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It's March,....
1 year ago

marching puppies !!!!

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onward she goes !!!
1 year ago


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Magic in Living *
1 year ago

Here’s what Richard had to say about how to attract good luck:

  1. Maximize Opportunities: Keep trying new things.
  2. Listen To Hunches: Especially if it’s an area where you have some experience, trust your intuition.
  3. Expect Good Fortune: Be an optimist. A little delusion can be good.
  4. Turn Bad Luck Into Good: Don’t dwell on the bad. Look at the big picture.

So maybe you’re still a skeptic. Even if luck is real, you don’t want to give in to delusion. Give it a shot anyway. There are other benefits. A little delusion can improve relationships.

People with positive illusions about their significant other are more satisfied, score higher on love and trust and have fewer problems. In fact, believing in luck might actually make you more fun.

Via The 7 Laws of Magical Thinking: How Irrational Beliefs Keep Us Happy, Healthy, and Sane:

Magical thinking is also important for letting loose and having a good time. Brugger finds a positive correlation between magical ideation and the ability to find pleasure in life. More magic, more fun. (As long as reality stays within arm’s reach.) “Those students who are not magical are not typically those who enjoy going to parties,” he says. “To be totally unmagic is very unhealthy.”


link below:

Allo Dot abd Friends Great resting spot
1 year ago
Beautiful Garden Rest Spot
1 year ago
Image result for quotes and short tale of st patrick
1 year ago

Thinking of All,


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Top o De morning to u
1 year ago
Hey good lookin
Loads of Snow to go stay safe icy morning puddles afternoon
1 year ago
Adorable Gray Kitten
1 year ago

Marching into Monday !       

Image result for gifs gifs gifs animations animated kittens marching
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