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Group Tag
11 years ago
| Admin sticky

I love this group, so in my enthusiasm, I've whipped up a group tag. If you like to display group tags on your Profile Page here's one to express your Trek Pride !

Don't forget: you must "save picture as" to your hard drive and then "upload it" to your online image folder so as not to mess up the bandwidth. After that, it's "copy" & "paste".

Star Trek Group Tag

Live long & prosper, Pamylle

11 years ago

Wow!  Thank you, Pamylle!  Your work is much appreciated.  I red flagged this thread so it becomes part of the front page permanently.

I wish I had your skill at photo manipulation.  I could really use it at the sim.

11 years ago

Here's a slightly smaller version, for those of you who have a tight squeeze on your Profile Page:


10 years ago

Love it Pamylle. Saving, uploading etc!


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