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DUO Around the World Candlelight Wave (Update)
10 years ago

DUO Around the World Candlelight Wave for World Peace

October 2, 2009, 8-10 PM.


     The World March for Peace and Nonviolence will begin in New Zealand on October 2, 2009, the anniversary of Gandhi’s birth, and will conclude in the Andes Mountains in Argentina on January 2, 2010.  It will last 90 days passing through all climates and seasons. A permanent group of 100 people from different nations will complete the journey.  Activities are being planned in many countries as the march passes through their cities.

     To celebrate the start of the event DUO members and their friends around the world will light a candle on October 2, 2009 during their local time of 8-10 PM.  The Candlelight Wave will begin in New Zealand and end in Hawaii 24 hours later. Everyone lighting a candle or spotting the Wave, as it slowly sweeps around the world, is invited to post a short message of peace.   

Each member will spend their 2 hours any way they wish—alone, with family, with friends.  I plan on entertaining a few friends and discussing ways that we can make a difference toward world peace.

Members from 64 countries have signed up so far.  Invite your friends from other countries, as well as your own, to participate. 


If you would like to participate, please post a message here indicating the country and region where you will light your candle.

Candlelight Wave Map
10 years ago

DUO Around the World Candlelight Wave for World Peace 
October 2, 2009, 8-10 PM
Current participants in 64 countries:
World map

To see who has signed up in your country or region, go to the DUO Google interactive map at:   Candlelight Wave Map
Note: Locations are country or city accurate only--not street accurate.

10 years ago

We are now listed under World March For Peace and Nonviolence.   The announcement is listed under Virginia.



          Days to the Candlelight Wave

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10 years ago

Thank you Gary. You have worked so hard on this! The maps look wonderful and I love the list of all the participants. The listings you have gotten are also great. I can't wait. I appreciate you; thanks for all you have done!


Peace and Hugs, Meg

In the news!
10 years ago

Check out this article on our Candlelight Wave and our group.

candlelight wave
10 years ago

Wow, I'll be there with my candle, flaming for peace worldwide. thanks Gary, you're a star. Phyll Holmes

10 years ago

I'll be waving in the UK

Let there be Peace on the Planet...
10 years ago

...from a small town in the Appalachian foothillz of Southwest Virginia will be a candle brightly burning. An honor it is to join cyber hands, and hearts, to promote peace on our planet...

ready in argentina
10 years ago

Yes Gary, I'll try to be around i'm in Buenos aires no t close to the Andes, where exactly? is it? because we have a almost all the west coast , next to Chile, tell me so i see if i can get around, hugs,

Count us in
10 years ago

Carlisle (UK) will be doing our bit with Dusty Clogs for Peace where school kids runs laps to add up to the distance across Cumbria of the March...and plenty of candles too!!!

10 years ago

We'll light up our candles in Switzerland and talk about it on our website!

I will Be Do so In Utah
10 years ago

I think this is so Awesome Just think if Everyone Lit one :)

It's getting close!
10 years ago

The day is almost here! I am writing an article about it to send to several newspapers. Maybe others will see the importance of working towards peace!

Thank you all for caring.

10 years ago

Has the word got out to the news?

10 years ago

Ron, World March wrote a news article:


Ariel C. wrote a news article and a share on Care2:

(Thank you, Ariel!)


Meg F. is writing a news article. (Thanks Meg!)


I have written to Care2 asking for advice as to how to best spread the word within Care2.  No response yet.


So far I have sent out hundreds of candle images to our members, as well as thousands of invitations to join our group which also contained info about the Candlelight Wave.  Other than that…..


Certainly some of our other members have promoted the event.  Please tell us about it.

The Wave is coming soon!  Please help us spread the word.  Any ideas?

10 years ago

i'l have my candle burning in ireland

10 years ago

Only a few days until the World March and our Candlelight Wave.  Please tell your friends about these important events!  Spread the word!  We now have members from 66 countries participating!


Candlelight Wave
10 years ago

I will have candle in hand and peace of mind here in the USA in Miami Florida.

Thanks Gary:)

10 years ago

As host of DUO and the Candlelight Wave for World Peace, I plan on lighting two candles on Friday:


A 25-hour candle when the Wave starts at 8:00 PM in New Zealand (3:00 AM USA-East).  This candle will go out at 10 PM Hawaii time.


A 2-hour candle at 8 PM USA-East as the Wave reaches USA.


If everyone, who has signed up, lights their candles, the Wave will be continuous for 25 hours except for a 1-hour gap in GMT-2.  If some folks in GMT(0)  (Iceland, Morocco) could extend their candles one hour and some folks in GMT-3 (Argentina, Bermuda, Canada-Atlantic, Uruguay) start one hour early, then the gap will be closed.  See the chart below.

In any case at least one 25-hour candle will be glowing during the GMT-2 gap.

Moon Candle
10 years ago

When you light your candle at 8 PM on Friday, look to the east.  The near-full moon will accompany the Candlelight Wave around the world.


World Peace March
10 years ago

The World March activities begin in Wellington, New Zealand.  Note in particular the last event of the day.

October 2
      Day 1 of the World March for Peace and Nonviolence

Opening event
9:30 am

Speeches, music etc at the Gandhi statue in front of Wellington Railway Station. Co-hosted by the Indian High Commission in commemoration of the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi and the United Nations International Day for Non-violence.

Start of the March and launch of Wellington
Peace Heritage Walk

10:30 am

World Peace March opens the Wellington Peace Heritage Walk and starts walking it. The route goes from the Gandhi statue past Pou Whenua (Wai-titi landing markers) to parliament grounds to visit the Women’s Suffrage garden and Nagasaki figure, then to the St Andrews-on-the-Terrace.

Peace Concert
St Andrews-on-the Terrace

12 noon – 1pm

A concert of peace songs celebrating UN International Day of Nonviolence.

Peace Heritage Walk continues
1pm – 3:30 pm

Peace Heritage Walk continue to the Botanic Gardens to visit the Peacemaker sculpture, Peace Garden, Nagasaki Tree, Hiroshima Tree and Kauri peace tree, then to the Wellington Museum of City and Sea to visit the Wellington Nuclear Weapon Free Zone exhibition and ending at the waterfront at the monument for child refugees from the second world war.

Parihaka commemoration
Parihaka memorial, Buckle Street


A ceremony to commemorate the nonviolent struggle of the Parihaka people for justice. In the 19th century Parihaka people were imprisoned in Wellington and Dunedin and forced into slave labour.

Around the World Candlelight Wave for World Peace
8 pm-10pm

 International marchers and celebrities will return to their hotels and gather in small groups to discuss peace and nonviolence aims and initiatives. At the same time they will light a candle with the DUO for World Peace on Care2.*

*Due to schedule conflicts the World March folks probably did not include this activity.  

Candle Light and Peace
10 years ago

Our candle will be burning brigthly at 8.00pm tonight here in the Dandenongs, Australia.  Thank you Gary for all your efforts here and my best wishes go out to all those who participate in this momentous event.


I wish everybody peace and tranquility.



10 years ago

The Candlelight Wave will begin in New Zealand in 6 hours! 

10 years ago

Candlelight Wave will begin in New Zealand in 5 hours!

10 years ago

Candlelight Wave will begin in New Zealand in 4 hours! 

10 years ago

Candlelight Wave will begin in New Zealand in 3 hours! 

10 years ago

Candlelight Wave will begin in New Zealand in 2 hours!

10 years ago

Candlelight Wave will begin in New Zealand in 1 hour!

10 years ago

The Candlelight Wave for World Peace begins!

Candlelight Wave
10 years ago

Have a beautiful candle ready to be lit @ 8pm tonight in Penguin, Tasmania, Oz

World Peace for all!!


10 years ago

10 years ago

The Candlelight Wave has reached Indonesia.  A special candle still glows for the victims of the earthquakes

10 years ago

It is 8 PM in Pakistan.  The Candlelight Wave is entering a region of the world where many peace candles are needed and where we need to focus our peace vibrations.

Here's my candle, although didnt last that long, but its a effort
10 years ago



It was too dark so the above Video Gif is not clear but I guess you guys will like it.


Its from India Mumbai.

10 years ago

20:00 Germany

10 years ago

10 years ago



Here are my candles for peace, love, hope, tolerance and unity ! 


 Many blessings of peace, love, light and happiness, Hugs Ariel

Candle Light Wave for World Peace!
10 years ago

The candle light wave has just passed through California.  Peace,  Love and Light to ALL!

Burning Brightly...
10 years ago

Peace MySpace Comment




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