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7 years ago

This used to be a very popular topic a long time ago. Maybe it will be again

10 years ago

Activated again

11 years ago
Oh, what was that Reese Witherspoon movie called where she gets into law school? I know she had an orange MacBook (?) in that. Oh, I know, Legally Blond. Yeah, I see Macs/Apples all over in movies and TV.
11 years ago
This is the old Mac Spotting thread if anyone has any new sightings to report.
12 years ago
Does anyone have any new Mac sightings to report? I know I saw several Macs (iMacs) in a tv show during the last week, but I can't remember which one... This is especially weird (my forgetting) since I watch so few tv series...). Oh, well, I guess I'm getting old... LOL I'll get back to you when I've had a good think.
Welcome, Daniel!
14 years ago
Hi Daniel, Welcome to Macs or Nothing. I hope you'll enjoy it here. Great to have you as a member. Camilla (one half of Freya)
14 years ago
This is my first time oposting on any of the Care2 message boards by the way.
They used to feature Macs on the Drew Carry show all the time and in fact had at least one episode I remember where you could very clearly see every comouter in the entire office where Drew works was a PowerBook or iBook,
14 years ago
They use Macs on the British tv series, Spooks. We just noticed it last night.
iMac G4
14 years ago
I saw iMac G4 in two episodes of the British tv series Inspector Lynley Mysteries. Great series by the way. Much better than the books.
I Remembered Another
14 years ago
Who could forget Jeff Goldblum saving the world by uploading a virus into the alien mohtership using his Apple PowerBook?
Macs In The Media
15 years ago
This is a short list of television shows I've noticed Macs making apperances: Friends (they usually cover the Apple logo) Veronica Mars CSI: Las Vegas CSI: New York (don't watch the Miami version, but would bet there are Macs there, too) Monk Roswell Buffy The Vampire Slayer Angel Charmed Dharma & Greg As for movies, I can't even count or remember all the titles I've noticed Macs in. But there are a some notable memories. "The Net" with Sandra Bullock; the ending scenes were filmed during a Macworld Expo in San Francisco at the Moscone Center. "Mission Impossible" with Tom Cruise; I found it fascinating what they got their PowerBooks to do in that movie. I had the same model and mine couldn't do all that! "The Peacemaker" with George Clooney & Nicole Kidman; the German businessman in Geneva had good taste in computers, even though he was a gangster! I had a aquaintence who's father was a Mac Addict and would shout "Macintosh" in the theatre every time he saw one on screen during a movie.
15 years ago
Tonight I watched Pet Shop Boys performing on Parkinson's show. They were using a Powerbook.
Mac spotting
15 years ago
I thought we could use this thread to tell the group about sightings of Macs in tv shows, movies, commercials, ads etc It's been a while since I last watched any episodes, but you could see Macs on Roswell (the show about four teenage aliens). 24 is another show where you can see Macs in nearly every episode. Do you have any Mac sightings to report? Camilla

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