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2 months ago

OPEN LETTER TO ALL ELECTED MEMBERS OF CURRENT PARLIAMENT AND THE GROUP MEMBERS TO SUPPORT MY PETITION AND JOIN ME IN A PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATION IN FRONT OF SUPREME COURT OF BRITISH COLUMBIA AND BRING 14 JUDICIAL OFFICERS OF THE CANADIAN COURTS FOR THE PERSECUTIONS OF HIRJIS FROM 2015 TO THIS DAY BY ABUSING THEIR TRUSTED JUDICIAL OFFICE FOR THE CRIMES THE HIRJIS DID NOT COMMIT The Hirjis are forced to take this unusual step and protest in front of the Supreme Court and Appeal Court of British Columbia to seek the public support to bring fourteen judicial officers of the court to justice for “Obstructing the Course Justice” including nine judicial officers of the Supreme Court of Canada from 2015 till today. Hirjis will be protesting before the Supreme Court of B.C until this matter is addressed by the Honourable Members of the parliament. The Judicial officers of the Supreme Court of Canada willfully and Knowing refused to act lawfully and uphold the “Rule of Law” because it would have set a new Canadian precedent by the Hirjis in Hirji v. The Owners Strata Corporation Plan VR-44 2015 BCSC 2043 as a self-representing litigant to hold accountable the trial judge Justice Sharma of Supreme Court of British Columbia. The trial Judge’s unlawful acts aided and abated by Court of appeal judges of British Columbia. The fraud and Criminal acts willfully and unlawfully committed by the lower court Judges to unlawfully deny justice to the Hirjis and this “Obstruction of Justice” in violations of Criminal Code s.139(2) is knowingly and willfully approved by all nine Judges of the Supreme Court of Canada. These unlawful persecutions of the Hirjis by the judicial officers of the Highest Court of Canada are unconscionable, because these crimes are knowingly, willingly, and unlawfully committed by the most trusted judicial officers of the highest court of Canada that is no less evil than the crimes committed by the judicial officers who willfully persecuted the innocent victims of the Second World War and willfully and unlawfully robbed the innocent victims of their lives assets, possessions and their home amongst other things. To this day none of the judicial officers named in the petition for persecutions of Hirjis by the judicial officers of the Highest Court of Canada have either defended or repudiated these claims by the Hirjis simply because based on the evidence none of the judicial officers can deny or defend these explosive claims and justify the abuse of judicial Independence under the law. See the evidence sent to all nine judges of Supreme Court of Canada putting all of them on notice for their unlawful acts. It is astonishing to see that these violations are knowingly, willfully and unlawfully and openly committed by the most trusted judicial officers of the highest court of Canada without any justification or fear of any reprisals under the umbrella of Judicial Independence. The Judicial Independent was never granted to the courts to be abused by the judicial officers of the court either by the Parliament or the Legislatures or by the General Public nor have they permitted the judicial officers to place themselves above the “Rule of Law” and destroy the lives of the litigants who appear before the judicial officers in good faith in pursuit of truth and justice. When any government officials appointed in good faith to the public office who willfully acts in violations of the Constitution, then they have forfeited their right to hold that office. The Government of Canada and the elected Members of the parliament regardless of their political affiliation to different parties has legal obligations to protect the best interest of the electorates and the Constitution and must take necessary steps to remove these violators of oath office and the constitution from the office to protect the Rule of Law and wellbeing of the public. For the Government to allow these officials to remain in the office and allow them to continue to violate their oath of office and the pledge to uphold the constitution and destroy the lives of litigants would be totally unconstitutional and detrimental to the credibility and integrity of “Rule of Law” and justice and public safety and will inevitably lead to divisions in different communities and civil unrest. Minister of Justice Ms. Jody Wilson-Raybould the chief officer of the law of Canada failed to address the willful “Obstruction of Justice” and Miscarriage of Justice unlawfully imposed on the Hirjis by the judicial officers of the courts sent by the Prime minister’s office and the Hirjis in various emails to the Minister of Justice Ms. Jody Wilson-Raybould. The Minister sat on this issue of willful “Obstruction of Justice” to strip down the Hirjis of their lives assets and their home and make them homeless for the crimes Hirjis did not commit for next seven months. On January 24, 2019 Minister confirmed to the Hirjis in four different emails that Your message To: Wilson-Raybould, Jody - M.P. Subject: FW: FRAUD COMMITTED BY THE SUPREME COURT OF CANADA. Sent: Saturday, July 7, 2018 @ PM (UTC-@) Pacific Time (US & Canada) WAS DELETED WITHOUT BEING READ on Thursday, January 24, 2019 @ PM (UTC-@) Pacific Time (US & Canada). The Affidavit of senior RCMP INSPECTOR William-Robert-Majcher exposes the extent of judicial corruption and the criminal network of judges operating in Canada. In paragraph 6. The INSPECTOR states; "In several instances, my co-workers and I reported our concerns about corruption in the administration of justice to senior members of the RCMP and DOJ, who refused to investigate or bring charges against any of the lawyers, judges or court registry staff involved in the corruption". Click on the following link to read the entire affidavit of INSPECTOR William-Robert-Majcher.

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