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Ulm determined as NATO command center against Russia
1 year ago

Ulm determined as NATO command center against Russia

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has officially confirmed that the Western War Alliance wants to set up a new command center at the Ulm site.
After an activation in the event of an alliance, it will be able to send troops and war equipment transports in Europe to the Eastern Front against Russia at an accelerated pace.
The Wilhelmsburg barracks in Ulm/Germany will become a hub for NATO war missions in the East.

Parsifal, June 9, 2018

This is intended to improve NATO's ability to respond to a military escalation on the European Eastern Flank - 'as a consequence of the unpredictable Russian policy in the Kremlin' - as it is called from Brussels.

Along with this, the EU wants to make the transport routes from West to East more usable for the military with several billion euros.

Reminds of Hitler, who only had the Reichsautobahnen built, so that the Wehrmacht could be moved faster from one part of Europe to the other and not so that the German Volksgenossen drive their Kdf-Wagen on it.

Up to 500 soldiers are provided in peacetime in the command center - mostly from the Bundeswehr.

Interior Minister Thomas Strobl (CDU) called the NATO confirmation an

'excellent news for all of Baden-Württemberg'.
'Ulm is not only strategically located in the heart of Europe, but brings with it the indispensable experience of being the headquarters,'

said the Minister.

For the Wilhelmsburg barracks is already the location of the 'Multinational Command Operational Leadership', which assumes tasks for NATO and the European Union.

That Strobl is pleased about still a headquarters in Ulm, shows how completely stupid he is.
What does he mean what will happen if a war with Russia really erupts ?
Then Ulm is an atomic target and will be erased !

Just like all other military bases and command centers of NATO or the Americans in Germany are immediately attacked and destroyed.
There can not be much left of Germany.

Do not the politicians recognize that ?
In a war with Russia, provoked by the warmongers in Washington, Germany is no longer !

For this reason alone, in order not to be a strategic war aim, responsible German politicians would have to send the US military finally the termination and dissolve the bases as quickly as possible.
But no, there coming more and more.

Now Stoltenberg has also announced a NATO intervention force in addition to the NATO Response Force (NRF).
It is said to be 90 units of army, air force and navy (30 army battalions, 30 fighter jet squadrons and 30 major warships).

These should be operational within a maximum of 30 days by 2020 and complement the so-called NATO spearhead - the task force with a very high level of operational readiness (VJTF).
In readiness then should be 30.000 soldiers.

The US, in particular, is pushing NATO to accelerate its reaction to 'deterring' the Russians.
Yes, with ridiculous 4.000 soldiers who were already stationed on the Eastern Flank in Poland and the Baltic.

Because of all the rearmament in Western Europe, Moscow has decided to considerably curtail the planned scrapping of 10.000 old tanks.
Now it is only 4.000 and 6.000 remain and will be modernized.

'Initially, when the program was being drafted, it was planned that about 10.000 Soviet tanks stored in warehouses be scrapped',

said Major General Alexander Shevchenko, head of the Department of Defense's most important tank directorate to TASS.

'Currently, the number of armored combat vehicles to be scrapped by 2020 is around 4.000'.

Shevchenko cites changes in the security situation for the retention of tanks.
Instead of being scrapped, the older vehicles are now being upgraded.

'In line with the changes in the international situation, increasing the fighting skills of the Soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces, growing Patriotism of Russian Citizens and the emergence of new technical and technological Solutions for the thorough Modernization, to transform obsolete equipment into Modern, we had to review our plans',

Shevchenko said.

Now I have to laugh, because Germany has only 250 Leopard tanks of which less than 100 are serviceable.
The Americans have stationed only 90 in Western Europe.
What should they do in a conventional war ?


continue reading in BOLE

BILDERBERG 2018: Kissinger & Von der Leyen spotted! Police check journalists
1 year ago

BILDERBERG 2018: Kissinger & Von der Leyen spotted! Police check journalists
Day #4 from the Bilderberg Conference 2018 in Turin.
Where is it going?
To the automobile museum?
Does this have to do with the influential Agnelli family, long-time Bilderberg participants and co-founders of Fiat?
The film work is torpedoed again by police controls.
The police ask for hotel and room number, where Max is staying?
Max goes to the automobile museum and yes, the participants are actually there.
Among others, Henry Kissinger and Ursula von der Leyen are filmed here.
Von der Leyen is chauffeured by cars with Berlin license plates.
Is she in Turin privately or as a minister financed by taxpayers' money?
BILDERBERG 2018: Kissinger & Von der Leyen gesichtet! Polizei kontrolliert Journalisten
Tag #4 aus Turin vom Bilderberg Treffen 2018.
Die Teilnehmer werden mit Bussen weggefahren?
Wo geht es hin?
Zum Automobilmuseum?
Hat dies mit der einflussreichen Agnelli Familie zu tun, langjährige Bilderberg Teilnehmer und Mitbegründer von Fiat?
Die Filmarbeiten werden wieder von Polizeikontrollen torpediert.
Die Polizei fragt nach Hotel und Zimmernummer, wo Max übernachtet???
Max fährt zum Automobilmuseum und ja, die Teilnehmer sind tatsächlich dort.
Gefilmt werden hier unter anderem Henry Kissinger und Ursula von der Leyen.
Von der Leyen wird mit PKWs mit Berliner Kennzeichen chauffiert.
Ist sie privat in Turin oder als Ministerin mit Finanzierung über Steuergelder?

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