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anonymous JESUS IS MY MIDDLE GROUND! May 27, 2008 6:21 PM

Trying to describe what is going on in the world take's more time than I actually have, and if you don't keep up your lost again. For instance, one year ago Musol or Ninevah was the city of peace and now Al Kieda is trying to take over the city. Our soldiers are fighting of course to keep this from happening, but when did this happen? And I am seeing new groups springing up all over the place. I feel like saying excuse me - what group did you say you belong to and what do you believe?
No longer can I simply say, things are exactly like this. But the one thing I can count on is Jesus. And the bible. I left my old ways behind a long time ago, and now I stay on the steady and true path of Jesus. I promised Jesus that I would stay on the middle path and He promised me that He would keep me there. Now to someone else that might mean something else, but to me it means leaving all the confusion of the world behind and following the true word of the Lord. So many people say, you should believe this, you should believe that but I have Jesus and the bible as my guide.
I know this group is a true mission for me. The bible says to pray for one another, help one another, and to be one in Jesus. Jesus told us to go into all the world. So while it's not always safe or possible to physically go into all the world. I can pray, teach and reach out to others from all the world, who are truly following the way of Jesus also. Our brothers and sisters, Christians!
Jesus said, "My way is easy!" You don't have to be an intellectual, you don't to be a professor, all you have to do is have faith in Jesus!
That is why I can approach a complicated country in war and strife with a hundred different political groups, and I can say, "Let's pray for our brothers and sisters in that country.
Because I know that no matter what denomination they belong to,  or when Jesus came to their people, they are his sheep.His followers, His children, HIS - they belong to Jesus! And it simply says in the bible Pray for one another! That is so simple!
So my brothers and sisters, no matter where you are from, or what church you belong to, I ask you to pray for one another! And to pray for the Persecuted Christian! Please! God's spirit is everywhere, and our brothers and sister's are everywhere! Peace in the Lord!
Your sister in Christ,
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anonymous  May 27, 2008 6:28 PM

Please forgive my poor spelling! I sometimes mis spell words, and I apologize for that!
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anonymous  June 05, 2008 6:05 PM

Butterflies  January 26, 2008 4:23 PM

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