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Interfaith; Christmas Or Solstice Celebrations

Take a look at this Share:

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Christmas, a Lesson for Children and Adults Too By Andy Turenne

This month at the Center for Spiritual Living, Yuba-Sutter 


December 19, 2010</


Christmas, a Lesson for Children and Adults Too

By Andy Turenne

Last Sunday at Youth Church, we looked at the meaning of the Christmas Story.  Children are exposed to the Bible version from all sides, TV, home, school, advertisements, movies, etc.  It is a beautiful story, full of symbols and drama, but what does it mean? 

While each child created a manger, they listened to the Bible story; then we discussed what all the symbols of the story mean.

The Birth of Jesus is symbolic of the Birth of Love Consciousness: Jesus represents the teaching of the Love that we are: our Oneness with God.

The Holy Family:   Mary expresses nurturing love, the belief that every child is special.   Joseph expresses love by creating comfort and protection.

The Angels:  Divine messengers.  God speaks to the heart.  We sense the presence and messages of angels in our heart.  When we quietly listen to that inner voice, we know it is the voice of God, so full of Love, we feel the angels right there with us.

The Star:  Light represents spiritual illumination.  A bright light in the sky symbolizes a higher level of experience.  When we follow our star, we follow the Divine guidance of Love.

The Manager: Our crib, our place of growing in Love.  It is important for us to believe in ourselves to grow strong.  We do this by our affirmative thoughts and prayers.

When our mangers were complete, each child was given positive affirmations and prayers to read and put into their manager, the manger of their heart, where they are nurtured to grow as Divine Manifestations.

Celebrate the birth of your Divinity and shower the world with your Love. I wish you a joyous, glorious, Christmas


Center for Spiritual Living, Yuba-Sutter



I think that this organization misses the whole Picture!  This is a sad thing for me to say, because Yeshua brings such Joy to my life.  "For I am Crucified with Christ and yet I live"...  I Am willing to take on all the Spiritual Attack it takes to Protect His Heart from the misuse of His Name. 

I Love my God, Yahweh, and His Son, Yeshua, who gave His Life to Save God's Children!  Blessings to those who See the Truth and Follow it.



Some people might misunderstand or misapply the above metaphysical INNER meaning of Christmas.


This inner celebration on a metaphysical level is just one choice of many ways of looking at and celebrating this day. What does the Christimas story mean on a personal level? For every person it is different. If it does not fit, do not use it.

This inner metaphysical meaning does not take away anything from anyone, nor does it negate any belief held by oneself or by anyone else. There is no attack implied or made. 


Rather, the above is meant to ENRICH anyone who chooses to use this on a spiritual level, by adding an inner depth of meaning on a personal level that can be experienced and applied in very practical ways to the daily world we live in. 


What is wrong with going inside? What is wrong with love, light, angels, and the Oneness of humanity? 


Some people choose to hold in their belief system, more than one belief, with each potentially at odds or in conflict with the other. For example, the pagan belief in the decorated fir tree, presents and Santa Claus, or Easter Bunnies, together with eggs, combined with the religions and spiritual master(s) of choice that combine with this is but one example of many about how conflicting beliefs and religions can be combined, and celebrated.


It is fairly common around the world to combine more than one belief system or interpretation about how to celebrate a particular day. More than one God or Holy person may be elevated on a particular day, at the same time.. Santa and Jesus for example. This happens around the world, in many religions and belief systems.


People who believe in two or more conflicting ways of seeing something... well mostly they do not worry about it. Are we not full of inconsistencies like this in many areas.. both outer and inner? I have not met a perfect person yet, have you?


 Please do not feel attacked. That is not the purpose or intent of sharing the above.


You are perfect right where you, as you are. All of your beliefs are perfect as well. 

Diversity, celebration and freedom

If I feel attacked by someone else celebrating a particular day differently than how I feel it is supposed to be, then what does this say about completely different religions that also celebrate around this time of year, such as the Earth religions? 

Can we not agree to celebrate together, in diversity? 


We are after all a very diverse group with many flavors, colors and languages, customs and beliefs, plus faiths...By extension, we all represent the whole world.  If we cannot accept even a minor difference, what happens when we run into a major difference? 


As long as is not HURTING someone else, what does it matter that someone else chooses to think this or believe that differently? As long as they are not FORCING anyone else to think or believe that way, is that not the essence of democracy and freedom? Is that not the corner stone and bedrock of what the USA stands for? 


If we are not for freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of association, in a group that promotes this, then what does this group and by extension this country or other countries stand for? 



How do you celebrate this time of year?


Read about how people all around the world celebrate this time of year.. The diversity is amazing...

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People can celebrate together regardless of religious conviction, but there must be regard and respect for one another's beliefs.  I am using "you" generically here... The website takes the Name of Yehsua (Jesus Christ) in vain.  Never do I hear anyone take the name of Buddha or Ishmael or Muhammed or Abraham... in vain.  Why is it that Christianity is the only religion that people feel they can blaspheme?  It's very important that "your" consciousness be given another name for it is not the Christ's consciousness.  I can state that from experience.  I Share Yeshua's Spiritual Burdens and yours.  Celebration is the sharing of joy and productive/positive times, such as the overcoming of differences. 


To Overcome our religious differences, we must accept one another unconditionally without malice.  We must not try to take over another religion but accept those who Believe for what they are and what they believe.  There are levels of Spirituality.  Anyone can reach the utmost in Spirituality.  What you do with those experiences and visions and powers are up to you.  They can be used for the good of people or to try to manipulate and undermine others.  Trying to "possess" the Christ consciousness without Believing in the Christ is to mock His Presence and undermine His Follower's Beliefs.  Not every Christian is Blessed with the Sight to See and Feel Christ's Presence.  That is where Faith comes in to play.  For the majority of your life, you live in Faith.  It is with maturity in the Christian Faith, that you are given Sight and Spiritual Gifts with the Power to effect change.  It is the only religion where your Faith results in your Protection.  And, the only religion where God Himself exacts Revenge for the mocking of our Beliefs.  We just live our lives in communion with His Presence.


I hesitate to comment on most of these issues as the Christian Faith is not accepted unconditionally by the world as other religions are.  Still, it is good to be there for others who are on the Road and following their Spiritual Journey, whatever their beliefs are.


My only request is that the Name of Yeshua Ha Machiach (Jesus Christ) be removed from other beliefs.  You cannot ride the fence.  You either are a Christian or you are not.  God Bless you in your endeavors either way!  And, I will Protect His Heart.  I don't know what you believe our past is, but I Believe that we come into this life having made commitments to one another.  We also come from a Spiritual world into this physical world.  I came from the Presence of God to do my Work here, having never lived an earthly life before.  I brought the iniquities of my ancestors to Free them from their pasts.  In innocence "we" came, to help the lost come home when He Comes for us.  I Am not the only one.  I know of one man in Georgia who is of the same Spiritual level and history.  We have laser lights attaching us, between "friends"!  I went to a "training" in Georgia given by a woman named Lemuria.  She showed me many things that my innocence did not reveal to me.  In the room of 30 strangers, I had white laser lights going to every person in the room.  I also had the history of people, back to Yeshua's time, surrounding me.  "Strong Angelic Presence" and having a Strong inner child Protected me from those very Spiritual people in that state.  My status within the Christian Church is such that I call myself Yeshuaim (the True Christian) because so many so-called Christians have tried to take over His Church.  There are millions of them and only thousands of us.  We are of "one mind", we don't necessarily know or speak to one another.


This is probably the most I will ever write again!!!  So, I will celebrate the Healing of this world with you.  I will Respect your religious convictions.  And I will Hope and Pray that you will respect me in return.  Love Always and God Bless!

Random Acts & Thoughts of Kindness

Health, peace, and sweet content be yours

How far that little candle throws its beams!
So shines a good deed in a weary world 

Chrismukkah: How interfaith families celebrate -

Chrismukkah: How interfaith families celebrate. Learn how families create a season of peace by sharing traditions. 

How do you celebrate this time of year in your faith or belief system? 
Interfaith Christmas service builds community | Deseret News

Dec 14, 2010 ... In their recent book "American Grace," scholars Robert Putnam and David Campbell explore how religion can actually unite Americans.

Youtube Interfaith Christmas message

The Archdiocese of Adelaide has contributed to an interfaith Christmas video message that has been posted on Youtube. This video features children from a variety of faiths and cultures including Jewish, Kaurna, Hindu, Christian (variety of cultures) Muslim and Buddhist.

Archbishop Wilson has supported the video. The making of the video has been funded by a variety of faith communities and organizations.


1998 Interfaith Concert - Welcome and Introduction


Think of what is possible in YOUR community. Invite churches to perform an INTERFAITH celebration of Christmas or any other special day... 

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Interfaith; Winter SolstiCelebration Retrospective

This interfaith celebration has been going on for many years in Dallas Texas. To get a feel of what it is like, see the video... It look amazing and makes me want to be a part of it. Many faiths, all celebrating together.. including Earth Religions, that celebrate Winter Solstice, and the return of the light... 




Interfaith Holidays; How Do Families Celebrate In An Interfaith Manner

Half of all families are interfaith, but if you include extended families, most families are somehow interfaith. Her definition includes Baptists vs. Catholics, or any other denomination.. She says religions are not set up to include interfaith celebrations. Families have to figure it out themselves... 


Interfaith Holiday song: Happy Celebration!


Is it possible to celebrate and sing a song that includes everyone, equally?


Well, listen to this one and decide for yourself..


One has to remember each Tribe/Nation is different


One version:



The North time starts with the Winter solstice, when Father Sun is at the southern most point of his journey, the shortest day of the year. Her times are Midnite to Dawn, Winter, the elder time of life and around to birth or rebirth.

The color for the Stone of the North and the Sacred White Buffalo is the color of Winter in the north, the color of the hair on the heads of our wise elder Grandmothers and Grandfathers, White. This color helps to cleanse, renew and purify your body, mind and Spirit.



To explore more Information:



Before the arrival of Spanish missionaries in the 1700s, American Indians in San Diego and Southwest Riverside counties used the sun, moon and stars extensively in creating stories, ceremonies and calendars. As the Indians' numbers dwindled, the two main tribal groups, the Luiseno to the north and the Kumeyaay to the south, lost much of their sky lore.

Now, a few Indians and a few researchers who specialize in archaeoastronomy ---- the study of the role of astronomy in ancient cultures ---- are trying to preserve remnants of the sky lore found in the memories of tribal elders and in accounts dating to the early 1900s.

"It's part of our own unique view of the world," said Mark Macarro, chairman of the Pechanga band of Luiseno Indians south of Temecula. "It's part of us here on the land, of the Luiseno people."

Every society is linked to the heavens by traditions, from wishing on a falling star to seeing the man in the moon. Macarro said the Luiseno believe a falling star is a star leaving a trail of smoke, while the direction of the horns ---- or tips ---- of a crescent moon indicate whether the coming month will be rainy or windy.



The turning of the seasons

Like almost every society, the Luiseno and Kumeyaay also watched the sky to determine the seasons and the best time to plant, harvest, gather or hunt different foods.

"The Indians knew how to tell the seasons by watching the sun come up," Hedges said. "That's the horizon calendar, which is a universal calendar around the world."

Because the Earth is tilted, the sun is farther south in the sky in winter than summer, making winter days short and summer days long. The Indians marked the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, with the biggest celebration because the days begin to lengthen afterward, heralding spring.

"Winter solstice is a key element in most cultures because it's the turning point of the year," Hedges said. "It's when new life comes back."


Christmas Even candle light service

I attended an interfaith candle lighting ceremony in a small town near here. It was wonderful, with each of the eight major faiths represented equally. I hope that this grows and gets larger each year. 


I enjoyed the open celebration of many paths all happening in one place... it was refreshing, like a cool breeze on a hot summer day. 

Christmas Eve Dinner service


This link does not give details, but one way to organize this might be to invite the whole community in to a potluck type of event and also gather foods to donate to a food bank. 


Another version of this dinner/celebration; the homeless could be invited in, and this event could be coordinated with local homeless organizations for greater impact, much like the events put on by the various civic organizations around Thanksgiving.  


Imagine you are  a minority Christian living in a foreign land. You are one of only several people who believe this way in a country that is populated by people of another religion. What would you want them to do? Would you enjoy it, if they passed a law FORCING you to convert? 


Or, would you appreciate them reaching out to you and celebrating your religion and giving you extra room to practice your religion in places that they do not have to provide you with this accomodation?!ut/p/c0/04_SB8K8xLLM9MSSzPy8xBz9CP0os_hQN68AZ3dnIwML82BTAyNXTz9jE0NfQwNfA_2CbEdFAA2MC_Y!/?WCM_GLOBAL_CONTEXT=/wps/wcm/connect/MomCL/ministry/highlights/christmas_dinnerr

Meaning of Christmas?


What is the meaning of Christmas for you and your family, in an interfaith way? Do you have any stories to share about this?


Is it possible to celebrate in a way that allows room for other religions as well as yours? 


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