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The 8 Sabbats - Oestara
10 years ago
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The 2nd Spring Festival, Spring Equinox, 19-23rd March/19-23rd September, Oestara, Ostara, Eostar


Spring Equinox, Ostara
10 years ago

This is a time when the day and night become equal before the light takes over and the nights become shorter than the days. Flowers are starting to bloom and birds are looking for mates and making nests. Life has returned and will continue to blossom and grow in the coming months. This is the time to sow crops in the fields, gardens and in our lives. It is a time to grow more active and start spending more time outdoors. This is the time to honor the Goddess as Eostar (sometimes reffered to as Ostara) who is a derivation of Astarte, though her origins are vague she has become celebrated at this time as the Goddess of Spring, and whos symbols are the egg and the hare, symbolising fertility, yet the Goddess is a Maiden and the God a young man who show signs of verility but may not yet be ready to consumate their relationship. Therefore this is a time of growing, of becoming fertile as the soil becomes tilled and seeded.


"The Saxon word eastre translates roughly to "beginning" which extends the Saxon use of the term Estor-monath to mean "month of beginnings" or "month of openings", or more basically, what amounts to their term for spring. This is the source of the modern English Christian celebration name Easter,and of the modern German Ostern. The English word east is likely dervied from the same etymological root in the Germanic language group, a root associated with the concept of dawn, light, shining and new beginnings.....Eggs and seeds tend to be the symbols used in Ostara rituals. Design your ritual to draw upon some of the abundant fertile energy of nature in spring, and direct it towards an area of your life that could do with a shot of productive, creative energy. You can do this by sprouting seeds to later plant in your garden or window box, or by sprouting edible seeds to eat alone or in a salad to literaly consume the power of spring, thereby internalizing it." Solitary Wicca for Life - Arin Murphey-Hiscock


"At this time of year dandelions and nettles are springing up. Rather than simply uprooting them, put them to use in the kitchen. Cook nettle tops the same way as spinach - a pan full of leaves with a tablespoon of water will cook down into a couple of portions to be served with butter and a sprinkling of lemon juice and pepper.


Young dandelion leaves are also excelent in salad. Make sure you use only this seasons growth as the old ones can be tough and bitter. Dandelion leaves make excellent tea as well." The Real Witches Kitchen - Kate West


"If you want to trim your hedges and bushes at the start of the season this is the time to do it, although I personally prefer to give them an Autumn cut, which carries less risk of disturbing nesting birds. Plant out early seedlings and sow any remaning seeds. This is a good time to turn over your soil, remove any fledgling weeds and, if you have a lawn, prick it all over with a fork to aerate the soil. Take time to check bushes, climbing plants and roses, to see if any need pruning. Take care not to remove all new growth. Give some thought to buying and planting some Summer fruiting plants, like wild strawberries. Plant garlic cloves amoungst your beds to help deter pests, and continue to be diligent with weeding. Plant sunflower seeds for a good display in Summer. If you have any major changes to make in the garden, this is time to put them into action. Give all your houseplants an annual 'service'. Start children on their gardening projects to encourage an understanding of natute. At this time of balance we seek to achieve balance in our lives in all we do. It is a good time for sweeping up the old and bringing on the new." The Real Witches Garden - Kate West

10 years ago

"To Promote New Growth


Before yoor Ritual think about the things in your life which are outworn and need replacing, such as bad habits, old guilt and so on. Think also of new ideas which you would like to take their place.


Take a new plant or seedling into the garden with you and find an old dead plant, or a dead part of a plant, already there. This should be something which has died naturaly and not from disease. Call upon the Elements in turn saying:


'I call upon the Element of Air ( Fire, Water, Earth)at this time of balance. Even as dark gives way to the light, and day overtakes night, both are still necessary to the land. May all things be in balance to bring growth and fruitfulness to all living. Blessed Be.'


Visualize the Goddess, still as Maiden, but with flowers and leaves covering her dress and a hare at her feet. Visualise the God as a young man, accompanied by a young deer, and say:


' I call upon the Goddess and God at this time of balance. Even as dark gives way to light, as the day overtakes night, both are still necessary to the land. Sweep away the old that there will be room for the new, let nothing that is outworn impede the growth of new life. Bring balance to all and growth and fruitfulnes to the land. Blessed Be.'


Dig a suitable hole for your new plant. Then cut away the dead plant, or part of the plant, and place a little of it in the bottom of the hole, saing:


'All things must wither and die, that new life may spring from them.'


Plant your new plant and say:


'From the old comes the new, from Winter comes Spring and from death comes life. May
the Goddess and God guide me in tending their land, amy they lend their power to the growth of all. Blessed Be.'

Spend a few moments thinking about the things in your life that are outworn and visualize yourself burying these, and new ideas and aspirations growing from them. When you feel a sense of inner balance thank the Goddess and God and the Elements and tidy away."

The Real Witches Garden - Kate West

9 years ago

Happy Oestara eveyone!


Do you have any plans? I am going to paint some eggs tomorrow and display them on my altar and i am planting some bulbs and seeds to celebrate the arrival of spring!




9 years ago

It is Autumm in the part of the world where I live b ut I will celebrate Oestara.I wish everyone a Happy time.

9 years ago

Hi Elizabeth! I guess it is a happy Mabon for you!? hehehe





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