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Strange Forest fires in Greece
1 year ago

Strange Forest fires in Greece
When a reader drew my attention to it, I took a closer look at the photos taken in Greece from the forest fires.
Especially those where burnt-out cars can be seen.
And I noticed something strange.
The cars are completely destroyed but to the left and right of the roads the Trees and Bushes look undamaged.
How is that possible ?
Witnesses reported that the fire wave came out of nowhere - and completely unexpected.
The heat must have been so high, even the aluminium rims have melted and the metal became liquid.
Although the melting temperature of aluminium is relatively low at 660 °C (copper 1084 °C, iron 1538 °C), the wood would have to be completely charred and only stumps left.
But it's not.
Of course, the victims of the fires have my deepest sympathy, who have lost their lives or their homes and all their belongings.
Parsifal, July 27, 2018









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1 year ago

Looks like it was just the cars that burned and nothing next to it....


Possibly H.E.S.S. (High Energy Stereoscopic System) was used here ?
But what has Greece not done that the New World Order requires of its subjects to punish it during the holiday season ?
Just a test run ?


Equally striking is since April the current heat wave and drought in wide parts of Germany, behind it I suspect weather manipulation.
There is hardly any humidity, between 20% and 33% just once.
This is untypical for such a long period of time, rather gives the impression that the air is artificially dehumidified.
Because the drier the air, the cooler the water by evaporation, the higher the humidity.
The air humidity values would have to have a wavy line profile and that clearly more than only between 20 and 33%.

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