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The unsaved person wears a yoke of sin.
 The religious legalist wears a
yoke of bondage and is encouraged
 to "stand fast" so not to become
entangled into sin again.
[Galatians 5. 1] A Christian,
 who depends on the grace of
GOD MOST HIGH, wears the
liberating yoke of MESSIAH JESUS.
[Matthew 1. 29 - 30]
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Butterflies  Friday, 5:10 PM

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anonymous  January 10, 2009 2:26 PM

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anonymous  January 10, 2009 2:31 PM

information from  Luden Perez
Messianic Jews Say They Are Persecuted In Israel

Members of tiny community who believe Jesus was the Messiah complain of threats, harassment and police indifference. 'It is their right according to freedom of religion to maintain their religious lifestyle,' rights group says.

Safety pins and screws are still lodged in 15-year-old Ami Ortiz's body three months after he opened a booby-trapped gift basket sent to his family. The explosion severed two toes, damaged his hearing and harmed a promising basketball career.

Police say they are still searching for the assailants. But to the Ortiz family the motive of the attackers is clear: The Ortizes are Jews who believe that Jesus was the Messiah.

The March 20 bombing was the worst incident so far. In October, a mysterious fire damaged a Jerusalem church used by Messianic Jews, and last month ultra-Orthodox Jews torched a stack of Christian holy books distributed by missionaries.

Israel's Foreign Ministry and two chief rabbis were quick to condemn the burning, but the Ortiz family says vigorous police action is needed.

"I believe that it will happen again, if not to us, then to other Messianic believers," said Ami's mother, Leah Ortiz, a 54-year-old native of South Orange, N.J.

Proselytizing is strongly discouraged in Israel, a state that was established for a people that suffered centuries of persecution for not accepting Jesus and has little tolerance for missionary work.

At the same time, Israel has warm relations with US evangelical groups, which strongly support its cause, but these generally refrain from proselytizing inside Israel. Even the Mormon church, which has mission work at its core worldwide, agreed when it opened a campus in Jerusalem to refrain from missionary activity.

"Historically the core of Christianity ... was 'convert or die,' so it was seen and is still seen as an assault on Jewish existence itself," said Rabbi David Rosen, who oversees interfaith affairs for the American Jewish Committee. "When you are called to join another religion, you are being called on to betray your people."

Messianic Jews consider themselves Jewish, observing the holy days and reciting many of the same prayers. The Ortiz family lights candles on the Jewish Sabbath, shuns pork and eats matzoth on Passover.

Ami Ortiz, interviewed at the Tel Aviv hospital where he is being treated, comes across as no different from any Jewish Israeli his age. He's a sabra, or native-born Israeli, who speaks English with a Hebrew accent, has an older brother in an elite Israeli army unit and was hoping to join the youth squad of Maccabi Tel Aviv, a league-topping basketball team.

But his religion also holds that one can embrace Jesus — Ami calls him by his Hebrew name, Yeshua — as the Messiah and remain Jewish. Orthodox Jews, on the other hand, believe that the Messiah has yet to come, that he will do so only when he chooses, and that any attempt to pre-empt his coming is a grievous sin.

Rabbi Sholom Dov Lifschitz, head of the ultra-Orthodox Yad Leahim organization that campaigns against missionary activity in Israel, says Messianic Jews give him "great pain."

"They are provoking ... it's a miracle that worse things don't happen," he said.

Messianic activists appear to have had some success among couples with one non-Jewish spouse, as well as immigrants from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union who have loose ties to Judaism.

Or Yehuda, a town in central Israel with many immigrants as well as ultra-Orthodox Jews including a deputy mayor, Uri Aharon, was the scene of the May 15 book-burning.

Ami Dahan, a local police official, says hundreds of Christian religious books were burned on May 15 in an empty lot in town. He said Deputy Mayor Uzi Aharon, has been questioned on suspicion that he instructed youths to collect the books from homes where they had been distributed and told them to burn them.

Worship under protection of armed guard
Aharon denies ordering the burning. He says the books were collected from a neighborhood of mostly Ethiopian immigrants who are easily persuaded by missionaries.

"There are three missionaries who live and work in the town, and every Saturday they take people to worship and try to brainwash them," Aharon said.

Many Messianic Jews say they recognize the sensitivities involved and do not distribute religious material or conduct high-profile campaigns. But Aharon noted a recent "Jews for Jesus" campaign with signs on buses that equated two similar Hebrew words — "Jesus" and "salvation." Public outrage quickly forced the bus company to remove the signs.

Lawyer Dan Yakir of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel says the law allows missionaries to preach provided they don't offer gifts or money or go after minors.

"It is their right according to freedom of religion to maintain their religious lifestyle and disseminate their beliefs, including through literature," he said.

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anonymous  January 10, 2009 2:32 PM

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anonymous  January 10, 2009 2:34 PM

 January 01, 2009 3:47 AM

BETHLEHEM’S FORGOTTEN CHRISTIANS:  The little town of Bethlehem famously characterized in the renowned Christmas carol captured millions of hearts with its tranquil imagery of Christ’s birthplace. But the Bethlehem that I visited last Christmastime evoked a somewhat different sentiment. Full Story>>

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anonymous  January 10, 2009 2:36 PM

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anonymous  January 10, 2009 2:37 PM

Brother Andrew is a Christian pastor who has Jewish heritage and found Jesus while in Russia. He was persecuted for his faith and thrown in prison for several years, I believe 15 years, if I am correct. He has been beaten and tortured.
When he was released, underground Christians helped him and his family escape Russia so that he could tell the world about the persecution of Christians in Russia at that time, when communism had a stronghold.
Brother Andrew started Voices for the Martyred Christian and is respected all over the world.
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anonymous  January 10, 2009 2:39 PM


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anonymous  January 10, 2009 2:40 PM

Have you been baptized in Ruach Ha Kodesh? "I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but He that cometh after me . . . shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with FIRE,"
(Mattityah 3:11).
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anonymous  January 28, 2009 3:00 AM

vom groups extreme devotion

“I admire Communists.” The words seemed strange from a pastor who spent fourteen years in Communist prisons, but Richard Wurmbrand was sincere when he said them.

    “Many Communists were willing to die to defend their ‘Utopia.’ They were more committed to their cause than some I met in churches.”
    In every enemy Pastor Wurmbrand saw a potential friend and a potential Christian. By loving his opponents, he not only saw many come to know Christ but also increased his opportunities to witness.
    “When they called me a ‘dirty Jew’ and told everyone not to read my books, people immediately went out to see what this ‘dirty Jew’ had to say,” he chuckled. “I welcome anyone who has offense against me. Others are not always interested in what you have to say. You need to challenge them to the truth before you share your beliefs. To do this you must understand where they are coming from and be able to speak intelligently. But we must also remember to always speak in love.”
    Pastor Wurmbrand’s words were not some high-minded ideal that he didn’t exemplify. He and his wife Sabina welcomed into their home a Nazi officer who worked at the very concentration camp where all of Sabina’s family had been exterminated. When the officer saw their forgiveness and love for him, he was won into the kingdom.

Note: These statements were made during one of Pastor Wurmbrand’s
final interviews prior to his death in February, 2001.

Jesus taught us that others would recognize our faith by our love—especially when it comes to dealing with the opposition. How we treat our enemies is equally important as how we treat those in our own Christian family. In fact, our response to criticism often makes a greater statement for Christianity than any other example. When believers put this powerful principle of the Christian faith into practice, they distinguish themselves from the rest of the world. The natural response to opposition is to refute it or return the favor. Instead, believers strive to understand their enemies, not undermine them. Opposition, when put into this perspective, is welcomed as an opportunity to exercise faith and imitate Christ’s commands.

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anonymous  February 13, 2009 7:34 AM

At present, there is no Bible that can be used in evangelistic outreach to unsaved Jewish people that exposes the truth of the Messianic prophecies in a way that Jewish people understand and relate to.

Searching for the promised Messiah in any current Bible can be confusing for a Jewish person due to unfamiliar Christian terminology and the lack of explanation of the Messianic prophecies. When a Jewish person goes to a family member or their rabbi for answers about the Messianic prophecies, they are told how Yeshua is NOT the promised Messiah, so they give up their search.

Add to this confusion the fact that for over 15 years, anti-missionary organizations such as Aish HaTorah and Jews
for Judaism have been systematically attempting to
discredit the Messianic prophecies and Jewish faith in Yeshua. They publish anti-missionary materials with such inflammatory headlines as... Dealing With Missionary Tactics, Jesus Was Not Our Passover Lamb, The Missionary Menace, The Real Messiah, The Battle For The Jewish Soul, and Why Jews Can't Be For Jesus. It is clear that an accurately researched Messianic Prophecy Bible is needed to reach unsaved Jewish people.

- Click to Read -

Front page of a Lifeline newsletter
from Jews for Judaism showing
Rabbi Michael Skobak offering
his audio tape, How to Answer a Christian Missionary.

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anonymous  February 13, 2009 7:38 AM

Our head Israeli Evangelist Ze’ev Aharon Porat was walking near the Tel Aviv beach 6 months ago, and as always he asked the Lord who he should share the Gospel with. 
“This is the way that I reach out to Israelis, I ask and then the Lord tells me who to share with and he points out the person or people  – so the Lord tells me to speak to these two young men I was going to pass by.” 

“I always introduce myself as a son of a former rabbi as this gets attention even with the secular Jews.   And I only use the Tanakh (Old Testament/Jewish Scriptures) when I witness to people.  I only give out New Testaments if I am asked.”
“Only one of them was interested in talking, his name was Yossi (Joseph).  We started to talk and he said he doesn’t even believe in God. 

“I asked him why he didn’t believe in God” – and he said, “my mother died when I she was only 37 years old, and if there was God, I don’t think that God would take her away… if there was a God.”

I asked Yossi, if he would be willing to take a Hebrew Tanakh and read it, and call me if he had any questions.  I always underline about 10 of the Messianic Prophechies will a yellow pen, and I pointed out to Yossi where they were.

In the Bible that I gave to him, I wrote my phone number and I asked him for his phone number but he would not give it to me.

I told him, “God loves you Yossi, and God wants you to have eternal life, and forgiveness of your sins.  And if you will read the Tanakh (Old Testament) and ask God to reveal Himself to you then He will, but you have to seek Him. 

And he said, ya, ok, I don’t think I’m going to call you, but I will read the Bible and what you underlined.

And then he asked me 1 question before he left – “why do you have a Bible in your hand, claiming you believe in God, yet you do not wear a Kippa/Yarlmuka?   And you said that you are no longer a religious (Orthodox Jew), yet you have a Bible in your hand? “

I replied, “God doesn’t want our works, He wants our heart – and if you ask Him to be in your heart, He will be there, and you will understand.”

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anonymous  February 13, 2009 7:42 AM

That was 6 months ago!
During the past 6 months I prayed for Yossi’s salvation, and even at our Shabbat services in our Messianic congregation in Tel Aviv, I would stand up and ask the congregation to pray for him.   I didn’t have Yossi’s phone number as he wouldn’t give it out, but he had mine, and even though he said he would not call me, somehow I knew that the Lord was calling Yossi to Him.

It is now 6 months later, and on February 5 and he called me and says in Hebrew:

“I read the Bible and what you underlined, and Isaiah 53 when I read it seems very Christian to me.” And I said it’s more Jewish than Jewish… and I told him that I’d like to meet him to discuss it in person.  He then replied, “how are you going to show me that it’s Jewish, so I told him before we meet I want him to make sure that the Bible I gave him is a Jewish Bible.  
So I told him to go to a synagogue in his city of Hadera.   He then called me again and we met two days ago (on election day here in Israel) and I asked him a simple question.
“Why did you ask me if it is a Christian prophecy when you know that it is a Jewish Bible, and how many Jewish people look at that prophecy and never say that it is a Christian prophecy?  Don’t you think Yossi that the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) is starting to work in you? 
 We then spent the next 6 hours together, which included me sharing my testimony of how my father was a rabbi, and how I grew up religious, and how I came to know the truth of who God really is through His Son Yeshua.
Remember how when I first met Yossi he didn’t believe in God?  I asked him to look at the sunset and to acknowledge that there is no creator – Yossi looked at the sunset and said: “Someone had to create it” – and Yossi concluded that there must be a God. 
We then discussed the Messianic prophecies that he already read from the Bible that I left with him, and he said: “Even if I know the truth, what would I do with my family, my friends, and my life?”  I said, that you are going to have to pray to God and He will reveal it to you, and I can only assure that the Lord will never forsake.

Please pray for Yossi that he would let go of fear of rejection from friends, family, and basically everyone in Israel.

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anonymous  February 13, 2009 7:57 AM

Zev Isaacs, the son of a Holocaust survivor, raised in Montreal's Jewish community, began his search for God while completing his degree in International Relations at York University in 1987. During his search, he was challenged by his mother's new faith in Jesus (Yeshua), and by his Jewish friend's conversion to Orthodox Judaism.

Confused, Isaacs began to meet and discuss the objections to the Messianic prophecies with Jews for Judaism and Aish HaTorah. On Saturday mornings he would meet with a Messianic Rabbi to learn about Yeshua and the validity of the Messianic interpretation. After more than one year of studying the Messianic prophecies and struggling through the objections, he finally realized that Yeshua was the promised Jewish Messiah. Isaacs was determined to one day publish a Bible that would expose the truth of the Messianic prophecies.

Isaacs founded The Messianic Times newspaper in 1989 and resigned in 2002 to devote himself fully to the work of the Bible Project and the Messianic Evangelistic Association.

Bibles For Israel, is a U.S. tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable religious organization and a registered Canadian charity.  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]
 September 17, 2009 7:57 PM

Pnina Conforti, owner of Pnina Pies Bakery, praised God when the Israeli Supreme Court ruled in June that her belief in Jesus Christ was unrelated to her eligibility for a kashrut (Jewish dietary law) certificate- something needed in order for her business to survive.

Persecution Update>>

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 January 01, 2010 10:21 PM

Christian Attacked in Jerusalem
Yossi Yomtov, a Jewish Christian living in Jerusalem, has been attacked four times in recent months because of his faith in Christ.  He reported to Compass Direct News that the attacks have involved being sprayed by pepper spray and stun guns as well as verbal harassment and being punched in the face.  Some of the assailants have been youths wearing kippahs, cloth skullcaps typically worn by observant Jews.  Others have been teens or young adults of French origin.  Attempts to obtain police help have been largely unsuccessful, though recently the police have agreed to investigate one of the attacks.  To date there has been no progress in the investigation.

Yossi received Christ in 1984 while living in the United States.  He said he became a Christian after he “hit the bottom” – taking drugs and engaging “in illegal activity." Yossi told Compass, “I’m not secretive about my belief like some other people, and I often talk about it.  That’s how many people are aware of me believing in Jesus Christ.”  

Father, we commit Yossi into Your hands of protection. Encourage him in his faith.  As he faithfully speaks about Your Word, cause the seed sown to take root in the hearts of many living in Jerusalem.  In this place where Your Church began, may it flourish.

Praying with you,

The Prayer Force Team

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