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Christians Killed - VOM Sources/International Christian Concern

On March 3, Muslim militants killed at least two Christians and wounded dozens in Nensabo town southeast of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. According to The Voice of the Martyrs contacts and reports from International Christian Concern, militants attacked Christians, including women and children, while they were attending a worship service. According to reports, "Eight of the wounded have been taken to the town of Awassa for hospitalization, while others with serious injuries were taken to Black Lion Hospital in Addis Ababa. Among the wounded were a police officer and a Christian whose hand was cut off by the attackers." Reports indicated that the attack was part of a plan by Muslim militants, influenced by the spread of Wahhabism, in the area to wipe out Christians from the Muslim-dominated region. Pray for those mourning deceased believers. Ask God to comfort them. Pray God will protect and guide believers in Ethiopia facing harsh conditions. 1 Corinthians 15:50-58

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 September 30, 2009 12:05 PM

September 30, 2009

Dear Donna,  

Prison Terms Upheld for Two Christians in Ethiopia 

An Ethiopian court last week (Sept. 21) threw out an appeal by two evangelists thus upholding their six-month prison sentences.
In July Temesgen Alemayehu and Tigist Welde Amanuel went to Debiretabor, Amhara state, to plant a church.  After a week in the area, according to area Christian sources, their proclamation of Christ led several people to confess their sins and receive Him as Savior.  Some passersby however began to question the two evangelists; a heated argument then led a group to attack them.

According to Compass News police later submitted the attackers’ false statements to district prosecutors stating that the evangelists offered money and gifts to make converts.  Alemayehu said that his only sin was telling of his faith in Christ to interested persons. The next day, the court delivered a guilty verdict. “There is an open conspiracy between judges, police and prison officers,” the church leader said. “Police speeded up the investigation and brought it to the district prosecutor’s attention within a day.” Alemayehu and Amanuel are currently serving a six-month sentence.

Father, we lift up these two precious saints to Your loving care.  Just as Paul while in prison said to the guard, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved.” (Acts 16:31), we pray for the same boldness and witness for our brother Alemayehu and sister Amanuel while in prison.     

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 November 12, 2009 8:18 PM

Ethiopia - Bashir Musa Ahmed, a Christian convert from Islam, has been jailed without charge since May after his arrest for “malicious” distribution of Somali-language Bibles in eastern Ethiopia.

Persecution Update>>

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 January 19, 2010 9:22 PM

>In the Trenches: Miraculous protection for secret Ethiopian
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 January 19, 2010 9:29 PM

God recently intervened to protect new Ethiopian converts from danger. 
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 January 20, 2010 2:02 PM

Ethiopian Believer Killed as Persecution Increases

Markos, a successful Christian business man, was murdered on December 20 in a brutal machete attack in the Muslim-majority state of Oromia, Ethiopia. Believers claim that he was killed for giving financial assistance to his church after it was attacked by a mob of Muslim extremists in September 2009. While an investigation into Markos' murder is currently underway, district administrators insist that Markos was killed to create political instability and not for his faith. However, the persecution of believers has increased here and in other areas of the country. Markos leaves behind his wife, Sintayehu, and their seven children aged 10 to 25.

Father, as Sintayehu and her children grieve the loss of husband and father, protect them, provide for them, bring about justice and subdue persecution. We ask also that You equip Open Doors’ workers as they minister to Christian leaders through biblical and leadership training.

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 March 24, 2010 9:46 PM

In the Trenches: Ethiopian convert faces imprisonment
In the Trenches

Courageous Christian arrested for Bible distribution.
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 March 03, 2011 6:05 PM

Developing: Ethiopian Muslims Burn Down Five Churches, More Attacks Feared

Church Leaders Ask for Government Protection from the Ongoing Muslim Attacks
Washington, D.C. (March 3, 2011)-International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that in the past two days, thousands of Muslims have razed five churches and the homes of two evangelists in Asendabo, Ethiopia. Christian leaders are asking for protection after the Muslim attackers continued burning churches even after the federal police were sent to the town. 

The Muslims started the attacks yesterday after falsely accusing the Christians of desecrating the Qur'an. More than ten thousand Muslims shouted "Allah Akbar" (Allah is great) as they burned down five evangelical churches. The government sent the federal police force to protect the Christians after the Muslims burned down the first three churches. The Muslims overwhelmed the police force and burned down two more churches today.

Speaking with ICC, Christian leaders expressed their fear that Muslims will start killing the Christians unless the government sends more security forces to contain the Muslim attackers.

At the time of the writing of this report, none of the Muslim attackers have been arrested. The government officials detained some Christians and took them to the nearby Jimma town stating that they need to do that for their own security.

Ethiopia is a Christian majority country and was one of the first nations to accept Christianity. However, in the areas of the country where Muslims are the majority, Christians face attacks. 

"We urge Ethiopian government forces to send reinforcement to protect the Christians in the city of Asendabo from the Muslim attacks. We ask Christians around the world to prevent any further attacks by calling the Ethiopian officials in their countries and asking them to protect the Christians and their property," said ICC's Regional Manager for Africa, Jonathan Racho.

Please urgently contact the Ethiopian officials in your country and urge them to send more security forces to protect the Christians from the Muslim attacks.

Ethiopian Embassies:

USA 202 364 1200
Canada 416 482 6637
Germany 493077206
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 May 03, 2011 8:03 AM

slamic Jihad
Strikes Ethiopia

Christians in Asendabo, Ethiopia were devastated recently when Muslim mobs burned 69 churches and 30 Christian homes to the ground. The violence forced 10,000 believers to flee their homes.


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 August 23, 2012 4:05 AM

Ethiopian Church Patriarch Abune Paulos Dies
The Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church (EOC), Abune Paulos, passed on Thursday morning, August 16. Abune Paulos led Ethiopia’s 40 million Orthodox Christians - half of the population - since 1992. He was chosen to lead the church in 1992 - a year after the overthrow of the communist government of Mengistu Haile Mariam. Observers say his death can potentially have major repercussions for the country; politically, socially, and religiously. Please pray for the situation as it may have a key impact on Christians in Ethiopia.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
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