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3 years ago
h a v e     a      f u n     a p r i l     f o o l s    d a y  !
we got 'code' teeeheeeee
3 years ago

3 years ago

the age old issue,...

3 years ago

3 years ago

wherever you go

                        there you are

3 years ago


it's okay

                things will right themselves

                                                              over the weekend,....

luvhugs, and a doggie's mug,  Dot      

comedy is timeless, too,....
3 years ago

      well there, Charley,

          looks like you're trying to get outta some trouble, there,....  

hope she has forgiveness for whatever ya done did~


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time to feel the happy waggling tail of the weekend,...
3 years ago


           we got 12 more hours before Friday,......

                       i'm feelin' it now~ 

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can we stop with the delays regarding caturdays
3 years ago


so nobody's anybody's fool

ya say ~

well, alrighty then,

let's all paws and consider


where did the weekend go?

i thought caturday was MY day,.....

so i sat in the window and purrred

but it seemed like a 'day' like usual,...


no cats falling from the sky

no cats carrying salmon in their mouths, . . . to me

( of course )

no cats dancing on the back of the sofa

no nada not a cat in the hat or any of that !


they tell me it's monday meow now

and that we are once again going to have another caturday

well fool me once, - ain't you cute

but fool me twice, - you ain't nice

but i'm waiting for my day, anyway


with my blue eyes invisioning

fish fresh off the boat

with my paws deep in plush grass and daisies

with my fur gently groomed by adoring humans

of course


so i'm rethinking this 1 day a week event

better to establish the caturday as an every day 'doings'

with puurrrs rumbling from my fur

with shiny whiskers and perky kitty cheeks set just so

and with deep mystical eyes that stare into your heart

for more affection,

        remember it goes both ways!


nobody's foolin'

caturday should be rulin'

we'd all be better for it

'cause cats don't fool ya

luxurious, plush kitty love day oughta rule ya~

widdle puddy tat
3 years ago

wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin'

catastrophy - scratching and laughin'
3 years ago

witty kitty does a ditty
3 years ago


if you lie still now

   while i smush this area

       that air pocket should be free

           and go flatulant any second now,...

you better compose your own caption for this one,...
3 years ago

Simon Says,....
3 years ago


     this stuff is sticky???

          especially for furry pawed puddy tats,...?

3 years ago

have a fun weekend with your cool cats                       

               and may the force of patience be with you   

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