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OPCW - No Evidence of Nerve Agents in Duma
1 year ago

July o7, 2018, by friendsofsyria


The OPCW did not find any evidence of nerve agents in Duma as per their initial report.

Not only the April 14 aggression was a total failure and a massive embarrassment to those behind it (particularly the French, at least some US and UK missiles made it to 4 locations out of 115 missiles fired where not a single French fired missile)


But it was all based on what everybody knew; a theatrics act, a lie, falsified made up terrorist-based propaganda footage; yet no body blinked an eye; no voices were heard questioning the use of military against a sovereign UN member nation; let alone question the fact that these missiles and this excessive use of force which thanks to the SyAAD was foiled, targeted what the leaders of the aggressor nations claimed are chemical weapons facilities, inside a city where ~10 million people reside compromising their safety with the possibility of these chemical agents leaking, lucky again, nor there were any agents nor the attack succeeded in first place.


This is the world we live in, when those with power are no longer questioned and can step on every known international law whenever they see fit.


Perhaps Donald J. Trump Emmanuel Macron or Theresa May can answer or clarify where they got their intel from?!
Once again, not only by deterring the enemy, and crushing their mercenaries, but also with the truth, Syria Prevailed!
This shameful act will hunt these nations and these leaders forever.


Syrian Arab Army

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