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anonymous Jesus, the great physician! February 26, 2009 8:25 AM

  Lately, Things have been happening in my life,that have been opening old wounds. When these wounds are open, it is very painful. It is as if I am reliving the events of my past only in retrospect.
After the first wave or two of emotions flow over my entire being, I began to see how my actions affected myself and others, and how others affected me and themselves. Jesus is teaching me.
You see, when you ask Jesus into your life, you do not just have a nice religion. You have God's Son in your life. And He cares about you inside and out.
The Holy Spirit immediately searches you mind, heart and soul to see what needs working on. None of us is perfect, all of us need fixing, and so when He finds troubled areas in our life or in our past, He begins to work on those areas! What Jesus can see that we can not, at first, is the emotional infections, the mistaken ideas, our weaknesses and our confusion. But in order for our infections to heal up, the wound must be opened and the infection drawn out. Even after the infection is drawn out, the wound must be cleaned, medication applied and the wound must be bandaged and wrapped! Jesus works with the Holy Spirit and God the Father to heal us, and at the same time, he teaches us and helps to see what we couldn't see before.
Why does He take so much time to clean and heal our wounds? Because like any good parent, he wants us to grow up to be tall and strong and to grow into maturity and health! He wants what is best for us!

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