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Here comes the Sun
4 months ago

Here comes the Sun

An easy-going little post with few words only; deliberately to cheer your day - 'It's All Right...'
Every day provides opportunities to venture a new beginning.
To discard mistakes of the past,
like ...put down a Winter coat in the sunshine of Spring...
Renewal Every Day !
Each of us has the chance !
If sings George from the long cold Winter, which has now passed, so should this time be a comparison for our hardships that we have left behind now with the new start, the return of the Sun.

Replace the 'Sun' with 'Son' ...

No matter how dark your days may be, the Sun comes out again and again and dissipate the dark fog ...
...Each 'Winter' inevitably entails the Spring, the growth, prosperity ...
And it's not George Harrison if he just would have not been packed the lyrics with his own knowledge:
This mature human, musical genius and finally spiritually awaken.
A brilliant of world of music.
And is there a wonderful message hidden, in a way how only few people could express and at the same time could conceal such as Harrison:

Our spiritual awakening !
After the time of the cold, of oppression, deceit and ego, we reflect on our true Nature !
Let consciously rise the Sun as Son.
He completes his son(g) with:
Here comes the Sun
It's all right
By repeating some passages he skillfully sets a focus, an intensification on the statement - indeed very hidden.
Just living spirituality.
This little song helps me to stay positively, about things went wrong out there and get excited or on matters which were not so properly.
Playful musical style for my Inner Child, it improves my mood.
One simple optimistically belief, perhaps the epitome, summit of The Beatles songs.
George wrote the piece when he returned from India in his deep affection for Krishna and discovered Hinduism.
But it was a difficult time for him
In January 1969, he had left the Beatles for several days in the dispute during the sessions for the 'get back project'.
On February 8, 1969, his tonsils had to be removed, on March 12, 1969, he was due to have been arrested in possession of marijuana.
As burdensome, he also felt the business disputes in the context of the Beatles company 'Apple'.
So he decided one day to escape the whole for a while and visited his friend Eric Clapton.
Then, in his garden, he composed the song.
But I think that we shouldn't read too much into this ditty.
We simply allow the message:
You can experience the uplifting moment every day; smile !
This song let you smile inwardly ?
Then it has fulfilled its purpose.
Sing or hum along, for this it's created.
- Thank you George.
Enjoy Spring everyone - Parsifal

Here comes the Sun to employment office in Madrid (Flashmob)

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