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anonymous LIBERIA - WHAT IS HAPPENING IN LIBERIA. June 07, 2008 5:35 AM

I am Stephen koffa, 19yrs old and a Liberian by nationality. I was born onto the union of Peter Koffa and Elisabeth Koffa (both deceased) of Grand Kru County in the south eastern region of the Republic of Liberian the sub Saharan Africa. I was born on the 17 November Monrovia the Liberian capital.
       Unfortunately for me my parent was killed on Wednesday April 10 1996 by a group of armed men were loyal to the rebel Leader of the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL), Mr. Charles Taylor.
 The killers of my parent, who also raped my two sister's Esther and Ruth Koffa accused my parents of being against Mr. Taylor becoming president of Liberia . It is interesting to mention my father serve the government of Liberia as Custom office and assigned at the Freeport of Monrovia where according to the killers he was vocal against Mr. Taylor since my father was a Member of the opposition National Democratic Party of Liberia (NDPL).
     As for me i was rescued by one Rev Mother Marilyn Clinton a neighbor, and she catered to me as a mother until we left Liberia on the 24 August 1996 by sea and arrive in Ghana on 28 august 1996.She was very old and not strong enough to help me out .she past away on the 10 October 2000. That is why i started to make life on my own. This was due to the Prolongation of the April 6 1996 war and the conditions acts of mayhem as well as the brutal Murder of un-armed Liberian like my late parent and Sister.
But Now I am trying along with some other Christian’s brother and sister by teaching kids about the Bible, some of them have great talent and due to the poor condition of living in this refugee camp they can not show it out. So I am writing u and calling for ur support and help with these little once. You can take a look at our web site on here.
 This is how it all Happen. But I have not loss hope cos God has bless me with other like u to help Us  out and God will surely bless u all Amen. If there is any help there pls help me .And God will surely bless u. Getting food, cloth, learning materials and shelter here on the refugee is very hard .this is why i wrote u for help.
Stephen Koffa
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