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The real enemy of the people
6 months ago

The real enemy of the people
January 27, 2019 by Andrew Cheetham @

'We are all familiar with the terms 'conspiracy theorist' and 'apologist' used by the establishment and media to smear independent journalists, experts and other commentators.
For some time this has been particularly evident in the debates we see over the Middle East wars and Russia.
It's common knowledge that people who use these terms can't argue rationally so resort to smears.
Western government support for terrorism, staged events and spreading disinformation via groups such as Integrity Initiative has come under closer scrutiny recently.
As more revelations of wrongdoing by our governments and misreporting by our media have been exposed, the censorship and smears against independent media has intensified.
I'm sure some of us have noticed that the language used has been ramped up yet again.
I came across one example recently of someone promoting the anti-Russia narrative on Twitter making an analogy between one researcher's legitimate investigation and criticism of Integrity Initiative and the actions of the World War II traitor, 'Lord Haw-Haw'.
And I think many readers will be familiar with this post from John Sweeney of the BBC and clip from his programme on Sputnik News.


Here's our @bbcnewsnight film on Sputnik News in UK. With tensions between Russian and UK growing I was on my diplomatic best behaviour. 1st Q: "what's it like being a traitor?"

— John Sweeney (@johnsweeneyroar) January 17, 2019
To call someone a traitor is probably the most serious accusation you can make so let's look at its meaning:
    traitor – a person who is guilty of treason or treachery, in betraying friends, country, a cause or trust.
And lets consider these 'betrayals' and who by extension these accusations of disloyalty might be intended to apply to:
    UK citizens who work for Russian media are traitors to their country. But I guess if you apply this warped viewpoint, foreign nationals working for the BBC are traitors too.
    Independent journalists operating in Syria and reporting the truth that the West and not Russia and the Syrian Government, holds the main responsibility for the war and for supporting Al Qaeda terrorists.
    Researchers, academics and an increasing number of Individuals on social media, who simply question and raise doubts about the anti-Russian and Syrian narrative by the UK press and others such as Bellingcat and Integrity Initiative.
    By extension this betrayal could apply to many western citizens troubled by the wars in the Middle East who care about all humanity and the truth and have grave concerns that the proxy-war in Syria could lead to a global conflict.
Obviously it is ridiculous to label the vast majority of the above groups as 'conspiracy theorists', Assad or Putin 'apologists' let alone traitors to their country.
But this newer language suggests those making these allegations are losing the plot.
Watch some of the old McCarthy hearings from the 1950s and compare the language to what we're hearing and seeing in the media today.'
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