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Friendly Morning, Howdy, Nite
4 years ago

Very polite, encouraging people

4 years ago

4 years ago

Rose Graphics

teehee, - from the movie "Ratatouille"
4 years ago

by all means,  

don't take the day too seriously

be carefree with those you meet today

and see the world as a blessing

the critical mind of seniors

has learned to view all of life as a miracle - unfolding

Ratatouille disney gifs


Good Morning to Nance and All -


Thanks for all your posts with love&care2,


4 years ago

4 years ago

Great Shares~

Friday funnies, - the work week - behind me ... teehee
4 years ago do the Friday Dance!!!
4 years ago

4 years ago

we get by with a little help from our friends ...
4 years ago

get a goin'

                it's a new week!

video: French Bulldog Puppy Tries to Reclaim Bed From Cat 

4 years ago

the sun is always shining above the clouds

may your day be as beautiful as the butterflies

and the gentle breath of loving souls

surround your every moment

4 years ago

Follow the most brilliant dream and discover a new star ~
4 years ago

   Have a beautiful rest and wake up in the morning feeling your best.

4 years ago

Sunrise Animated Images Sunrise Animated Images

Monday - May 4th, 2015 - Hi Nance!!!
4 years ago

Hello, Good Morning, and Happy New Week, to All.

Wishing Everyone a Magical Day and a Positive New Week.

Let yourself fly!

And take a seat upon the golden flowers.

Life welcomes you to all the glorious blessings~


BETTY BOOPCartoons Characterbetti, Gif Animé, Betty Boos, Bettyboop, Betty Boop, Gif Betty, Boop Image, Beautiful Fleur, Flower Betty

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4 years ago

Love and Peace comes in many forms, - Happy Today!
4 years ago

4 years ago

cat animated GIF

4 years ago

   too cute! Nance -  Hope all is well with            Everybody!!!

         May 7th, 2015

   and if nobody's said it to you yet, ...

4 years ago

Funny Quotes And Sayings | funny quotes and sayings about marriage funny quotess

Little Bit Of Coffee – Thug Life Shirts

for give ness - takes care of all the rest
4 years ago

Indeedy there, Carrie

- how'd there be any peace at all without -

           the F word

                   for marriage

                       and the whole fUNNY world~

4 years ago

Rainy Season Scraps, Graphics and comments

4 years ago

4 years ago

Winter City animated GIF

We are expecting rain today and it's needed badly.

So, above the rain the sun still shines, and for this

we are blessed.  Gratitude is expression of L O V E

and trust in every drop of life we are given.

4 years ago

First Long Weekend in May

Enjoy and keep safe

butterfly animated GIF

4 years ago

Sunday Scrap

Monday brings Happy Wishes to All !
4 years ago

Inspirational Comments

- passing it on -  

4 years ago

cinemagraph animated GIF

4 years ago

4 years ago

Good Morning, All Seniors and WillBe Seniors of Care2 and beyond~ 

I like your pink blossoming tree of love, Nance!  It's just beautiful!

Wishing all a very good day, - all the way, - in every way~


4 years ago

Morning y'all

Thank you~ Dot~ Love your share of flower brillance too

ah, Spring is here! Sending more light your way~
3 years ago

Days Of The Week Comments

3 years ago

Saturday comment gifs

3 years ago

Cute Wednesday

Yahoo, Nancy~ time to sing, time to do a little dance, too!
3 years ago

a little top hat tap dance for today

        W E D N E S D A Y !

have a happy one!

with time comes wisdom - as we choose it
3 years ago

In today's constantly connected world, finding solitude has become a lost art. 

In fact, Western culture tends to equate a desire for solitude with people who

are lonely, sad, or have antisocial tendencies. 

But seeking solitude can actually be quite healthy. 

In fact, there are many physical and psychological benefits to spending time alone. 

* * *
a new week, not to be weak
3 years ago

since nobody's ducks are ever lined up                                  

      take a leap and have some fun                                         

             you wouldn't like it if your ducks                                

                    just sat there and came undone                         


3 years ago

Tuesday glitter gifs

Meow-ing Good Morning to All, May 18th, 2016!
3 years ago


Happy Longweekend North America
3 years ago

Awfully adorable, Nance! Hey there, Jack,... topping the week,...
3 years ago

it's getting close my friends,...

      that time let the dance music

           set our steps to something nice

                and we'll soft step to paradise

                    not a work, and no boss in sight,....   teehee, (says me*)

May 19th, Thursday closing in on Friday, and the weekend freedom bell rings.

running wild over the weekend !!!!!!!
3 years ago gifak-net. Gifs. Animated gif. Lol gifs. Funny gifs. Cat gifs. New gifs       

Canada land of Ice and Snow
1 year ago
Winter Heart February Quote
1 year ago
Good Morning
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