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TWELVE STEP PROGRAMS AND RECOVERY PROGRAMS!  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]
anonymous  February 28, 2009 7:15 PM

The first twelve step program started early in the 1900's with two men who both were alcoholics but had found the Lord.
They created the twelve steps based on Christian principles, but kept their new program secular so that everyone would feel comfortable in their new program. Their program was so successful that now there are twelve step programs all over the world for all sorts of problems.
Some people felt though, that they were limited at these secular groups because they wanted to talk about the bible and Jesus in more depth.
So some churches and Christians formed Christian twelve step programs.
These programs are Christ Centered and supportive. A person can attend these meetings and use bible verses and the teachings of Jesus to enhance their recovery.
The one thing I do not want you to do, is to criticize the secular twelve step groups, for if someone is drunk and dies in a car accident he/she will never find the Lord, and if they are going to a secular twelve step group,at least they are finding sobriety and becoming clean.
Christian twelve step groups work well for Christians who suffer from addictions. Those who have had troubled past lives and suffer from some form of addictions, often find that they feel alienated and different. Sometimes they are rejected because of their past. A Christian twelve step recovery group, is a place where those who suffer from the same problems can gather in Christ's name and really talk about their problems and how to stay in recovery. They feel supported and at the same time learn to walk a deeper walk in Jesus. If you read the gospel, you will find that Jesus told his followers to take it "One day at a time!".
If you feel that a Christian twelve step, recovery program would be beneficial to you, many churches list such programs with the time of meeting and the day. Newspapers often have such listings or your local hospital may have this information. Large cities often have a larger choice than small cities, but some small cities have these groups also. If you live in the country, a hamlet or village, you may have to drive a ways to find such a meeting.
If you are a pastor, a counselor or a Christian who has been in recovery for a long time, you may even want to start one of your own. But be aware that this is a big responsibility, because you have to be there, and you have to stick with it. You also have to really understand the addiction or problems you are dealing with. Starting a meeting in a village or hamlet means that the meeting will not have very many people but that might be okay if they are regulars.
You will also have to have a firm foundation in your believe In Christ. You can't give what you don't have!  I myself believe that these Christ led twelve step programs are the bridges needed for those who deal with addictions. In any case you still need make Christ the center of your life!
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