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This thread is for discussing Atheism, via links, videos, etc... 

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Atheists Rank #1 in Religious Literacy in America


Surprising survey.... Atheists know more about religion than religious people do... wow.. This blew my ideas about this... what about you? 

Comedian Bill Maher takes on religion in his new film, "Religulous."...


Why did my father stop going to church when I was age 13? His mother said; it was when the church outlawed birth control...


This is a comedy, well worth watching... 


Bill Mayer says he preaches the doctrine of "I don't KNOW"... which may be a good way of describing Atheism? 


What is the difference between a faith based administration, such as George Bush, or a person like Bill Mayer, who is not sure... Who would serve all citizens and people of the whole planet better? 


Bill Maher's Religulous Part 1

In one scene he asks his mother; "What do we believe? She answers; I don't know the answer to that.. Bill replies; That is my answer"
In my view, Bill is not necessarily a disbeliever in God.. He is just not a believer in God in the way that most religions describe God, through their Holy Books..
Is there a way to combine a belief in God, with a belief in science? Today, most fundamentalist religions do not allow their followers to believe in science;
The earth is only 6,000 years old... God is coming back and destroying most of mankind, tommorrow, and global warming does not exist.. with NO DOUBT.. just ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY.

Bill also talks about his LACK OF FAITH.. But he describes it as a luxury.. How? 


He says he does not operate his life by FAITH, and a belief in unscientific things...He is looking for truth...


By looking for truth in all paths, he is a seeker, a true seeker in my opinion. 


At the same time, he exposes falsehood wherever he sees it, in all religions, and belief systems... 


What kind of 'religion' would be preferable? Is a religion better if it allows for science and research to be paid attention to. Or is it better for a religion to disallow scientists, all research and all research results? 



In part 4, Bill discusses how religion is often confused and mixed up with nationalism... For example, Paganism was in existence for thousands or hundreds of thousands of years on in what we now call America. 


America is a 'Christian nation' now... Why?  Pagans numbered 60 million people before Christians invaders arrived. After the friendly settlers got done 'settling', only 800,000 American Indians were left..Is this how Christians get along with other faiths? Or, is this an example of God instructing his faithful on how to be a good Christian?


Christians took over the US nation through genocide, which history books describe using the term 'discovery'. Through war and victory, I guess Christians got to claim not just the land, but also the religion that goes with the land?


How did Christians end up owning and spoiling the land, which belonged to others for possibly hundreds of thousands of years before that, with no spoiling taking place?


How does a God end up fixing this 'ownership' dispute?

Part 5; Conflict between science and religion

Since religion was invented, science has always been in conflict with science.. Religion believed that God was in Heaven, right above Earth, and the sun and all other stars revolved around the Earth, which was stationary, in the center of the whole galaxy.


The Church also believed that the Earth was only 2,000 years old, because that is what their religion claimed as absolute truth.. Back then, the church knew absolutely for sure that the Earth was flat, and people who went too far, would fall off the edge.. Any fool could see that the Earth was flat, just by looking over the ocean... 


Scientists started observing that planets revolved around the Earth... The church said scientists were sinners. For claiming this, the Church threw them out of being saved and in some cases, killed them.. for being heretics. Things have not changed much, if at all, in those 2,000 years... 


The church still does not believe what scientists are observing or finding out.. Churches still claim that scientists are all sinners and going to Hell for eternity, for disbelieving what the Holy Book says is true... 

Part 6; Talk with Jesus, Scientology

Our souls are born with a defect, both in Christianity and Scientology... 


With Christianity, the defect is 'original sin', which comes from our great great grandaddy Adam and Eve. In Scientology, Aliens infected people with implants, which have to be gotten rid of with really expensive audits. 


We have to be 'fixed', in order to be acceptable to God and get back to Heaven, where we came from... This costs a lot.. either in donations or in Audits, depending on the church one chooses, ..'


Mormonism believes God lives on a planet called Kola. Dark skinned people are no good. American Indians are a lost tribe of Jewish people. The Garden of Eden is in Missouri.. Dead people can be baptized. Magic underwear can protect you.. and you have to get the password to get into Heaven... What if Joseph lied when he told the story about the golden tablets? 



Part 7 Bill Mayer explores Jewish faith


Bill grew up in a family where his mother was Jewish and his father was Catholic. 


There are many rules to follow as a Jew.. no working on a day of rest...

But  there are many ways to get around this rule.. Where are the loopholes? Many devices have been invented to get around the many rules in the Old Testament Bible...


Have you ever written them all down and tried to follow them all?  To please God, we have to follow ALL OF THESE RULES, or we go to HELL FOREVER.. right? Guess what, no one can follow all of these rules... no way. 



Part 8 Jesus 2nd Coming.. He is HERE.. Interview with Jesus Christ


This Jesus The Messiah, does not believe in Sin, Devil, Satan or sinning.. This Jesus is a direct descendent of Jesus CHrist, and he has come back for everyone... the SECOND COMING has happened... Two angels came and anointed him... and gave him this mission. 


Bill interviews a leader of church that has marijuana for a sacramental substance.. Other religions have peyote, or other hallucinogens. 


Bill interviews artist who makes fun of some Muslim beliefs.. Solomon Rusdie had a fatwah issued against him for making fun of Islam... What if a Christian had made fun of Jesus... Is dissent OK?

Part 9 Interviews with Islam leaders, Jewish, etc..


Muslims conquered most of the known world at one time in history.. Mecca is a holy place, because it is a black rock, (Meteor?), but it is claimed to come from Heaven.. Muhammed met with Moses, Jesus, and other Bible characters. 


Why can't we get along as religions? 

Part 10; Talking about the end of the world, why no one cares about present state of world


Where Jesus is coming back, exactly.. Bill is there.. Why is no one else there, waiting for Jesus?


Religion must die for humans to live... Irrational decisions made by religious leaders acting as government leaders keep humankind in bondage and slavery, much like King Herrod kept the Jews in slavery for 2,000 years, and would not let them go... 


Anyone who tells you that they know what happens after you die, is lying...


Arrogance is not something to be looked up to..It is actually one of the sins in the Bible; Pride... 


What happens when every religion is so sure that the world will end in World War, and the faster someone can push the button, the better. Cause that means all of the 'right' people can go to Heaven..


Since just about all religions believe they are 'right', who gets to push the nuclear button first? Is that the religion that goes to Heaven... the one that pushes the nuke button first? 


Doubt is something to admire and follow..It is humble...


Anti religionists must come out of the closet and speak up...

How many atheists are there?

According to Bill, there are over 16 million anti-religious people in the USA.. I wonder how many there are worldwide? 


By anti-religious, this could include spiritual but not religious, or agnostic, or atheist. 


In some countries, they make up 80% of the population.. wow...

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