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last ned Amour 2012 film gratis
4 years ago
Amour 2012. Watch free movie!

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last ned Amour 2012 film gratis:

Amour 2012. Watch free movie!

Download online full lenght movie. iPhone, iPad, Android compatible.

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Love. One of the most desirable basic human needs; one in which all of us continuously seek throughout our lives from simple friendship to life partnership. So much so it is the most written, sung and philosophized in literature and music. Most of these treatises explore love on a surface, superficial level (think romantic comedies/dramas, 19C romantic novels, Romanticism). Yet in Amour, we delve into the deepest, simplest and most profound form of love seldom explored in film and literature, examined to the very end. In it's simplicity, it is one of the most moving displays of love, per se, in recent memory. That the couple in love are 80-plus year old, bourgeois, french-speaking music academics is impressive. Ironically, as the title suggests, this is (not) another 'love' story. In his most classical and refined film yet, Austrian master Haneke has once again asks questions of the audience in his own subversive, clinical, uncomfortable methods, yet (in what many see as a departure) with profoundly moving results. There still are the signature Haneke 'shocks' but this time, they also carry devastating emotional weight. Paradoxically (whilst also making complete sense) the emotional pull comes from Haneke's characteristic clinical style of filmmaking: still frames, mid to long shots, no score, economical and direct screenplay, however assisted by an always crisp sound design, sharp lighting and cinematography courtesy of Darius Khondji (Midnight in Paris), and naturalistic and honest performances. This time however, the approach feels gentler and respectful without the standard disdain and nihilism one expects from Haneke. Yet there remains a palpable sense of the unknown and danger as film progresses (ironically almost exclusively in their spacious and comfortable apartment) ratcheting up a claustrophobic sense of fear. The film also spends it's time almost solely on the two leads, the emotional weight they carry and the connection to the audience evidenced by genuine laughter, gasps and tears (laughter or sorrow I won't disclose) was incredibly moving for two (real-life) octogenarians that few would admit, they have more in common than they would believe. I've not said much about the film's story perhaps because it is so simple in it's construction and execution; most likely it is because the emotional peaks are best experienced by yourself with a receptive audience. I watched this (with great anticipation)at the Sydney Film Festival in June, about a month after it's premiere in Cannes in May for which it deservedly won with enthusiastic reception. The theatre was comparatively (and undeservedly) under attended, yet the reception was attentively silent, collectively moved. Following the visceral and subversive Cach� and the more refined and sprawling White Ribbon, it appeared Haneke reached such a brilliance unable to be succeeded. Wisely, he has pulled back with Amour and delivered a film that is superlatively honest and true in all of it's creative facets as cinema can achieve. One of the highest achievements in recent cinema, this film at it's purest, it's simplest and most powerful form.

You really want to see ultimate experience tonight? 8-) Amour film was created in 2012 and it belongs to Romance, Drama genres. Famous actors as Emmanuelle Riva, Isabelle Huppert, Jean-Louis Trintignant make this Romance film exclusive. Amazing sence of Amour film will make you feel great while watching it with your mates. Emmanuelle Riva is acting in this Romance film so fantastic and this is why you will enjoy watching it every time! It is true, Amour is really the greatest film in Romance genre in 2012. Such actors like Emmanuelle Riva, Isabelle Huppert, Jean-Louis Trintignant made this amazing movie even better. Film length is 127 minutes. Movie rating: 8. Watch and download Amour film online!!! 8-)

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