i set the first English version of Jnaswari's Gita for SUNY. Twenty years later, after waking up from a 19 day coma (i got hit by a car; me bicycle, driver in SUV) i remember the entire book paragraph for paragraph. It was in my brain and memory, but also somehow deeeeeep in the cells of my body. Yoga and meditation brought me back from that day i woke up -- blind and unable to walk. Today i'm back to writing college textbooks and riding the same bike i was on in 2006 when i got hit gary in florida USA


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