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Value Your Access to Dietary Supplements? Sign Petition for Oversight of FDA's TCC with CanadaMexico
14 years ago

Value your access to dietary supplements? Help get signatures on my petition for Congressional Oversight of the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada & Mexico. The petition is self explanatory:


For more information, please see

Please link to both sites! Please contact me if you can help spread the word! This petition was just started yesterday.

It was signed by Aaron Russo, the famous movie producer who I'm working with because I'm helping to promote his latest movie "From Freedom to Fascism" See the trailer at  The movie is being screened in some cities leading up to its release in July. Please help get the buzz going! This movie is going to blow the doors off the New World Order's efforts to enslave us.

Let's do it!!!!!
14 years ago
I would like to encourage everyone who is reading John's message to sign this petition and to please pass it on. As a member of John's IAHF list, I have seen how tirelessly he has been working to help protect our right's to Health Freedom!  Just a few moment's of your time can literally help save the lives of many, many people!  Please step up to the plate and help John by signing this petion today and passing it onto everyone else.  Thank you! Lynn
Thanks for Vote of Confidence Lynn! Aaron Russo Signed, and More Celebs will join him as this rolls!
14 years ago

Encourage everyone to grasp whats happening here:

See  North American International Trade Corridor Partnership website and also North America's Super Corridor Coalition to grasp how organized the plan is to force Canada, the USA and Mexico together into a planned North American Union patterned after the EU.

Dietary Supplement consumers need to fully grasp the extent of the threat posed by the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter in this context- see my petition at  and the new IAHF website at

Questions? Please call me at 800-333-2553 H&W (Pacific Time zone)

John Hammell, President

International Advocates for Health Freedom

556 Boundary Bay Rd.

Point Roberts WA 98281 USA

You are one of the good guys John!!!
14 years ago
I agree with Lynne that we all need to be concerned about what is going on with our health freedoms. I think that John has worked tirelessly to get this message across to everyone. I'm not sure it has sunk in yet but a constant barrage is what may be needed for that to happen. I do think you are one of the good guys John and I thank you for all of your efforts. I can only imagine what life would be like with more people like John...{{{hugs}}} !!
14 years ago

Thanks Joyce! Be sure to check into that Calcium EAP I told you about in my email.

I've been methodically going through my Palm Pilot calling more people to keep this petition rolling. Some are going to be helping a LOT in the next few days! Some have radio shows, others have huge distribution lists, its going to need to BE huge because we have to overcome the Pharma Dominated Vitamin Trade Associations AND the Republican dominated Congress which aren't going to WANT to hold oversight on ANY part of the Executive Branch INCLUDING the FDA.

FDA knows this, and thats why they're in our FACES with the Trilateral Cooperation Charter to the DEGREE that they are. Their attitude is they have their takeover on GREASED RAILS, and that NOONE can stop their criminal acts, so we need to pull out ALL the stops on getting folks to sign this petition:
14 years ago

Forgive my ignorance, but does this mean they're going to possibly make vitamins & herbs illegal? I did read thru the pet.,but I got frustrated, I can imagine how you felt writing it.

Are They ACTUALLY Moving to Make Vitamins/ Herbs Illegal?
14 years ago
From:    Annette P
Date:    Saturday, April  1, 2006 -  3:47:06 PM
Forgive my ignorance, but does this mean they're going to possibly make vitamins & herbs illegal? I did read thru the pet.,but I got frustrated, I can imagine how you felt writing it.
---------------------IAHF Response to Annette:
Annette- At the UN's Codex Alimentarius Commission they're moving in the direction of banning consumer access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range. I've been working against this since 1996 when I was the first to call the Codex threat to global attention via an article in Life Extension Magazine.
Their agenda is highly incremental, and there are a couple of different ways they could force it on the USA: one is via a WTO Trade Dispute against us which we would lose due to how the WTO is structured.
Another is via the USA's planned destruction as our would be overseers move to force us into a planned North American Union with Canada & Mexico.
What I'm looking to achieve via this PETITION
is to pressure Congressman Joe Barton, Chair of the House Energy & Commerce Committee to hold a congressional oversight hearing on the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter.
In the "SCOPE" section of the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter they announce that their main intention is to focus on addressing what they call "health fraud".
Well we ALL KNOW what the FDA considers to be "health fraud". (Anything that interferes with pharmaceutical PROFIT$$)
Right now, for example, FDA has been sending warning letters to the Cherry growers Association threatening to start raiding Cherry orchards unless they stop making health claims on their website about health benefits of Cherries that are considered scientifically valid by the US Department of Agriculture:
For years the FDA and their Pharma clients have been trying to figure a way around the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act of 1994.
Via Codex & Via regional harmonization thru things like their Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada & Mexico, they've found what they think will be a way AROUND the will of the American people as expressed via DSHEA.
The campaign to pass DSHEA (in the face of an FDA rulemaking effort against us) generated the largest volume of mail to congress in the history of congress.
I need people to sign my petition so that we can FORCE CONGRESS to stop FDA from continuing to VIOLATE THE LAW.
FDA is violating the Administrative Procedures Act, and the Federal Advisory Committee Act as well as other laws, so the question becomes this: Will Congress uphold the law and provide us with the oversight we deserve, or will they kowtow to the multinational drug companies that pump their campaign coffers full of PAC donations, and turn their BACKS on We, the People?
I have a genetic need for the dietary supplements I use, and I'm fighting for my LIFE and the LIVES of others. If you're not on the IAHF email distribution list, its an opt in list and you can sign on at  Please also see our new site at
Thanks for your interest and concern.
Kind Regards,
Thank's John and Joyce:) {{ HUGS}}
14 years ago

The way I look at this is that there is no way that one person alone can succeed at stomping out the tryaants! We are all in this together to help stop the bad guy's and see to it that our right's are saved.  And we CAN and WILL succeed!

I have been mass forwarding John's messages now for several year's and carrying his message to other's who have no internet access.  But I know in my heart that even though this is of great help, I now need to get even more involved by becoming a core group activist and purchasing the education kit as well and holding those group meeting's.

I have a daughter who was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma at the age of 21.  We used many of the fine alternative's to help cure her.  To me, her diagnosis of cancer was some of the hardest news I ever had to deal with!  But I knew in my heart as well that I had some wonderful options in alternative medicine to help cure her.  Had it not been for those quality supplement's, whole organic food's, and other protocol's as well, we may have lost her!  She was that sick!

So I now know what I have to do to help my daughter and to help others as well. So John, you can expect an email from me and a donation for the educational kit.

I hope that this message will encourage other's to make this decision as well.  You never know when an illness may strike one of your loved one's, and where will you be if we have no access to our supplement's?  It is really something to think about folk's!

Also, yes, I am nervous about all of this, but I bet that John is going to be there to help guide me and anyone else who decides to start educating other's! 

Take Care everyone, Lynn Miller

Keeping the Ball Rolling on the IAHF Petition
14 years ago

Thanks for your help, Lynn. Please do get the Education Kit and organize a meeting in your local area.

More people need to do this. Would you like to be part of the IAHF core group? If so, what is your phone # and email address? I will do a conference call with 25 people as soon as I have them to be a core group, then we'll widen it out.

I also am going to be doing more radio shows again. Today I emailed and called George Noory's producer so I can get back on Coast to Coast AM which reaches a huge number of people. I've been a guest on the George Noory show in the past.

I've been going through my palm pilot contacting people to enlist their assistance and support, and I appreciate your help very much because we're going to need overwhelming support for this petition to have a CHANCE to get the congressional oversight we need.

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