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Interfaith Marriage Or Relationships

This thread is for discussion, links and questions related to interfaith marriage and relationships. 

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interfaith marriage, friendship or relationship

What does it take for an interfaith marriage, friendship or relationship to work? 


Any stories or examples? 

my husband born catholic, i am agnostic

here is a good example...

my husband born to catholic faith, his family goes to mass.  althou my hubby is not strong in doing the traditional rituals and meetings of his faith, he does hold dear those beliefs and teachings as was his teachings as a child, and first half of adult life.


i a former christian faith, turned over to agnostic standings and am happy there myself.


in our relationship between us, we chose to agree not to preach, we are not preachers, we chose not influences or pursuade each other in our individual beliefs.  this by no means was said and done, we had to work at it, the begining was a learning time for us. it was easy to us to judge that the other was wrong in some way or scraped against something we believed in.


so we decided to remove the word "wrong" from our vocabulary altogether. 

giggle we even cut it out of the dictionary we use.  so there is no such word as wrong in our life, our marriage or relationship.  this works too, for us anyways.

so if we can't be wrong, we can't truely judge what is right for another either.

that leaves us to except what it is.  now we see what is good that we are about. we don't see anymore the religion in us, but we do see the things that we do for each other, with each other and what is important to us daily in our relationships, our life, and communications are greatly improved between us.


if we fall to thinking what is against our thinking/faith/religion. we have one more thing we agreed to do.  write down what good thing that person did today.

such as honey cooked dinner, or someone cleaned the house, or we planted a tree. we had coffee together. or a kind word was said to the other.


i guess i would say we by pass our religions and look at each other as we are. it works for us.


Thanks for sharing... anyone else have an example or story? 


I personally have a story about a marriage where the couple did not share the same belief system or religion. It started great, but did not work out, in greater or lesser portion due to that difference, which could not be reconciled for whatever reasons.



If a relationship or marriage degenerates to a certain point, it may be better to stop and get out. I would draw the line at physical abuse, and maybe even before that point is reached.....


One party may use physical abuse to try and control the other, or to change them to 'fit' their idea of what is 'right'. One party may try to pressure the other to change religions, using increasingly abusive techniques... 


There is a time and place to call it quits, just to draw a healthy boundary. Not all interfaith relationships or marriages work long term..


Kudos to anyone who can pull it off successfully, as it is NOT easy to do. 

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