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Unknown helicopters supply weapons to IS in Afghanistan
11 months ago

The terrorists of the IS (Islamic State) not only spread their terror against the population in Syria, but are also deployed in Libya, Yemen and Afghanistan by the CIA as fighters for a proxy war to destabilise the countries and keep them in chaos.
Now it has become known that 'unmarked' helicopters have delivered weapons to the IS in Afghanistan.
Helicopters without markings, i.e. machines without the emblems of an army flying around Afghanistan, can only be from a Secret Service.
These flights were registered by the Russians and the Russian Foreign Ministry therefore asked serious questions about them.
Who is behind supplying arms and ammunition to the IS in Afghanistan near the border to the Central Asian countries ?

The photo was taken in March 2002 and shows a CIA helicopter in Afghanistan.
The registration number leads to Maverick Aviation, one of the many cloaking companies of the CIA.
You see how mercenaries (private contractors) are load and unload.
See below where the helicopter originally comes from.

Parsifal, August 24, 2018


The Russian Foreign Ministry has announced that Russia has registered numerous helicopters of unknown origin that have supplied weapons to ISIS and other jihadist organisations in Afghanistan.
The spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, commented:

'We draw attention once again to the flights of unknown helicopters in northern Afghanistan supplying arms and ammunition to ISIS fighters and the Taliban'.

'According to Afghan media reports, as well as residents, such flights were recently registered in the province of Sari-Pul',

said the ministry spokeswoman.

Mrs Zacharova also emphasised that neither the Afghan army nor NATO troops check these flights, adding that the flights are close to the border with Afghanistan with the Central Asian countries.

'There is a question: who is behind these flights that supply terrorists with weapons and thus build up their bases near the southern border of the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (international organisation of the former Soviet republics) and why is this happening in Afghan airspace controlled by NATO forces?'.

This information from the Russian Foreign Ministry was announced just a few days before the start of the peace talks in Afghanistan, which are to take place in Moscow next September.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters in Sochi on 21 August that Russia had invited the Taliban to the meeting scheduled for 4 September and added that'the first reaction was positive'.

'I hope that [the meeting] will be productive,'

said Lavrov.

There was no immediate confirmation from the Taliban that they had accepted the offer.

Abdul Kayum Kuchai, Afghanistan's ambassador to Moscow, welcomed the Taliban's involvement in the talks, the news agency RIA Novosti reported.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Russia had invited a dozen countries, including the United States, to the talks.

The statement added that Moscow supports the offer by the Afghan government for a three-month ceasefire on 20 August and regrets the Taliban's rejection of the offer.

Russia had already held talks on Afghanistan in April last year, but the United States was not present.

A spokesman for the US State Department said the United States ...

'does not intend to attend the scheduled meeting in September'.

On the basis of previous meetings in Moscow format, we believe that this initiative will make little progress to this end', the spokesman added.

So it may be that the American deep state wants to sabotage the peace talks and is pursuing its own interests to keep the conflict going as long as possible because it is a very lucrative business.

Not only to continue selling weapons, but because for the CIA opium production in Afghanistan is a gigantic source of money.

After all, it is putting billions of dollars into the black box of the secret services in order to be able to carry out secret operations without the supervision of Congress.

It is also about preventing the future influence of Russia and China on Afghanistan as soon as the US-led NATO troops leave Afghanistan.

It is very likely that the IS will be supplied and re-used to serve US interests, as is or was the case in Syria, with the task of overthrowing President Dr. Bashar al-Assad, which ultimately failed...


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