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Christians Killed by Muslims; Hundreds Displaced in Kano, Nigeria – VOM Sources
On September 28, angry Muslims killed 10 Christians and set churches, homes and businesses on fire in Tudun Wada, in Nigeria's Northern state of Kano. According to The Voice of the Martyrs' contacts in Nigeria, "At 9 a.m., Muslims began the attacks, setting fire to homes and churches. They attacked and killed any Christian they came across." More than 50 people were injured, while more than 500 members of the minority Christian population were displaced. VOM contacts added, "Muslim attackers burnt down all eight churches existing in the community, homes and businesses in the area." Christians believe the attack resulted when Muslim students at a government secondary school in the area claimed a Christian student drew a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad on the wall of the school's mosque. VOM contacts reported, "No Christian student would do this, since the school has nearly 2,000 students and only seven are Christian.... [also] the mosque is usually busy with Muslims praying around the clock during the (Muslim) Ramadan fasting season; therefore, no Christian student would have any way of getting close to the wall of the mosque to make such sketches on the wall." Pray for the families of those killed. Pray the Holy Spirit will be their greatest comforter. Ask God to encourage and provide for believers in this area. Psalm 119:105, Proverbs 3:5, 6  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]
anonymous  October 22, 2007 6:03 AM

     My email address is names are philken odili N.
     Will like to have yours too.
                 Bye for now,
                      Jesus Loves you.
His needs are bibles, prayer and he possibly has other material needs also, because he is a Sunday School Teacher! He would love to hear from you!
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anonymous  October 24, 2007 4:49 AM

Dear my sister in Christ,
Calvary greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.AMEN.
I have written to the addresses you sent to me,but i am yet to receive feedback from them.Sister, you can be part of the resolve to create Gods awareness to our local congregation in this part of the World.
Our new growing church is an open field,when rain comes,it becomes a big problem, we are in dire need of financial help to construct roofs for the congregations.God will bless you as you support these laudable project.
Hoping to here from everyone soon.
Yours in Christ,

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anonymous  November 12, 2007 6:39 AM

Dear sister Donna and everyone,
Thank you once again for encouraging the church here in Nigeria.God will bless you & your family.The entire body of Christ here extend their heart-felt gratitude to you.We are also praying for all of you there.
Please Donna, do not relent on your efforts so far to extend support to us here. I want to personally ask you to assist us to purchase microphones & public address-system.Any gift made to God is always rewarded.
Tomorrow is annual harvest for little children.What have you to offer to God?You know God has a reward for the giver.
Please I need your response soonest as God will honour you as you give quick reply.
Thank you & due have a nice day.
Philken O

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 December 15, 2007 8:36 PM

NIGERIA: TEN KILLED, THREE CHURCHES SET ABLAZE IN BAUCHIUpset by damage to mosque under construction, Muslim students spark unrest.

BAUCHI, Nigeria, December 13 (Compass Direct News) – Ten persons have been killed and three churches set on fire after Muslim students in this city began a rampage on Tuesday (December 11) because unidentified people pulled out two foundation blocks of a high school mosque under construction. Area Muslims joined the attacking students, resulting in the deaths and damages in the city, including dozens of homes belonging to Christians. The identity of nine of the 10 people killed has been kept secret as the Bauchi state government has ordered security agents to bury the bodies in a common grave, eyewitnesses to the burial said today. The body of the 10th person has been identified by eyewitnesses only by his surname, Bogoro, a Christian security agent. A teacher at the Government Day Secondary School-Yelwa (also known as Baba Tanko Secondary School), who pleaded that his identity remain undisclosed out of fear of Muslim attack and government penalty, said he witnessed the sparking of the rampage when Muslim students claimed that the foundation of the school mosque had been pulled down. Muslim students began attacking Christians in their classes, he said. “They broke chairs and desks,” he said. “They also attacked their Christian colleagues with knives and daggers. I had to run for my dear life because the situation became uncontrollable.”

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 December 15, 2007 8:38 PM

NIGERIA: TEN KILLED, THREE CHURCHES SET ABLAZE IN BAUCHIUpset by damage to mosque under construction, Muslim students spark unrest.

Pastor Umaru Sule's house Pastor Umaru Sule’s house BAUCHI, Nigeria, December 13 (Compass Direct News) – Ten persons have been killed and three churches set on fire after Muslim high school students in this northern Nigerian city began a rampage on Tuesday (December 11) that spilled into the city. Today tensions were still high in the area.

An eyewitness at the high school said the Muslim students attacked their Christian peers after unidentified people pulled out two foundation blocks of a high school mosque under construction.

Area Muslims joined the attacking students, resulting in the deaths and damages in the city, including the burning of dozens of homes belonging to Christians.

The identity of nine of the 10 people killed has been kept secret as the Bauchi state government has ordered security agents to remove the corpses and bury them in a common grave. Eyewitnesses told Compass they were buried this morning.

The 10th person killed was a Christian security agent with the State Security Service, identified by eyewitnesses only by his surname, Bogoro, a member of the Church of Christ in Nigeria in Yelwa.

The three churches set aflame in Bauchi after Muslim students began attacking Christian students at the Government Day Secondary School (also known as Baba Tanko Secondary School) in the Yelwa Tudu area of Bauchi are Pentecostal: Elim Church, Redeemed Christian Church of God, and the Assemblies of God Church.

In addition, area Muslims set fire to dozens of houses belonging to Christians. Among the houses burned was that of the Rev. Umaru Sule, associate pastor of the Evangelical Church of West Africa (ECWA ) of Yelwa Makaranta, and that of the Rev. Maina Joshua of Kagadama.

A teacher at the Government Day Secondary School-Yelwa, who pleaded that his identity remain undisclosed out of fear of Muslim attack and government penalty, said he witnessed the sparking of the rampage when Muslim students claimed that the foundation of the school mosque had been pulled down.

The teacher told Compass that the Muslim students had won approval to build a mosque at the 3,655-student school on December 2 and began building its foundation the same day.

Elim Church Elim church“On December 3, which was a Monday, I was in the school and I heard the Muslim students complaining that unknown persons had pulled out two blocks from the foundation,” the teacher said. “They threatened to attack Christians in the area for this. The principal and other staff in the tried to solve the problem that day, and I thought all was over.”

The teacher said that on Tuesday (December 11) he was administering a geography test to senior students when Muslim students “trooped out from the classes and said they would not write the examination. They converged at the site of the school mosque and began chanting Allahu Akbar [God is Great].”

Muslim students began attacking Christians in their classes, he said. They reportedly had agreed not to take exams until the school administration resolved the problem of the damaged foundation of the planned mosque.

“They broke chairs and desks,” he said. “They also attacked their Christian colleagues with knives and daggers. I had to run for my dear life because the situation became uncontrollable.”

The teacher explained that this situation snowballed into a town riot, resulting in the deaths of 10 people and the three fire-damaged churches. Nigerian press reports of unidentified mosques set aflame have not been verified.

“A neighbor of mine, one Mrs. Kadiri, was shot on the leg by Muslims on Wednesday morning, the second day of the Muslim rioting,” the teacher told Compass.

Today tensions remained high in the city. Many people were still fleeing to army and police barracks or leaving Bauchi altogether.

Shattered Appeal for Calm

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 December 15, 2007 8:39 PM

The Rev. Ishaya Danyaya, 57, pastor in charge of ECWA-3 in Yelwa, said when the rioting began, Islamic and Christian leaders, along with security agents, met at the house of the Muslim village head of Yelwa, Sarkin Yelwa, to discuss how to prevent riots from spreading to them.

Rev. Ishaya Danyaya Rev. Ishaya Danyaya“We met and resolved that we should not allow this incident spread to us,” he said. “We were told to nominate six members to serve in a security committee, and Muslims too were asked to do so. Four policemen were also appointed into this committee, and they were all mandated to keep watch over our area.”

Immediately thereafter, he said, Muslims in the Yelwa area began attacking Christians.

Rev. Danyaya said he saw Muslims setting fire to the house of his associate and the houses of other area Christians.

“Our church building and that of the Church of Christ in Nigeria were not burned, because we had to risk our lives to defend the two sanctuaries,” he said. “The Muslims attacked us in an effort to burn down these churches.”

According to him, policemen came to the area in four trucks to help them repel Muslims from burning down the two churches. “We have been sleeping in the church just to keep watch over it,” he added.

In front of the house of the Yelwa, the Muslim village head, Muslims cut the head of a female Christian student with a machete and injured the leg of a pastor, Rev. Danyaya said.

“It was in the presence of Sarkin Yelwa that the Assemblies of God Church here had fire set on it,” he added.

Umaru Sule, 46, associate pastor of ECWA 3 in Yelwa, said he was he was sitting in front of his house when his son raced up to tell him that Muslims were heading for their home.

“He urged me to leave, but I told him I was not leaving,” Sule said. “After a few moments of persuasion, I left with him, heading for the church. And just a few meters away from the house, I saw the Muslims setting fire on my house.”

Sule said he lost all of his possession in the fire. “Not even a Bible now do I have,” he told Compass on the church premises at Yelwa.

The Rev. Timothy Dogari, pastor of ECWA Church Kagadama, told Compass that Muslims also targeted his church since the disturbance broke out.

“We have had to mobilize ourselves to keep guard over this church building, as Muslims have tried in the past three days to burn it down,” he said. Rev. Dogari, who said he was nearly killed in the rampage, said many homes of Christians have been destroyed and many people injured.

“Even as I talk to you now,” he said today, “Christians are still being attacked and many are fleeing out of Bauchi.”

In addition, he said, his motorbike was burned. Other Christians whose properties Muslims have destroyed, he said, include the Rev. Joshua Maina, one Elder Luka, and a widow from another church close to his church.

While Christian leaders in Bauchi said the mahem had a clear religious motive, Bauchi Gov. Isa Yuguda portrayed the disturbance as an attempt by political adversaries to discredit his All Nigeria Peoples Party administration.

Taking pains to deny any religiously based violence while appealing for peaceful religious co-existence, Yuguda told the press on Tuesday (December 11) that his political enemies hired hoodlums to instigate the crisis. The governor had put off his planned pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia to attend to the crisis.

He set up a 13-member committee to investigate the immediate and contextual causes of the outbreak of violence, to be completed within 10 days.


*** Photos of the burned Elim church, pastor Umaru Sule’s house and the Rev. Ishaya Danyaya will be available electronically on Dec. 14. Contact Compass Direct News for pricing and transmittal.


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anonymous  January 28, 2008 6:25 AM

anonymous  January 28, 2008 6:34 AM

Nigerian Christians Tested by Fire By Greg Musselman
CWNews – Religious intolerance continues to spread in parts of northern Nigeria. Nigerian Christians are under attack by radical Muslims and are paying a high price for their faith. But one ministry is helping the victims recover.

In Nigeria, radical Muslims are making life very hard for Christians in the north. Yet the ministry of the Voice of the Martyrs, is helping Christians in Nigeria, overcome tragedy.

Over the past five years, thousands of Christians in Nigeria have been killed and many more have been injured as Muslim militants seek to turn their country into an Islamic-controlled state.

All too often one sees Christians in caskets and funerals. Churches have been burned and the homes of Christians have been destroyed.

For the followers of Christ, especially in the northern part of the country, the killing and destruction isn't expected to end anytime soon.

The Rev. Dr. Pandang Yamsat is the President of the Church of Christ in Nigeria. He explains that the persecution of Christians is by ‘militant Muslims’ who feel they are losing their grip in areas like Plateau State where there is a high percentage of Christians.

Rev. Yamsat told us, "The Muslims feel like they have to have the upper hand, no one should oppose them.”

He explained, “In the past, the Muslims were the ones in control, economically, politically, and in all other areas. But now they seem to see that things are slipping off their hands.”

They want to be ‘in control,’ so he added, “And the only way to do so is to bring about Jihad, then they can have their control again."

Saleh Hussaini is an evangelist in the northern state of Kano, which is under Islamic sharia law. There, Muslim violence has inflicted a lot of pain on the church there.

Hussaini is a former Muslim cleric who, himself, persecuted Christians until he came to Christ in 1977.

Saleh said, "Most of our women are now widows, they are on the street because of the religious persecution. We have so many children on the street. The church cannot care for them, because the church has not yet seen the need to take these children."

For many Christians the pain they have had to endure in Nigeria will go with them the rest of their lives. One such person is Hajara Magaji.

On February 22, 2000 Hajara suffered an unspeakable tragedy. Militant Muslims were upset that Christians were trying to block sharia law in Kaduna State. The Muslims went on a rampage and surrounded Hajara's home where 30 people had gathered for a meeting.

Hajara Magaji lost 8 family members, killed by that riot, in February, 2000.

Hagara said that, "I heard my name being called from outside. They said they were going to kill me and my children. I asked why? All they said was ‘Today we are going to kill you and your family.’ They started stoning the house, and they were throwing burning tires into the house, some were armed with guns. We were shouting for help!”

Hajara added, "The children were praying. This went on from 7 a.m. until noon. I saw some of my children on the ground dead. Other people in the house were shot down. My husband said to me, to do my best to rescue some of our children. But there was no way to get out of the house. It was surrounded. He told me to still try. I tried to escape with 2 of the children."

So she grabbed 10 year old Sarah, and 6 year old Benjamin and ran out. They escaped.

Benjamin is one of dozens of children being educated by the school of Voice of the Christian Martyrs, VoCM. in Abeokuta, 80 kilometers northwest of Lagos. 

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anonymous  February 20, 2008 6:04 AM

On February 2, one Christian was killed, 60 others injured, and churches, businesses and homes set on fire, in the latest Muslim attacks on Christians in Bauchi state, Nigeria. According to The Voice of the Martyrs contacts in Nigeria, "One Christian man was killed, over 60 people were seriously injured and five churches were damaged." This latest attack took place after two friends, a Christian lady and a Muslim man, had a disagreement. VOM contacts report, "These two were said to be friends of some sort until they had a disagreement on February 1. The Muslim man claimed that the Christian lady made some blasphemous utterances against the Prophet Muhammad. They were said to have parted ways that day without much trouble, but with a threat from the man that he would deal with the lady in his own way." VOM contacts added that the following day the Muslim man ganged up with Muslim extremists and started searching for the lady. "The lady was alerted of the attack and ran to the police station. The gang traced her to the police station and insisted the police release her. When the police did not release her, the attackers set the police station on fire. After the lady and the police escaped, the Muslim extremists attacked Christian homes, churches and shops," VOM contacts said. Believers who lived in the damaged and destroyed homes have not returned because of fear they might be attacked again. Pray for Christians in this state. Ask God to comfort the family of the deceased and those injured. Pray these believers will be encouraged to remain faithful in their walk with the Lord. Psalm 23:3-5  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]
anonymous OPEN DOORS -A REQUEST FOR PRAYER! May 07, 2008 1:38 PM

Christians Fear ‘Blasphemy’ Law* Muslim leaders in northern Nigeria’s Kano state have called for a national law on “blasphemy,” leaving Christian leaders with the fear that Islamic law could be used to arbitrarily put Christians to death. The Rev. James Zoaka of the Church of the Brethren in Kano told Compass Direct News that Christian leaders fear that a law on “blasphemy” passed by the National Assembly would lend legitimacy to Muslim fanatics killing Christians on flimsy pretexts. Read More…

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anonymous  May 28, 2008 5:22 AM

Teenage Girls Kidnapped By Muslims; Rescue Incites Violence - Compass Direct News

On May 12, the police rescued two Christian girls, Mary Chikwodi Okoye (15) and Uche Edward (14), kidnapped by Muslim militants three weeks earlier in Bauchi state, Nigeria. According to Compass Direct News, "The kidnappers initially took the girls to the house of a Muslim leader in the town of Wudil. Okoye's foster father and a group of believers heard where the girls were being held. When they arrived at the home, however, the girls had been relocated to the residence of a Muslim leader in Ningi. When the team went to this home they were told by the leader that the girls had converted to Islam and could not be released. The police then stepped in and evacuated the girls to eastern Nigeria where they were reunited with their biological parents." Compass added that the following day, Muslims associated with a paramilitary arm of Kano state's Sharia Commission went on a rampage, attacking Christians and setting fire to local churches, in protest of the girls' release. Six church buildings, the Deeper Life Bible Church, St. Mary's Catholic Church, All Souls Anglican Church, Church of Christ in Nigeria, Redeemed Christian Church of God and the Redeemed Peoples Mission, were destroyed in the attack. The Muslims also attacked shops belonging to Okoye's foster father, looting and destroying goods worth over 50 million naira (US $430,198). Thank the Lord that Mary and Uche were found safe. Ask God to strengthen those affected by the mob attack to enable them to remain steadfast as they suffer. Pray that young Christian girls in Nigeria who have been kidnapped by Muslims will remain strong in faith and be freed. Revelation 2:10
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anonymous  June 12, 2008 4:35 AM

t began just like any other Saturday. But when Hannatu switched on the TV to catch the morning news, her world fell apart.

The report told of riots and fighting in the town of Jega, northern Nigeria. Churches had been set ablaze, and many had been killed. Hannatu gathered her six children, and went to search for her husband, Mallam.
Read more>>

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anonymous  June 12, 2008 4:52 AM

NIGERIA | (Compass) Violent riots have once again broken out in northern Nigeria. Christian businesses and vehicles were targeted by Muslim extremists, and scores of believers still fear to return to their homes.

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anonymous  July 02, 2008 3:53 AM

Dear Donna,   

Nigerian Believer Tortured for Refusing to Return to Islam

Sanusi Ali, 21, is being kept under horrific conditions at an unknown location in Kano city, Nigeria, because of his decision to follow Christ. Sanusi’s Christian mother, Kurma Ali was allowed to see her son briefly. She told Open Doors that the young man is being kept in a dark room in chains where he faces torture for his refusal to return to Islam. Read More… 

Prayer Points:

  • Pray that God will continue to encourage Sanusi to remain firm in his faith for Jesus Christ, despite the torture and the chains. (1 Timothy 3:9)
  • Pray that Sanusi Ali will be released soon. (Psalm 142:7)
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anonymous  July 17, 2008 5:27 AM

NIGERIA | Following a police rescue of two teenage Christian girls kidnapped by Muslims in Bauchi state, extremist groups went on a rampage on May 13th, attacking Christians and destroying six churches.

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anonymous  October 15, 2008 8:53 PM

Open Doors Delivers Children’s Bibles to Remote Nigerian Village

Open Doors traveled through rough terrain and undistinguishable roads to deliver children’s Bibles to Yantamma village in Nigeria. Illustrated Bibles were distributed to 144 children in this predominantly Muslim area, which is governed by sharia law.

While the local Nigerian Christians were encouraged by the delivery of the children’s Bibles, Open Doors representatives were deeply touched by the physical circumstances of these people.  These Christians are considered second-class citizens and are often tempted to convert to Islam.
“We are convinced that the government refuses to develop our area because we are Christians,” shared a Christian from Yantamma with Open Doors representatives. ”The former governor of the state came here and brought a lot of money, cloth and other material benefits to us on the condition that we become Muslims. There is poverty here and that was a real temptation, but we declined, knowing that it is better for us to remain poor and cling to our faith ... If [the governor] will help us as Christians, we will appreciate it. He then told us that we should ask our Christian people to come and help us. That is why we see your visit here as a God send.”
The ministry of Open Doors aims to strengthen the suffering body of Christ by distributing the living Word of God. Open Doors plans to distribute 4,500 children’s Bibles before the end of 2008. View more testimonies of believers who received Bibles in Nigeria, or send funds to distribute Bibles where needed most.

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anonymous  February 18, 2009 6:04 PM

Open Doors Responds to Recent Violence in Jos*

Christians in Jos are traumatised by the religious riot of November 28.  The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) reports that 129 Christians, including five pastors, were killed. About 45 churches were torched and looted, and more than 30,000 people were displaced during the violence.
Many Christians believe that Muslims used the recent elections as an excuse to cleanse Jos and to forcefully claim the city for Islam.  “The Muslims betrayed our trust. We are trying to show them the love of Jesus Christ. We give them land. We welcome them into our houses… God knows our love for them and even after this incident we still love them. They are God’s creatures. We must pray for them,” shared Rev. John Kisa, pastor of the Evangelical Church of West Africa (ECWA Church) in Jos.

The Open Doors (OD) team in Nigeria is working around the clock to address the immediate needs of victims. OD visited injured Christians in hospitals, gave them Bibles, prayed with them and offered some assistance to cover their medical expenses. OD is planning to provide for fifty widows, including the widows of the five murdered pastors, with trauma counselling, three month’s relief aid as well as school fees for the remainder of this year. OD will also rent temporary housing for the families, while helping them reconstruct their homes. In a few informal displacement camps, OD also had a time of encouragement with Christians as hundreds of Bibles were handed out. 

“This is a wonderful development! While others are thinking of physical food, you have brought us Life in its entirety. This is what we need in a time like this,” said a thankful recipient of a Bible. 

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 August 07, 2009 7:46 PM

headerPetition for Christians in Northern Nigeria
Dear Donna Matthews,
Since the introduction of Sharia law in northern Nigeria in 1999, religious violence has resulted in the death of 12,000 Nigerians, the displacement of thousands more, and the destruction of places of worship and private property.
The most recent violent attacks occurred on July 26 and 27, when the Islamic extremist group known as Boko Haram carried out attacks targeting government security officials, innocent civilians, police stations, and churches. Hundreds died as a result of these attacks. This violence, which started in Bauchi state, also engulfed the northern Nigerian states of Borno, Kanu and Yobe.
The Islamists razed twenty churches in Madiguri, Borno state and killed several Christians including: Sabo Yakubu, pastor of a Church of Christ congregation in Nigeria, Reverend Sylvester O Akpan, pastor of National Evangelical Mission, and Reverend George Orji, pastor of Good News of Christ Church.
In addition, in April 2009, several Christians were injured and places of worship destroyed after a group of Muslims attacked Christians while they were celebrating Easter in Niger State.
In February 2009, 11 people were killed and 14 churches and one mosque were burned down in Bauchi after Islamists carried out attacks against Christians in the city. Hundreds of innocent people lost their lives following one of the worst instances of religious violence in Jos in November 2008.
The violence and the resulting wanton destruction of lives and property are avoidable. Nigerian security officials have repeatedly failed to take preventive measures before such attacks occur. Also, Nigerian officials repeatedly fail to bring the perpetrators of these attacks to justice.
Would you join us petitioning the ambassador of Nigeria to take steps to protect the Christian minority in northern Nigeria? Please follow the instructions below and have your signatures back to us by September 19.
Here's How You Can Help
#1 Pray: The first thing you can do to help is stop right now and ask the Lord to intervene.
#2 Next, review our petition. Nigerian officials are concerned about their relationship with the United States and other countries, so when the people shout, they will listen. We have also found that evil prefers to stay hidden and when we shine the light on it, it flees.
#3 Electronically sign the petition by clicking here.
#4 Print out the petition and take it to your church and have everyone you know sign it. Send it back to us so we can present it to the Egyptian Ambassador. Feel free to print out extra signature pages for large numbers of sign ups. When you have collected all your signatures, please mail the signature pages to (please note that our address has changed!):
PO Box 8056
Silver Spring, MD 20907
or fax them to us (301-585-5918).
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 September 17, 2009 7:44 PM

In the Trenches: INDIA UPDATE


in the trenches 1   
Pray for believers in Nigeria who are restricted from building churches.  Pray for their protection and that the Lord would bless their ministry in this Muslim-dominated country.

Four men from the Evangelical Church of West Africa were arrested in early February for beginning construction on an unsanctioned church in Kiru, Kano State, Nigeria.  They were tried in a sharia court, a court under Islamic law, despite being Christians. 
An Open Doors representative, the only Christian there to encourage the men, attended their final court hearing and spent some time with the four men and prayed with them after they were convicted.  He let the men know of the prayers of the Open Doors family all over teh world.  "God is going to see you through this," he assured them.
The four brothers said tehy appreciated the words of encouragement and the prayers as this support gave them boldness and courage to persevere in suffering for their faith. 
"It was a great moment for us, this day.  No one came to support us all this while, but Open Doors came to hear our story and to pray for us.  We want to assure you that no amount of pressure will make us lose hope.  We are ready to pay even with our lives.  Our faith is stronger today.  Your presence at the court spoke a lot into our spirits.  The Lord will bless the effort of your ministry." 
Please keep these four men and their families in your prayers, that God will give them the courage and boldness to stay faithful in the midst of such tension and oppression.
And thankyou for your ongoing support which helps make it possible for Open Doors contacts to be there to support and encourage persecuted brothers like these.

Persecuted Christians - Open Doors Homepage

Support Persecuted Believers>>

Speak up for persecuted Christians imprisoned for their faith>>

Christian Martyrs>
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 February 03, 2010 6:18 PM

February 3, 2010

Dear Donna, 

Violence Erupts in Jos, Nigeria

Attacks against Christians continue in Jos, Nigeria. According to a Compass Direct report the violence began when Muslim youths attacked worshippers during a church service on January 17th. The aggression soon escalated. The Christian Association of Nigeria stated at a press conference that 10 church buildings were burned and that 27 Christians are still missing however local police estimate that over 300 lives were lost.

Father, we pray for peace to reign in this region of Nigeria located between the Islamic north and Christian south. May the darkness in the hearts of the Muslim youth be broken by the light of Your gospel. Today, comfort those who mourn and strengthen their faith.

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 March 10, 2010 2:49 PM

March 10, 2010

Dear Donna

Islamic Assailants Kill Hundreds of Christians near Jos, Nigeria

A tragic genocide took place yesterday morning in Plateau state, Nigeria. Several hundred Christians, including many women and children, were killed with machetes by ethnic Fulani Muslims in a violent rampage. “We were woken up by gunshots in the middle of the night, and before we knew what was happening, our houses were torched and they started hacking down people,” survivor Musa Gyang told media.

According to Compass News the attack on Sunday is the latest in several religious clashes in the state in recent months that have claimed lives and property. Plateau state is a predominantly Christian state in a country almost evenly divided between Christians and Muslims. The Muslim minority has been contesting ownership of some parts of the state, leading to frequent clashes.

Father, we pray that You would be with the Christians that are still living in the midst of the chaos in Jos. We ask that You would bring peace and civility to the region now. We pray that the violence would not spread any further, but instead stop completely. Please give wisdom to President Goodluck Jonathan, particularly as he is meeting to discuss strategies to prevent clashes spreading to neighboring states.

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 April 05, 2010 6:57 AM

Hundreds Dead in Nigerian Violence

 Recent sectarian violence in central Nigeria in the month of March has left anywhere from 300-500 people dead, many of them women and children.  Hundreds have been left homeless and many have fled their homes to avoid the violence
This is not the first time clashes between Christians and Muslims have left hundreds dead, similar attacks against Christians left approximately 300 dead in January.  
The majority of the violence has been centered around the small city of Jos. The attacks came when groups of Muslim men armed with machetes, guns and knives rushed into several villages around Jos and just began attacking Christians. Several hundred arrests have been made in connection to the most recent attacks. Security forces have been put on high alert to help prevent further violence, but it seems unlikely that there are enough security forces to protect the smaller villages.
The most populous country in Africa, with a population of more than 150 million, Nigeria is almost evenly divided between Muslims and Christians. With more than 78 million Muslims, it has the sixth-largest Islamic population in the world, according to a study last year by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.

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 April 11, 2010 5:34 AM

At 11:20 PM, February 6, 2010, Pastor John Hayab arrived in Washington, DC, met by the worst snowstorm Washington has suffered in 20 years. He had traveled from Nigeria, by car, plane, bus, and train, and now faced the two feet of snow that shut the city down. However, he had a message to give, and it couldn’t wait: Nigeria was in a state of outright religious war.

A sectarian attack just a few days before, in January, left 300 dead. This was only the latest in a history of religious violence that has claimed over 13,500 lives in the past decade. Historically, Nigerian culture was pluralistic in nature. However, with the growth of radical Islam, Jihad has been used to enforce Islamic law. This is especially pronounced in northern Nigeria where attacks and counter attacks have been carried out in the name of God for over a decade. ...

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 April 11, 2010 5:38 AM

Despite increasing persecution against Christians, Muslims in Nigeria are coming to faith in Christ through evangelism, prayer and miraculous works of the Holy Spirit. Recently our representative sent us the story of a prominent Muslim’s conversion to Christianity in northern Nigeria:

Mustapha Sani is from Kaduna State in the northwestern part of Nigeria. Mustapha’s family is one of the ruling families of the Zazzau Emirate Council (a ruling body in Kaduna State), and his father, Alhaji Sani Halliru, was a former Makama Babba (leader) and a devout Muslim. Mustapha himself was soon to be turbaned as the new Makama Babba upon the death of his father.

However, in April 2009, a recurring nightmare began to plague Mustapha. ...
Click here to view the entire article. 
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 April 11, 2010 5:42 AM

At least 32 children were among hundreds killed on March 7th when a Muslim mob attacked a Christian village near Jos, Nigeria. The Muslims invaded the village at 2 AM local time and slaughtered the Christians with machetes. In some cases the Muslims wiped out entire families. They also burned down the homes of several Christians. ...
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 April 11, 2010 5:48 AM

3/8/10 Nigeria (ICC) 500 Slain in Muslim Jihad Attack in Nigeria- Nigerian Muslims murdered 500 Christians in a village near Jos on Sunday, March 7th. Most of the victims are women and children. The Muslims invaded the village at 2 AM local time and slaughtered the Christians with machetes. A local government official told ICC that around 380 Christians were buried in one mass burial space. He added that other victims were buried by their families, and there are still bodies being collected.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
 May 12, 2010 3:00 PM

Nigerian Christians Killed in Vicious Onslaught
April 2010 Main3
Awakened in the middle of the night, families are gunned down in Dogo Nahawa, Nigeria.
Read full story...

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 May 12, 2010 3:11 PM

Nigeria Campaign Launches
  Justice For Nigeria
  Open Doors pursues justice after March attack.

Read More>>

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 June 30, 2010 6:42 PM

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 July 01, 2011 4:55 AM

Violence in Nigeria: Nigeria has been the site of much religiously motivated violence over the past few months. On June 7th, members of the radical Islamic Boko Haram sect shot and killed a pastor and church secretary near their church in Muslim-dominated northern Nigeria. In another part of northern Nigeria, armed Islamists entered a Christian community on March 27th and destroyed Christians’ homes, obliterated their churches, and drove them out of town. The Christians have yet to resettle into their homes. Read more>>  

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 July 23, 2011 5:57 AM

Islamic Sect Takes Responsibility for Intensified Violence in Northern Nigeria
Militants from an Islamic extremist group in Nigeria threw a bomb into the building of the All Christian Fellowship Mission church on July 10, killing three Christians.
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 October 24, 2011 6:23 AM

Christian Evangelist Killed in Nigeria
Violence-weary Christians have been further upset to learn of the murder of a Nigerian evangelist Mark Ojunta less than three months after an Islamic group killed a local pastor. Ojunta died "as a martyr on his field among the Kotokos," notes Calvary Ministries International Director Amos Aderonmu.
Read More

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 January 13, 2012 6:02 AM

The Bloodbath Continues in Nigeria's Northeast
"Lord, where are you? This burden is too much for me to bear," lamented the widow of Silas Ugboeze, after losing her husband and a son in attacks on Christians in northern Nigeria. Following through with threats of violence if Christians did not leave predominantly Muslim northern Nigeria, Boko Haram, a Nigerian group that seeks to impose Sharia (Islamic law) has reportedly claimed responsibility for killing at least 44 people in four states over the weekend.
Read More

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 January 18, 2012 7:41 AM

Dear Donna Matthews , 


With more than 80 Christians killed by radical Muslims since Christmas, a Nigerian church leader believes that Islamists are carrying out religious cleansing against Christians in northern Nigeria.
In an exclusive interview with ICC (click here to listen to the full interview), the president of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, called upon Nigerian Christians to defend themselves from the ongoing pogrom. 

The Christian leader decried the Nigerian government's failure to protect Christians from the killings and accused some security agents of taking sides. He said, "The security agencies are polarized along religious lines. Even when the security agents have information (concerning security measures to be taken against Boko Haram), some of them pass the information to these criminals. This is because some of the security agents are more loyal to their religion (Islam) than to Nigeria as a nation."
In a disturbing development, the violence has also spread to southern Nigeria where Muslims and their places of worship have been attacked in apparent retaliation for the killing of Christians in northern Nigeria. According to a report by BBC, a mosque and an Islamic school were burned down in the southern Nigerian city of Benin on January 10. Five people were killed and six were injured in violence in the city, but the report did not specify the identities of the victims.
In a direct message to Nigeria's president Goodluck Jonathan, Pastor Ayo said, "You must muster the political will to make strong decisions. Any of the heads of the security agencies that are not performing, you should remove."
Click here to listen to the full audio recording of this interview. The audio may be somewhat difficult to hear - we apologize for the poor sound quality.
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 January 25, 2012 5:01 AM

Death Toll Rises After Islamist Extremists Attack Christian Church in Nigeria: The number of Christians killed in an Islamic extremist attack in Nigeria on January 5th has risen to nine. Members of the Boko Haram, a group that seeks to impose sharia law on Nigeria, emerged from a mosque near the Deeper Life Bible Church in the Boso area of Gombe, and shot Christians attending a weekly meeting known as “The Hour of Revival.” In a related story the same terrorist group killed at least 21 Christians in neighboring Adamawa state. Read more>>   [ send green star]  [ accepted]
 March 30, 2012 6:51 AM

The Battle for Nigeria's Soul
A Nigerian playwright once wrote that only a mad man would want to lead Nigeria. Christian president Goodluck Jonathan is desperately trying to do this as he struggles to govern a deeply divided nation. Movements like Boko Haram instigate fear with their violent and deadly attacks on Christian communities and security forces. The church in Nigeria struggles daily to live out biblical commandments in the face of earthly realities.
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 April 09, 2012 3:21 PM

Northern Nigeria

Last month, two suicide bombers drove their car into the worship service of the Jos Church of Christ in Nigeria (COCIN). Open Doors confirmed the killing of least four people and injuring of over 40 church members. Among the dead was a young girl, whose exact age remains unknown.

The Islamist sect Boko Haram claimed responsibility for the bombing. They forced their way through the church’s security checkpoint, after ignoring the guards posted at the entrance who signaled for the car to stop. Security opened fire on the trespassers, shot dead one suicide bomber and injured the second one before the bombs went off, killing the second assailant as well.

The sound of the explosion was heard all over the city. Although the bombers aimed to drive into the church, the bombs were detonated 15 metres before it crashed into the building. If the suicide bombers had succeeded in their primary intentions, the roof would have collapsed on the Learn More and Pray assembly, killing many more. Nevertheless, it caused excessive damage to the structure including the more than 30 cars that were ruined in the blast.

The Church of Christ in Jos has a large number of state employees on their membership including the Governor of Bauchi State, Jonah Jang. Church leaders consider this a strong motive for the attack.

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 April 12, 2012 3:41 PM

Powerful Bomb Kills 38 Near Churches in Nigeria over Easter
On Easter Sunday, while worshippers at the ECWA (Evangelical Church Winning All) Good News Church in Kaduna, Nigeria were taking communion in celebration of the risen Savior, a suicide bomb exploded in the street killing dozens.
Read More

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 April 24, 2012 3:56 AM

Nigerian Suicide Bomber Targets Churches On Easter Sunday: Churches celebrating Easter services were the targets of a suicide bomber who killed at least 38 people in Kaduna city in northern Nigeria. Security personnel at one of the church buildings blocked the bomber, believed to belong to the Boko Haram Islamic sect, who then decided to detonate his explosives in the street at a nearby motorcycle taxi center. Dozens of people were injured in addition to those killed. The bombs damaged  church buildings, homes, hotels and vehicles.  Read more>> 

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 May 03, 2012 6:33 PM

Urgent Prayer-Christian Worshippers in Nigeria Attacked!
Only eight minutes into the worship service, three bombs exploded last Sunday at the Bayero University Chapel in Kano. Armed attackers on motorcycles then opened fire on Christians as they ran from the building for safety. Over twenty people were killed and an additional thirty sustained various degrees of injuries. Christians in Nigeria, still reeling from the string of recent attacks, are once again in mourning.
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 May 31, 2012 10:03 AM

Persecution in Nigeria: Boko Haram’s Murderous Crusade Against Christians: “A religious war threatens Nigeria, yet the administration has downplayed the religious roots of the conflict, preferring to emphasize the malign impact of poverty and poor governance,” says Doug Bandow of the Cato Institute. “At a recent Senate hearing, Assistant Secretary of State Johnnie Carson made the rather astonishing claim that ‘religion is not the primary driver behind extremist violence in Nigeria.' He should read the State Department's own report on religious liberty,” says Bandow. Read more>>  

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 June 14, 2012 5:40 PM

Injuries Severe/Several Dead after Suicide Bomb Attack in Nigeria
Amid allegations that soldiers were responsible for at least eight of the 21 deaths, the Muslim extremist Boko Haram sect claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing of two churches on Sunday, June 3. “Most of our members are critically ill in the hospitals,” said Johnson Elogva, associate pastor at Living Faith Church. He added that many of the church’s 2,000 members were left traumatized.
Read More

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 August 02, 2012 2:21 AM

Murder of Christian Leader Topples Nigeria’s ‘Bridge’
Gyang Dalyop Dantong, a Nigerian senator, physician and pillar of the Church of Christ, has had a profound impact on his country, and on the church he helped to build. On July 8 his earthy life was cut short by Muslim extremists who marauded through the villages of Plateau state. Open Doors News profiles Dantong and his legacy to Nigeria’s suffering church.
Read More

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 August 10, 2012 3:59 AM

Nigerian Christians Killed in Attack during Worship Service
On Monday, August 6, armed gunmen surrounded the Deeper Life Bible Church and opened fire. Reports are still being released on the number of deaths, but according to the Associated Press, the attackers killed 19 worshippers; the church’s pastor was among those killed.
Read More

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