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Inter Faith - Where can it be found?

This thread is for discussion and links to multi faith chapels, churches, mosques and other places where multiple religions use the same physical space to worship, and work together on a variety of projects. 



60 Minutes goes to visit multi faith chapel at Ground Zero Pentagon site

There is a multifaith prayer room inside the Pentagon, right at the place where the supposed plane came in and many people supposedly died...Muslims pray in this prayer room on a daily basis, as do Christians, Jews and everyone else who wants to do so.. Why is there no outrage over this? Maybe because none is needed???? What is wrong with praying anywhere, especially in an interfaith setting, where many religions share the same space? Maybe this is the best way of countering extremists.. Whenever violence strikes, put up a multifaith prayer center there.. The more violence, the more interfaith worship centers there will be.. 


"Scott Pelley looks at the national debate that has flared up around Ground Zero in New York City over opposition to building an Islamic Center and prayer room nearby."

Read more:;contentAux#ixzz112pIOsNp


You can also see the plans for the community center which will have a board made up of Christians, Jews and Muslims... It will be a place for the community to enjoy; swimming pool, classrooms, gym, etc.... All religions will be welcome. 


There is a small segment that is trying to stop it.. as well as any other mosques anywhere else.. You will see the face of the person leading that charge as well. 

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Jewish Community Center in New York City

Where else in the world do many faiths use the same space to worship, pray or bring the community together, as does the Jewish Community Center in New York City, for example? 


The JCC in Manhattan

the jewish community center in manhattan the samuel priest rose building 334 amsterdam ave at 76th st, new york, ny 10023 646.505.4444 info | 646.505.5708 ... - Cached - Similar

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Colleges, universities, schools.. Multi-cultural, Interfaith

Could all colleges, universities and schools be seen as places where an interfaith communication and learning process can/does happen? 


I admit this might be an imperfect place, due to bullying, racism, discrimination, and bigotry by some, but the overall intent of these places of learning is to promote diversity, pluralism, and integration of all religions, right? 


In the USA for example, it is legal and possible to teach comparative religion in any classroom, whether K-12, college or in graduate degree programs.. This is interfaith by definition, correct? On the other hand, it is illegal to teach or proselytize just ONE religion... 


Again, many teachers do not even KNOW that this is possible or legal to do. Fear is more common among teachers than is commonly realized. Most teachers are women, who are often just following directions from 'higher ups', on what to teach, how to teach, and what to say/do... There is not that much freedom of expression, and even less active teaching of interfaith or comparative religion principles. 


What other examples of interfaith places do you see around you? 



On Common Ground: America's Religious Diversity

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Inter Faith Week 2010: 21-27 November
Inter Faith week


Faith communities across the country took part, alongside schools, colleges, universities, local authorities, and many other types of organisations. ...
Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia

Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia

The Interfaith Center is developing a new program offering: Gateway to Religious ... interfaith professionals from 11 different colleges, universities, ... Jewish, and Muslim congregations / schools with the purpose of identifying their ... - Cached

Gateway to Religious Communities; Interfaith Church Program

Great links, thanks Judith... I especially like this part of the above interfaith center. 


The Interfaith Center is developing a new program offering:  Gateway to Religious Communities


"Gateway to Religious Communities is a program for individuals to visit diverse religious communities to receive a tour, attend a worship service, and debrief the interfaith experience.  Participants will be able to visit one hosting congregation per month.  The Interfaith Center is currently looking for religious communities/congregations who are interested in hosting to those of other faiths!  If you are interested, contact:  Andrea or 215-222-1012.

Registration for 2010 Gateway to Religious Communities is now open"



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"The following list is of links to the websites of interfaith organizations throughout the country and beyond. This list may be incomplete, so please email us if there is an organization you would like to recommend we add to the list. Thank you!

Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions
An organization that strives to bring together the religious communities of the world in conversation in order to bring about peace, justice and sustainability.

Elijah Interfaith Institute
An institute dedicated to fostering peace among faith communities worldwide through interfaith dialogue, education, research and dissemination.

Interfaith Voices for Peace and Justice
A directory of religious organizations that work towards peace and justice available to those interested in such projects.

Interfaith Youth Core
An organization that works with religious youth in order to foster and strengthen inter-religious understanding.
An independent database of international reports that pertain to positive interfaith and religious news, events, and resources.

International Interfaith Centre
Based in Oxford, UK, this organization brings together different religious communities for dialogue to develop understanding between them.

North American Interfaith Network (NAIN)
An association of interfaith organizations across North America in order to make available communication between the organizations.

NAIN Interfaith Websites
A list of interfaith websites with links.

Pluralism Project
A research organization that studies the ever-changing religious make-up of America and how this changes the meaning of pluralism.

Religions for Peace
An organization striving for peace and justice by working through its work with religious communities and leaders nationwide.

Speaking of Faith
A public radio program that addresses issues of religion and religious diversity within the context of our current political and social climate.

United Religions Initiative
A global organization promoting cooperation between people from different religious backgrounds and trying to end religiously-motivated violence.

United States Institute of Peace
An independent, nonpartisan federal institution created by Congress to promote the prevention, management, and peaceful resolution of international conflicts"





book covers

"Founded in the spring of 2006, the Religious Leaders Council of Greater Philadelphia is dedicated to building relationships of mutual support and to offering a moral and spiritual voice in the region. The Council is comprised of top religious leaders of the Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities of Philadelphia. This is the first effort of its kind in Philadelphia, joining the cadre of inter-religious leaders councils throughout the country and the world. The first initiative of the Council is formulating a religious response to violence in the Philadelphia region.

The Interfaith Center is honored to offer a "home" to the Religious Leaders Council and to provide administrative and staff support for its work."


The above links and materials serve as examples of what is possible. Do you feel led to start something like this in your community? Why not? If not you, who? If not now, when? 


This is really good, I am so bothered by all the rudeness of people that when I read all this it makes me feel that there is a light at the end of the Tunnel. I am American and I live in a Muslim community in Egypt,I am married to an Egyptian Muslim (Sunni) and also a Muslim myself. Alhumuliala (thank God) that these groups are coming together.
Tammy in Egypt

Where is interfaith going on?

When it all gets boiled down to the basics of it......


Most SCHOOLS and colleges are interfaith; since everyone attends, which means all faiths are represented, right? 


The MILITARY is interfaith in most countries; since everyone is involved and they do not kick you out if you are the 'wrong' religion. So this means they are interfaith.. The Pentagon has a prayer room where Muslims worship for example. 


The MEDIA is interfaith and interracial.. News casters are of all races and religions. The news reports about all religions, all areas, all races and all cultures. 


COMMUNITIES are interfaith.. We all live in mixed religion communities, some more so than others, but this is the common state of affairs. They do not kick you out of a community if you are the 'wrong' faith. 


WORK places are most often interfaith and interracial.. Bosses who are smart and want the best chance of success hire to achieve DIVERSITY, rather than uniformity. Businesses stand a better chance of success and more profitable outcomes when this 'rule' is followed. 


CLUBS and NON PROFITS are most often interfaith, with people who are members from many different belief systems or churches. 


ARTS, MUSIC and CULTURE are interfaith.. No one kicks you out if you are different at an art or cultural event... 



So where is interfaith NOT found?


Interfaith is found EVERYWHERE, except in MOST churches, and MOST religions.


What does that say about religions and churches? 


So this leads me to another question. Which religions and churches are heavily promoting interfaith relations, programs and actively DOING things to be interfaith, reaching out to other very different religions, or belief systems? Which ones set up and actively participate in interfaith councils, community centers, homeless centers, etc?


What about YOUR church or the organization you belong to? Is it interfaith? What effect can you have to make it more interfaith?


Where is the active interfaith organization in your community? Where are ALL faiths working together in your area?


What events are interfaith? 



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Live as One "Live Nammys 2010"


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