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Putin's Syria repatriation program
9 months ago

(Syria is ready to take all (!) illegal refugees in Europe)
Money against all illegal immigrants

Putin and Assad are offering Western Europe something like the jack of all trades device.
In a detailed brochure (german) they make a very simple offer: You give us money for the reconstruction of Syria, but we take all(!) illegal immigrants from you.
Reading the original brochure is well worth it.
There are flight plans, settlement areas, estimated number of illegal immigrants and estimated materials for house building and infrastructure.
Basically, German construction companies can get prepared.
What is immediately noticeable: The numbers of the 'Syrian refugees' are only the numbers which the UN pretends to us.
So they include at least 2/3 of the people who only claim to be Syrians within the countries of arrival, but who come from everywhere. (other WELL informed sources would claim only 9% of the refugees arriving Germany are real Syrians)
Apparently Putin is planning to take these types from ourselves if we only pay him well enough to do so.
The cost ?
They're not included, but they might be a bargain - given the social costs in Europe and the deaths, raped, injured etc. of Bataclan, Freiburg, Berlin, Kandel and so on and so on and so on.
Of course, the whole thing was born of necessity.
Economically, neither Russia nor Syria are doing particularly extremely well.
Trump's sanctions may have contributed to this.
But if Putin leads the people back from Europe, the US War Department (shadowy powers including the MIC controlling Trump) will certainly have no objections if billions are paid to it for it.
The real problem lies elsewhere
The illegal immigrants are needed in Western Europe.
After all, it is not a question of helping actual refugees, but of destroying the old nation states.
If the illegal immigrants all return to Syria, the European states in particular would be among themselves again, so to speak.
The wet dreams of 'thinning out' and 'enclosing' certain ethnic groups would burst.

Even worse: the conflicts and problems that the filthy left-wing Ziosphere-Freemasons and Freemasons without apron caused in 2015 would be solved by Putin and his allies, the so-called right-wing populists.
Which, of course, would mean more future votes for the conservative and home parties.
No, something like that must not succeed.
A repatriation must not even be considered (WIRSCHAFFENDAS#) thinking Parsifal on October 28, 2018

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