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Seniors love Laughter 2
3 years ago

Had to start another as the replies were over 99 posts


Wake up, honey. It's time to go to school."

"But why? I don't want to go to school."

"Give me two reasons why you don't want to go to school."

"One, all the children hate me. Two, all the teachers hate me."

"Oh, that's no reason. Come on, you have to go to school."

"Give me two good reasons why I should go to school?"

"One, you are fifty-two years old. Two, you are the principal!"

Hello Seniors of Courage with a Smile~
3 years ago

Cute one, Nancy~ 

Guess we all have those days

when getting up is a challenge! 


- The follow cartoon is a bit of a recycle,

but it kinda fits here,...


Hi Seniors!  You all show a sense of wisdom and a sense of humor to match!  A special "Hello, Carrie!" who's been extra brave in some health issues, I hope you know that I'm thinking of you often, and sending you a dose of TLC to make your day better!  The main thing is to take very good care of yourself and follow any healing instructions that can guide you to feeling well again, ASAP*  None of us got easy easily, I venture to say,... and it takes both courage and good humor to reach the years of wisdom gained in our adventures and experiences,...   

~All shared here with a touch of kindness and a heaping dose of good-will and friendship. 


Wishing all a day of blessings and smiles, - with love&care2, Dot

but you always do, you are amazing YOU!
* yep, the BEST medicine ! *
3 years ago



                         laurel and hardy {movie}

one weekend morning I watched the tale end of

this movie, and while I really didn't know exactly

what the story line was, I just watched these guys

laughing and heard their robust explosions of

uncontrollable emotions - until I was laughing just

as wildly as they,........

3 years ago

laughter mixed with sweet memories

catastrophy unfolding
3 years ago

oh no now, puddy tat shoudnd do dat

"I swear to God, Karen, the moment you fall asleep...":                 

3 years ago

3 years ago

I am wise.. because I learn from my mistakes. I can laugh.. because I have known sadness. I am a lover.. because I have felt hate and I prefer to love.

how to speak with greater wisdom,...
3 years ago

don't let things deplete your spirit's wealth, - find your smile and,...
3 years ago

... the ever lasting humor that was God given and as usual, it's free to those with a pure heart and a willingness to live with love as the shared experience.  Actually, age brings us a larger well of experiences to spring forth with joyous laughter, - when we believe~                       

the cosmos cracks!
3 years ago

whenever you feel a little chicken


                     let it go

                           allow a bounce back

                                  'cause everything's gonna

 be all right

give a little -> Smile
3 years ago

e9a6bcd69cfff1cfc3aeb8d712c456b2.gif (400×388)

November 1st, 2016 --- never too late to make wise choices,...
2 years ago
Image result for gifs gifs gifs animated november fun running for fun autumn
Maxine helps us clear our minds,....
                                              or not.
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