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anonymous  June 24, 2011 7:20 AM

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anonymous Exorcisms, Demons January 18, 2009 4:51 PM

I prefer to call the demons as ones of the lower energies, still unable to move on to the light... very much like ghosts who have not cross over as everyone and everything on this Earthly plane are all in their spiritual path and evolution. As for exorcisms... I believe in them... I've gone through it myself. It is a story I still need to heal from.

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History of the Belief in Demons November 25, 2008 2:13 PM

Sons of Perdition; Lords of Fire

The origins of the belief of demons among the ancient societies of the world have been shrouded in mystery and it is uncertain just exactly where the concept started, though a good start would be with the Persian and Assyrian empires... some of the most ancient civilizations that we are aware of today.

Nearly every culture that has been recorded in the history of mankind has had some form or variation of demonic belief. Today the most widely recognized aspects of demonology are derived from Judaic, Christian and Catholic sources. Many archaic stereotypes presented within these religions, as well as the prolific historical inaccuracies long associated with fictional print and media, persist in spite of evidence to the contrary.

Most people today imagine short horns, leathery bat-like wings, long pointy tails and menacing pitchforks to be the common accepted image of demons in general, and Satan in specific. However, this is a far cry from how demons were presented in the past.

Initially, in many of the most ancient cultures of the past, demons were seen as having the capacity for both good and evil. The origin of the word demon, in fact, may have come from Indo-European sources and simply meant 'Celestial Body'.

There has often been confusion when regarding Devils and Demons in many Orthodox traditions. A Devil is an entity who usually fights a goodly and divine authority for control of existence. Many such battles will be settled in an 'End of Time' scenario where the forces of good vanquish the forces of evil.

Demons are much like Angels in that they are lesser beings who are usually under the authority of the prevailing Devil. They are always malevolent in nature, and seek to torment humans with their dark and wicked ways. The means by which they wreak havoc are threefold:

#1: In spiritual form they whisper evil thoughts into a person's mind, trying to corrupt them to do wrong.

#2: In spiritual form they restlessly wander the earth and torment others with their mere appearance.

#3: They actually possess someone and control their actions, usually causing them to harm others, or at the very least, themselves. This is called 'Possession', and even today it wreaks fear in many just by even mentioning it.

Another thing that is usually representative of demons in nearly every culture; they are usually grotesque in appearance, and more than likely half animal at least.

Perhaps one of the greater influences in restoring interest in demons and their study in the mid-20th century was Anton LaVey, the author of the Satanic Bible and the founder of the Church of Satan. LaVey believed that Christianity was a repressed religion, and the true power of Satanic belief was the lack of limits imposed on the believer. LaVey believed that man ought to have the supreme choice over his life, not a God, or any god.

Damned by the gods; feared by man; demons have made their home on earth, and they're here to stay.

Copyright © 2008 True Ghost Tales all rights reserved.

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 November 23, 2008 9:12 PM

Wow! That's incredible! Just astounding that you were a part of that. Thank you so much for sharing that experience!

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DEMONS AND EXORCISM November 23, 2008 7:45 PM

My participation in an exorcism:

I am sorry dear members of this group. I had written a very lengthy story about an exorcism I assisted in 1979 at the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in the San Fernando Valley  near Los Angeles California when suddenly my computer said "sorry but Firefox has encountered a problem and has to shut down".  Perhaps spirits don't want me to write about this???
I will have to condense this story considerably as I have lost over an hour with the initial post.

Some of you may know that I was a priest  many years ago. I was a Greek Orthodox priest at the St. Sophia Cathedral in Los Angeles, California.

I was instructed to assist a Father Fotion at St. Nicholas Church  since the dean was summoned to be somewhere else. This was in January 1979. The events of what happened that evening were the scariest and most traumatizing I had ever experienced. I must also say, however, that it also reinforced my faith.

This was a man in his forties from Greece. About a year ago he started to have severe nightmares and was not able to attend church as he would become violently ill when he got close to a church. No psychiatrist  or doctor could help him. He dreamed that he was the devil. What was interesting is that he would have moments when he cried out for help. He called Father Fotion and begged for a prayer to exorcise whatever he had in him. An arrangement was made to bring him to church long after the members of the church were gone around 7:00 PM. Only his family and we two priest would be present for the prayer service.

Father Fotion and I were waiting at the alter. We could hear voice coming from the Foyer of the church. All I could think of was the movie "the excorcist" which I saw in 1974. As the family entered the nave of the church "all Hell" brought loose. The man was screaming and yelling as a person with Turrets syndrom. Suddenly the lights in the church flickered and there was a strong smell of roten eggs.

Once he got to the alter he calmed down and fell to his knees. Just when I thought I could gather my peace this man looked up from where he was kneeling before us and his pupils disappeared and only the whites of his eyes were looking at us. Father Fotion sprinkled holy water on this man who proceeded to scream out in pain and threw hinself on the alter floor. Animal like sounds were coming out of his mouth. His face became very distorted and he would swing at anyone who would get near him. All the while Father Fotion reading a prayer of excorcism. Expelling the "evil" spirit inside him.

He finally subdued himself. He was crying uncontrollably. Father Fotion the offered holy communion and he received it in tears.

While it seemed like an eternity this entire incident took place over about 2 hours. The roten eggs smell remained but the lights were no longer flickering. It also warmed up in the church which became very cold when this man who we will call as "Petros" first walked in the church.

It is strange how when I saw Father Fotion after that no one brought up this event again as though it never happened. Because I was not the exorcist I didn't have to file a report with the church, Bishop Meletios, in San Francisco. I have shared this with very few people in this planet. To this day I do not know what became of "Petros". I am not sure I want to know but I pray it is all good.

There are many details which I have not shared in this second post which I would be happy to share if anyone cares. There are many questions about possession and how we as humans view it and how it is dealt with. One thing is a fact, there are both negetive and positive energies on this planet.

I welcome any comments or sharing of stories of possessions.


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