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Visits of Pets
4 years ago

Great fond of bonding with our pets

they just know how to 'be there'
4 years ago

making a puuuuurfect day
4 years ago

getting into the 'healing' act - a pony with the children
4 years ago
some honey bunnies making a visit
4 years ago

ahhh, Lassie to lassie
4 years ago

4 years ago

Charley gently rests on Lois Kearny's hospital bed.

Mounting evidence affirms that dogs can heal.

A therapy dog in the hospital room ~

it's great to have someone to share quiet moments with, as well*
4 years ago


Friends come in all sizes and shapes, - and love doesn't die.
4 years ago

Hospital allowed dying police officer

a final visit from her horse.

Eingebetteter Bild-Link

Give a pat; Give a lap; Give a cat nap with a friend
4 years ago
Giving is more than just money
Giving is the effort you put in  
Giving is the time you spend 
Giving is your voice when you spread the word   
Giving is working together to make a bigger difference

Giving is how we know love works wonders!!!  

4 years ago

Hi Nance, Jack, Carrie, and All Seniors of Care2!!!
4 years ago

          pup packs a punch of luv'n!!!

San Francisco's Bridge Chicken / Beloved by All!!
4 years ago

free range just got free-er

Looks like this chicken wanted to cross the bridge but since

no one had the answer to the question "why?" - the Chicken

became a celeb in the BayArea, just by dodgin' traffic like

the rest of us runnin' around like chickens (sometimes),.... Lol

- after all,

doesn't everybody love chickens? - I do! 

4 years ago

Please Don't Hit Me           Smile...

here Comes WINTER!!! - for a nice white visit,... with the Northern Hemisphere.
4 years ago

"Watch me, person!"

4 years ago

Hard to believe it's that close when it was 89 degrees here on Saturday!

Yikes ~ what crazy weather!

wooHoooo, how R ALL OF YOU???
4 years ago

teehee, Carrie~  how are you doing, by the way?

hope the weather isn't crimping your style!


have a swimmingly fabulous weekend

        splish splash - take out the trash

        have a potato, boiled or mashed

impenetrabiilis:  Dolphins bruh

Honey Bunny likes to help out with those snail mail issues,....
4 years ago

The best way to open mail!                

- it can be a big help for the butter-finger population,....

Nature brings us animals to sooth our souls
4 years ago

3 years ago
little cute tweety and the cat(dont know the name )
Enormous Sympathy
3 years ago

Horses can be good emotional mirrors for humans. If a person is authentic and comfortable in their being, the horse will be that way. In addition to being such good mirrors for working with fear, horses can also mirror back to humans other emotional states. If an angry person goes to a horse, the horse will get angry. If a sad person comes to a horse, the horse will be sad. Horses provide enormous sympathy. There are endless stories of grief in humans and going to a horse for comfort. Dore commented that even a wild stallion will stand with a human and the human can takes it's neck and cry on it.            


some of my best friends never say a word to me
3 years ago

a healing force of nature~ and love*
3 years ago
3 years ago

no matter where we go

        a friend knows what we really want

               "being there"

                         is everything

3 years ago

interspecies hugging!!!

   it's still a "heart to heart" connection

3 years ago

from the get go

     we shouldn't let go

           of those we love so!

the eyes have it!
3 years ago

don'tcha just luv how well your pet

            captures you with 'is eyes,... ?

3 years ago

a kiss is still a kiss

     a cat is also this

3 years ago

and never be shy of those whose looks are unfamiliar

    sometimes they're the best looking friends

        in the galaxy

             because they see beneath the superficial skin

                 to all that's wonderful within

3 years ago

- and of course a horse is a horse

             of course, of course

and who wouldn't want to nap with a horse

  unless of course

             you've got a horse

                        that also naps with cats

3 years ago


    ya better watch it,...

        my friend is bigger than

            all o' yours put together

so be nice, if ya know whaddi mean,...

   ( i'm still growin' ya see )

3 years ago

horses have earned the noble reputation:

seek and ye shall find - greater understanding
3 years ago

never underestimate those we believe are 'beneath' us~

 * * *

Fish converse with one another through a range of low-frequency sounds to communicate courtship, alarm, or submission. A behavioral ecologist at the University of Bern in Switzerland, said, “Fish have some of the most complex social systems known. … You see fish helping each other. You see cooperation and forms of reciprocity.”

School of Fish

3 years ago

don't fly away from life's best moments

remember, to cherish those who love you

and dry the sorrowful eye

for soon,

the wings of freedom lift the soul free

and every kindness will be remembered,

                                                                   you will see,... you will see.

3 years ago

while stranger bedfellows have been known

a cat and a parrot enjoy their time alone

goes to show

we just can't tell

what makes up friendships

in this mysterious jell

of diversity and obscurity

we've not yet reach our potential maturity

3 years ago

stay active!

                       watch a kitten play~

3 years ago

cat at the facet

Good Morning!

3 years ago

there definitely are days when we just want to lay back

Heaven & Earth
3 years ago
If you ever have a pet such as this magnificent free-spirit,
allow your essence to be one with it and feel the heavenly gifts
in your limbs, in your face, in the body, and in the core of you.
A pet is truly a gift from heaven, and horses seem to have found
their way to the heavens, with their nobility, their majesty, and
their loyalty, to us creatures of lesser beings,
hoping to reach such heights.
God knows our needs before we do.
"Perhaps I'd like to learn how to use this surf board," he said splashingly,...
3 years ago

Can you bear it???

Pets Unlimited, from the wilderness to the family pool,......

Image result for Pictures of Animals Playing in the Sunshine 

adults as well as children feel the magic! of animals!
3 years ago

3 years ago
watching cows brings calm surrender
Image result for animals heal humans spirits
'szat a dog up there???
3 years ago

how it all began,....

        a long long time ago

               when life was just a puppy dog tale

                        and a young mind was overridden by

                                a lapping tongue of this

                                      "candy girl" - the obsessive canine

                                            of whom he did listen

                                                  and attach himself

              for all his doggone days

Image result for gif gif gif cute donald trump hair doggy animated
sitting outdoors to sun / in a pot
3 years ago
Image result for gif gif gif cute donald trump hair doggy animated
3 years ago

Image result for animal memes of trump

3 years ago

Image result for animal memes of trump

3 years ago

Image result for animal memes of trump

3 years ago

Image result for animal memes of trump

Guinea Pig keeping head cozy
3 years ago

Davey Crockett

eat your hat!

Image result for funniest donald trump hair ever!!!
watchchagonnado? it's one of those days, weeks, years,.....~
3 years ago
life can be UN-bear-able / CATegorically speaking
3 years ago

all cool katz

    get ready

         get set

              wiggle your hind quarters

                  and keep your eyes on the days ahead,


H E R E - C O M E S -

  - T H E - W E E K E N D -

Image result for images gifs animées gratuites kitties with tails up high
3 years ago





back to monday

on the tread mill

upward and onward

all the way up the week's hill

Image result for cute animal gifs animated
the only way to travel, the boxed car
3 years ago


Companionship / takes a nap,
3 years ago

... and snaps to it when the time comes for

                                l o v i n'  - from the family!

3 years ago


this little fella wants to be included, so here we go~
2 years ago

Such an Adorable Little Ugly but Cute Little Baby Duckling on the Farm - Aww!:

careful there, young'ins if you go outdoors this weekend,.....
2 years ago

I hate nature. 

jus wanted you to know,...
2 years ago

... i'm sinking of you*


2 years ago

Image result for adorable pets

2 years ago

hey, ya'll dogs, ya wanna enjoy 'smore of deez sunny daze while we kin?

Image result for gifs gifs gifs animate dog in pool
2 years ago

Image result for dogs jumping on a pile of leaves gif

2 years ago

Moving animated picture of cat getting comfortable


happy tails
2 years ago

a leap of faith

                                     goes where few kitties have gone before,...

cat in snow more funny cats more cute Kittens crazy $hit cats do more Amazing gifs, go here

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