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9 years ago

Signed the Kiev one, one for Ukraine is closed but i know i signed that too. Thank you dear Veronica.

thnaks me too from all heart
9 years ago

my dear LINDA, those poor animals are in the same sad situation as in my country, than k you for making a difference in our sad world, my beloved friend!God bless you

our new membersa letter
9 years ago

Dear representatives of international societies for animal protection! I am appealing to you, so as you for 12 years interested in events on Ukraine and, as far as possible attend them proper attention on your informational resources.

I turn to you because during last year and a half information is given tendentiously and with substantial divergences in comparing to the actual situation concerning homeless animals in Kyiv, Ukraine and shelter of the Communal enterprise "Shelter for animals" in particular.

Killing animals is forbidden according to the Law "On the Protection of Animals from Cruelty" and from 2006 year such act consider as a crime.

Our people for 12 years have been fought for that killing was replaced with sterilization. For this purpose SPA SOS also was fighting throughout all its existence, as seen from it's numerous interviews and position together with other participants of conference 2009.04.06 (journalists and public organizations - against intentions of Kyiv municipal administration to introduce "euthanasia" for regulation of number of homeless animals in Kiev, that violates Article 16 of Law "On the Protection of Animals from Cruelty":

"Control of the population of wild animals and animals not kept by man but existing in conditions wholly or partly caused by human activity is carried out by surgical sterilization or biologically based methods and, where these cannot be used, by euthanasia".

and Kiev Program regulation number of homeless animals with humane methods (Decision of the Kiev City Council № 1080/3913 from October, 25, 2007):
"1. To forbid the catсhing of animals with the aim of their elimination on territory of Kyiv".

Despite the fact that City authorities didn’t appropriated the declared funds for the program -"by the state on a 2008.12.12 financing of the Program measures did not come... project of decision of Kiev City Council "About the Kyiv municipal program of regulation number of homeless animals with humane methods" for consideration to Main Financial Administration did not come. Ratified decision 25.10.2007 № 1080/3913 also... did not come officially. Therefore funds on realization of the program was not appropriated "(letter of Main financial administration № 048-2-1-04/73 - ),- publicity - animal carers, volunteers and animal protection organizations undertook a program to perform on their own costs.

Because of changes in directorship of Borodyanka shelter in September 2007, 10-years-old practice of murder ("euthanasia") was substituted by compulsory sterilization and release under care by volunteers. The new workers – volonters were arranged on work which start to adopt frightened and aggressive "prisoners" were caught at the past regime. In addition, they had to nurture an old shelter staff, which got used to slipshod attitude toward observing their duties, that quite often resulted in conflicts. -

Certainly, it was difficult, but better than permanent murder, which lasted 80 years and lead no result.

But this situation - that the animal were sterilized, despite the lack of funding, obviously very irritated those people who during 10 years of endless "catch-and-kill" made riches due to permanent renewal of animal population (Borodyanka have for long time cooperated with the National Agrarian University, that is why mechanisms of regulating population are well known to them), so that someone did not want Kiev city program, performed by citizens themselves, produced the results.

New director was dismissed by fraudulent prosecutions (animals, killed by the previous director Mr. M. Kuchinski - he escaped with all official documents in July 2007 when he learned that he will be dismissed - were attributed to director Mr. T. Smurnuy on the ground that his signature is on the documents -, despite it being known that on 2007.09.28 – the day of presentation of the
Similar situation to Serbia, Romania, Ukraine
9 years ago

We’ve got the horrible situation in Ukraine.

Sterilization programmes, being already adopted are cancelled by official authorities !

We had adopted sterilization programs already but they are now cancelled by official authoriries!

It took place in  Kyiv, Khrarkov, Donetsk, where we have already protested against returning to killware methods of animal regulation:  , Kharkov –, Donetsk –  ,, і but they don't pay any attantion to us

Sterilised and socialized dogs (undercared by animal protectors and volunteers) are going to be euthanased up to Euro-2012. Cities administration already buy new vans for catching dogs and they are going  to “clean” streets in order to make an super-profit to dog-catch organizations.

In fact, it will bring to situation when all killed dogs would be soon replaced with another once which will come to the city from the suburbs, unsocialised and unstrerilised, and this is a great damage to city budget, baseless waste of funds and killing of lives.

I call for help and all desirable influence in order to stop this senseless massacre and just leave animals in care of animal protection organizations, that are really worry and care about their lives."

Published on serbian site:

They got almost the same situation as in Ukraine.

and almost the similar animal-welfare mafia, that is uninterested in implmentation of humane treat law to animals:

"Yes, animals are subjects of law in serbian law too, that is reason why those who kill them or make them be suffered, must be punished - so demands LAW. But animal mafia don`t want implement law. We must do the biggest pressure what they ever saw, because animals are not able speak for themselves - we  must do it for them on behalf of them, and by that way we fight for our human rights too, because  those who kill animals, they always kill a part of us too, by doing  extremly big menatal aggression to us and make us suffering...animal killers violate our freedom and our human rights by killing animals."

I can give you contacts of my newest serbian friends by e-mail
thank you dear STEFAN
9 years ago

for all your efforts done, for your fight i n your country,

unfortunately, the same situation here and like you said in Serbia and so many other ex communist countries, unfortunately, you, as part of the new generation, with others will know change this sad situation of the animals, we trust in your generation and new, better mentalities, be brave and never stop to fight the good cause of animals!

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