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4 years ago

- man caught lion down on the job -



Tuesday, March 10th, 2015 - time to smell a rose~
4 years ago


life blooms with every wonderous thing as the universe unfolds

your senses are at work

today, remember that once roses did not exist

remember that tomorrow a bud will open

let that most elegant fragrance bless you

in this moment of appreciation

life continues to bloom

and your senses are gifts

be at peace with yourself

and let your senses work to take in

the many treasures of living

as they're all about you



love is in the moment forever and ever


your love is everything to the grand universe of living


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some folk like to take things easy . . .
4 years ago


Powerful / Work the mind
4 years ago

  Developing mental strength is an ongoing process and there is always room for improvement. Reflecting upon your progress can reinforce your ability to reach your definition of success while living according to your values.



read the link:



Love is a work of the greatest rewards. Amen.
4 years ago

Beautiful Seniors!

May all the blessings of this most Joyous of Seasons

reside within your hearts and thoughtful minds for

this moment in rememberance, and forever in glorious

kindness -

            Care2Love, Dot

1 - more thing - to work at.............. ;+)
4 years ago

1. Share your good feelings with other“What’s the first thing you do when you get good news?” Bryant says. “You go and tell someone that’s important to you, like a spouse or a friend.”


He suggests that we treat positive events just like positive news. Tell another person when you are feeling particularly appreciative of a certain moment, whether it be a laugh with friends or a scene in nature. Studies about the ways people react to positive events have shown that those who share positive feelings with others are happier overall than those who do not.

In fact, research shows that one only has to think about telling others good news in order to feel happier, says Chadwick.

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4 years ago

TGIF- SEPT. 30TH -> SATURDAY, OCT. 1ST tomorrow~
3 years ago
Image result for FUNNY better butter be FRIDAY.............................
3 years ago

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Maxine has ideas for holiday gifts,...
3 years ago
... for those who have a challenge maintaining
peace on earth in the work place.
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- in case the winter weather gets blistery,...
3 years ago

Maxine cautions against such risqué under attire for the mature employees that could create a stir if exposed in the work environment.

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being gracious and giving is Maxine's style,...
3 years ago

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3 years ago



M O N D A Y ~

Have a growing glowing week, All !

Image result for MONDAY smile and work for the good and inspire the happiness of others
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