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The Spell Book
10 years ago
| Information/Learning


I call on Earth to bind my Spell

and Air to speed its passage well,

Bright as Fire shall it glow,

and deep as Ocean tides shall it flow,

I count the Elements fourfold, for in the fifth

the Spell shall hold!


Come and share any spells which might be useful to others in this section, I will also be adding my favourite ones here soon....

Ouroborus Spell - To Aid Physical Balance
10 years ago

Ouroborus Spell - To Aid Physical Balance



This is a tried and tested spell and I can say that it helps to make you feel physically balanced, that the body can heal and balance itself with the right input. This is a great spell if you want to start a diet or cut down on something, or manage cravings, I have found that cutting out caffine, sugar and meat as much as possible at certain times helps my female cycle, so if you need to do something similar, try this spell first. I will write the whole spell as it appears in The Spells Bible, but I used my own incence so it does work without it, however, use substitutions that make sense to you, it is your magic after all!


"Purpose: To achieve physical balance and thereby pave the way to good health.

Background: This spell is based on an ancient principle that makes good sense for us today, the principle perscribing "moderation in all things" as the basis for sound health. This is not just a warning about excess, but a positive encouragement to ensure that we are balances in all essentials, and that no one physical desire or need should overrule the well-being of our other physical requirements. The symbol used in this spell is that of the ouroborus, the "serpent that swallows its own tail". It is an ancient alchemical sign that represents oneness, wholeness, and the nature of universal balance. There is a well-established link, throughout the Near East and northern and western Europe, between snakes and healing, as they have evolved as an image of earth wisdom. Brigid, an Irish goddess associated with healing wells, is closely associated with serpents, as are many other goddesses of the healing arts.


How to cast the spell:

You will need:

One charcoal disk in a fireproof dish

Matches or a lighter

Benzoin granuals

One black candle

One white candle

One pen with green ink

One 2.5cmx1cm strip of paper

Nine 45cm lengths of thick-stranded cotton embroidary thread, three each of back, red and white.

One 45cm length of thick-stranded grey cotton embroidary thread


Timing: This should be cast on a waxing half-moon to draw positive balance. Any day of the week is suitable with Monday being especially powerful.

Casting the spell:

1. Cast a circle

2.Light the charcoal, and sprinkle on benzoin

3.Place the black candle to the left of the white candle, and light both, saying:

Hermes, magus of the eternal

Grant us this boon

Of perfect elemental balance.

4. Using the pen, draw on the strip of paper the symbol of the ouroborus - the curved serpent swallowing its own tail.

5. When the ink has dried, pass the paper through the incense smoke. Place it to one side, and tie and braid a wrist band to fit our left wrist for the black red and white threads.

6. Prior to tying this onto your wrist, roll the strip of paper around the bracelet, and cover it by rolling the gray thread over it until it is completely used up; then fasten it firmly. Wear your ouroborus bracelet until it falls off." The Spells Bible - Ann-Marie Gallagher


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10 years ago


"The Rite of Self-Blessing


...This is a good Rite to perform if you wish to practice working Ritual. It is also beneficial if you are feeling down or if you feel the need to become closer to the Goddess, perhaps prior to meditation or divination.


To perform this Rite you will need something with which to anoint yourself. This can be a purfumed oil, some wine, or even salt and water. Place some of your chosen anointing liquid into a small dish, draw an invoking pentagram over it and say,


'I call upon the Goddess to bless and consecrate this oil (water/wine etc.) to make it pure and fit for this my Rite. Blessed Be.'


Then, kneeling before the Altar, take a few deep breaths to centre yourself and visualize the Goddess standing before you. Take your time to picture her in as much detail as you can, imagine her smiling lovingly at you. Then say,


'Bless me Mother for I am your child.'


For each of the following steps dip your finger in the oil and anoint the mentioned part with just a smear. anoint your eyes (on the eyebrow to avoid getting oil into your eyes) and say,


'Blessed Be my eyes that I may see thy path.'


Anoint your nose and say,


' Blessed Be my nose that I may breathe your essence.'


Anoint your mouth (just above the lips) and say,


' Blessed Be my mouth that I might speak of thee.'


Anoint your heart (the centre of your chest) and say,


' Blessed Be my breast that I might be faithful to thee.'


Anoint just above the pubic bone and say,


' Blessed be my womb (for a woman or phallus if a man), that bringest forth life, as thou bringest life eternal.'


Anoint your knees and say,


'Blessed Be my knees that shall kneel at the Sacred Altar.'


Anoint your feet and say,


'Blessed Be my feet that I may walk in thy ways.'


Lastly, wrap your arms about yourself and visualize the Goddess holding you, as a mother holds her child and say,


' Bless me Mother for I am thy child.'


Remain where you are for a few moments feeling the love of the Mother Goddess surrouding you and enfolding you. Then rise and return Deosil to your place in the Circle so that the next person can take their place at the Altar.



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