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4 years ago

Welcome, Danguole D. !

5 years ago

Welcome, Dale O. !

5 years ago

Live Long and Prosper!


5 years ago

Welcome to Star Trek Fans, Debra C. !

7 years ago

Welcome aboard to my friend, Tami J. !

7 years ago

Welcome, Tami!

8 years ago

Welcome, Lior! =/=

Glad you were able to get back in, Pamylle.


8 years ago

Welcome, Lior!

8 years ago


Welcome aboard, Lior A. !

Good to be back after being logged out of C2 for weeks.

I was "Missing in Action - on a Dark Age Planet"....

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8 years ago

Welcome aboard, Rhoni E.!

8 years ago

Welcome, Rhoni E. !

8 years ago


Look what the tractor beam picked up!

New members!

Welcome to the group, everyone.


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8 years ago

Well, with all the dangers & oddities we face out here in space, we must always remind the crew how glad we are they've signed on & come aboard.

To promote a feeling of being appreciated so much that you'd volunteer to beam onto another ship to dismantle some mysterious weapon just about to take out half the planets of a solar system.

Or to undergo cosmetic surgery to pass as unappealing alien species you know little about (read: you will likely be caught & we will do our best to rescue you).

Or even to take care of Data's cat, Spot, will he's away.

Yes, you'll feel pride in facing these perils as a valued crew member !

And just so you know: the Captain's eulogies for crew members are even better than his welcomes !

8 years ago

Great to ' come aboard '

8 years ago

You're very welcome, Miranda.  We like to be warm and fuzzy that way

Feel free to jump into an existing discussion or start one of your own.  Participation makes the group more fun!

8 years ago

Thanks for the welcome, Pamylle and Dennis.  I haven't joined many groups, but this is the first time I've been welcomed personally and individually. 

8 years ago

Welcome aboard Star Trek Fans, Many Feathers & Miranda !

8 years ago

Welcome, Many & Miranda!

8 years ago

I was 11 when the family gathered started to watch Star Trek - even when the TV reception was fuzzy, we strained to watch & listen. You're right, Ancil - it was so fun ! I became a BIG fan from the beginning.

8 years ago

Wow! Thanks everyone! My fondest memories are watching Star Trek with my grampa in 1966,when I was 5 years old.Me and him would watch it every week on NBC.Those were great times to be a kid! 

8 years ago

Welcome both to Star Trek Fans & Care2, Carey G. !

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8 years ago

Welcome Ancil S. & Carey G.!

8 years ago

Welcome aboard, Ancil S, !

9 years ago

Welcome Ken L.!

9 years ago

Welcome, Ken L. !

9 years ago

Welcome, Glenn !

Your new uniform will be ready for you shortly...


Make it Sew

New Member
9 years ago

Welcome aboard, Glenn!

9 years ago

Welcome, Ann P. !

Don't worry about any medical problems - even though our regular doctor is playing Dabo at Quark's right now, we always have the EMH 1 !

The Doctor

Welcoming another new crew member
9 years ago

Permission to come aboard granted, Ann P!  Watch your step coming off the shuttlepod; being 110 years old, you'll need to be careful or it's artificial hip time.

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9 years ago

Welcome, Amy B. !

Good to have such a young person aboard !

(Just don't make the rest of the crew look bad, okay ?)

Wesley Sign

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9 years ago

Welcome, Amy!  Jump right in!

9 years ago

Welcome aboard, Evgenia!  Feel free to just jump right in

9 years ago

Welcome, Evgenia !

Hopefully, you're safely on board, and not in that nasty alternative universe...

What can I say ? Transporters !

Alternate Trek

9 years ago

you are so right!

9 years ago

New member Brian is missing.  I guess he accidentally boarded the wrong ship.  Midshipmen... is there anything they can't screw up?

Permission to board granted :)
9 years ago

Welcome, Brian & Eve!

This is why Jenny is always finding herself short on rations at the end of the month...

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9 years ago

ADVICE...Make your first stop Quark's Bar. It's very easy to get lost on the Enterprise, so pick up a "New Crew Trek and Track" kit.
New Crew Trek and Track consists of:
 1 x backpack with survival rations 
 1 x Live Long & Prosper t-shirt
 1 x first contact phaser rifle
 1 x tracking device
 1 strip of latinum stolen from a Ferengi. 
Hypothesis: If you are in debt to a Ferengi you will be found.
Apply for your Trek and Track at Quark's Bar & Restaurant.
       Live Long and Prosper

9 years ago

Welcome aboard, Eve C. !

Neelix hugs Tuvok

(Be careful about hugging our Vulcan & Klingon crew members, please...)

9 years ago

Welcome aboard, Jaime & Love !

9 years ago

Welcome Jamie & "Love"!

9 years ago

Welcome (finally!) Jenny!  Been hiding out in the Jefferies tubes and finally got hungry..?

9 years ago

Great to see you here, Jenny !

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10 years ago





10 years ago

Thanks for the warm welcome! Jenny D reporting for duty.
OK I realize that I haven't reported for duty since I was beamed on board 8 months ago. 
It seems my head ended up in a different 'space'
I'm off to visit the threads, providing I can keep my head and body together.
Btw (by the way),Smiley from millan.netSpock and Data be my faves.

10 years ago

Good to have you aboard, Ray B. !

10 years ago

Welcome, Ray B!

10 years ago

Welcome, Rob M.!

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10 years ago

Welcome aboard, Rob!

10 years ago
Welcome, Erin !
Permission granted :)
10 years ago
Welcome aboard, Erin!  Glad to see that you could make it.  I hope you enjoy the group.
10 years ago
Thank You for the welcome, I bear gifts, um, a gift!

Hope you like Star Trekkin' by The Firm, released in 1987.  Live long and prosper!
10 years ago
Glad you've joined our crew, Ariel !
10 years ago
Welcome aboard, Ariel!
10 years ago
Welcome aboard Dadalos S. !
10 years ago

Thanks for the lovely welcome! So glad to find a sci-fi, Trek-related group

10 years ago
Welcome, Maggie A. !
We look forward to getting to know you & your Trek-thoughts....
10 years ago

Welcome Juliya and Cristiana!  What a welcome Christmas present...
We could use all the help we can get.

Now... we just need to use the transporter to beam the way team off the comet...  Where's the on switch?


10 years ago

Welcome to all our new members!

10 years ago

It's always great to wake up & find we have a new member of Star Trek Fans, and Data agrees !
Data Wake up
Welcome, Cristiana N. !

10 years ago

Hi Juliya!

10 years ago
Attention all personnel ! New crew member aboard.
Welcome Juliya G. !
(Proof that the transporter always works in Cyber-space...)
Reporting for Duty...
10 years ago
Pamylle G. said:  "Good thing you've identified yourself, Ensign ! Captain Kirk & Mr. Spock have been dealing with too many Klingons lately & are a bit too ready with the phasers."

I think to myself, 'Oh my... Klingons here?  Just my luck'  I look around and then hear,

Pamylle G. said:  "Permission to come on board - welcome to our crew, Steven A.  !"

"Wow... thanks for the lift... and the rescue.  The twenty first century sure is primitive compared to our standards."

A few moments later I hear the transport beam and feel my self in a whirl of ionized mater as I'm whisked away from the hall of care 2.  I then feel myself materialize on the transporter pad.  I then hear,

Christian B. said:  "Hey, Steven! Great to have you here. Always great to meet another Trek fan!"

'Hummm...  He sounds like a person from a Star Trek convention... in the... twenty first century I think.  Or perhaps I'm just hearing things.'  I reply with a smile saying,

"Well... thank you...  With you permission... I'll just find some quarters... and settle in... if I may... before I start my duties.  I signed way to many... uh... petitions today.  This time travel is exhausting."

I walk to the door of the transporter room as the doors make a swish sound as they open.  I walk through and into the corridor heading toward the turbo lift.  I hear the doors swish close behind me as I continue to walk.

OOC:  (out of character) Pamylle and Christian...  Thank you both for the warm welcome and indulging my urge to role-play my entrance into the Star Trek Fans group.  I've been a fan for a long time and have watched every episode of... original series... movies... TNG... DS9... Voyager.  I watched some of these so much I could repeat a line before it happed.  I missed the last few years of Enterprise.... much to my regret.  But I hope to remedy that soon.

I look forward to making friends and getting to know all of you better.

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10 years ago

Hey, Steven! Great to have you here. Always great to meet another Trek fan!

Smiley from

end communication.jpg

10 years ago

Good thing you've identified yourself, Ensign ! Captain Kirk & Mr. Spock have been dealing with too many Klingons lately & are a bit too ready with the phasers.
Kirk & Spock Phasers
Permission to come on board - welcome to our crew,
Steven A.  !

Permission to come aboard...
10 years ago

As I wander through the Care 2 site I come upon Star Trek Fans group.  I activate my communicator sending a sub space message to the group saying,

"This is Ensign Steven A requesting permission to beam aboard..."

I think to myself, 'Perhaps there is intelligent life near by...'  I wait eagerly for a reply...

We've reached 100 members!
10 years ago
Wow, when I rescued this group from oblivion, there were a quarter as many members as there are now.  This is a credit to the mods, to be sure.  Thank you, Pamylle & Christian!
10 years ago
Welcome aboard, Fred S. !
Report to Sick Bay at once. I think we lost our last new member in the transporter...never materialized. Just to be on the safe side...
10 years ago

I have been to several conventions, but not these last 4 years (family problems to solve): had been to Dragon con, Atlanta twice, Star Trek in Las Vegas, Farscape in Burbank (yeah, I'm a Scaper too), Pasadena (my first one in 1996) and one in Germany. I can't go as often as I'd love to, because I live in France, so the plane ticket + hotel + con tickets + shopping craziness can get really expensive.

But next year, I plan to go to Dragon Con again in Atlanta, it's not uniquely based on Star Trek but it's huge and you can really approach the actors you love. I've made some friends there and it was difficult for me to stay here, knowing I'm missing the convention.

10 years ago

You're very welcome!  It's interesting to me to see how everything fits together, to spot the incongruities and try to reconcile them with whatever source material I can find, and it's also handy for generating new adventure seeds for my sim

That's why I started the timeline discussion thread, for anyone who wants to comment, contribute, critique, etc.  My eyes go blind after a while of doing the work, so if anyone spots any errors, please do let me know so I can fix them (at least on my master file, since it's difficult to make minute corrections to posts here after the fact).

10 years ago

So delightful to have you here once again, Fabienne. I look forward to your lively posts.

I hear you, Traci - Star Trek has come to my emotional rescue many times.

Alas, no conventions for me...I look forward to living vicariously through your convention pix, Christian.

Dennis, once again I must thank you profusely for your Great Timeline Project, which entralls me whenever I start reading it !

10 years ago

Welcome, everyone!

I've been to most of the Creation Entertainment cons since 2006 (Chicago, NJ, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, etc.) and have been attending the Fan Expo in Toronto since 2004. I've also started going to the fan-run Polaris conventions (formerly "Toronto Trek"), also here in Toronto.

I wonder if I've ever bumped into any of you?

I was at the annual Star Trek Las Vegas con at the beginning of August and am still in the process of sorting through all the photos I took and will upload and post them in due time.

10 years ago
Welcome aboard, Fabienne P!
10 years ago

Hi Traci!

It's difficult to say without a picture.  I'm bad with names, but good with faces.  I do recall there being a sunset each night I was attending some of those cons

Thanks for "permission to come aboard"
10 years ago

Heya!! Star Trek has saved my spirit/"sanity" numerous times throughout the course of this life...glad to be here! Hope to contribute (as this semester's course load allows) and will endeavor to "Make it So"...Have I bumped into any of you at conventions in the NJ/PA area during yrs. 1994-1999??


10 years ago
Heads up !
New member aboard -a big welcome to Traci J. !
Mr. Spock is playing a tune to celebrate your arrival...
Spock Music
10 years ago
Welcome aboard, Valerie P. !

We look forward to your take on all things Trek...
10 years ago
Welcome to Star Trek Fans, Jenny D. !
Good to have you with us.
Welcome, Brandy E. !
10 years ago

Incoming Signal

I've just been notified that we have a new member coming aboard. Welcome Brandy E. !

Do you have a favorite Trek ? Have you seen the new movie ?

Don't hesitate to share your thoughts !

New Crew Member Onboard !
11 years ago
Welcome to Star Trek Fans,
Whitewolf Maiden !
Welcome Meghan O. !
11 years ago
Good to have you aboard, Meghan !

Welcome Aboard, David B.
11 years ago
Welcome to Star Trek Fans, David B. !
Looking forward to getting to know you.
Welcome Anthea !
11 years ago

Good to have you aboard ! Check out our threads, or stop by Quark's for some company when you're off-duty !

New Member reporting for duty
11 years ago
Hi everyone, I have been a fan of Star Trek since it was first shown in the UK  in the late 60's I have spent many years travelling up and down  Britain going to Star Trek conventions. Someone once said Star Trek is not a TV series its a way of life and I guess that they were right. Gene Roddenberry's whole philosophy should be shown to any  government before it comes into power, there would not be so much trouble in the world if it was. Whoops sorry I am on a soap box.
I am very pleased to have found this group a good friend told me about it, and I hope to make a good contribution. So, in the spirit of IDIC I say  "Live long and prosper" everyone.
Welcome, John G. !
11 years ago

Time to celebrate -

Scotty With Bottle

- Scotty's broken out the real stuff so we can welcome our new crew member, John G. !

Live it up, everybody. Your next duty shift here on Star Trek Fans doesn't start until you want to show up !

Camilla, Scotty's drunk and wearing a red shirt. Nobody's expendable in this crew. But maybe you should wear one of those gold shirts, just in case...

11 years ago
Hi Pamylle, Christian and everyone!
Thank You for the warm welcome! I'm sorry I haven't reported on deck earlier but the holidays (such as St Paddy's) has me working around the stardates. I need a vacation on Risa after EasterWill check in as often as I can, but for now just see me as "expendable"

11 years ago

Welcome, everybody!

I see we caught Camilla in the tractor beam.

Welcome Camilla E. !
11 years ago

A hearty welcome to our newest member, Camilla E !

Orion Slave Girl

Hope you enjoy our group, Camilla - don't be afraid to "let your hair down" !

Origin of "Live long and prosper"
11 years ago
February 22, 2005
Vulcan salutations to the Elfin Goblins of the Mountains

Greg James Robinson at the History News Network's blog Cliopatria reports a worrying discovery.

In his memoir PRESENT AT THE CREATION (p. 237), Dean Acheson—erhaps incautiously--reproduces the text of President Harry Truman’s personal letter of farewell to him, dated June 30, 1947, upon Acheson’s resignation as Undersecretary of State. The last paragraph reads:

“May you live long and prosper and may I always deserve your good will and friendship—you always have mine.”

We are required to consider the implications of Truman’s use of the phrase “live long and prosper,” which became popularly known through its use by Mr. Spock in the TV and movie series STAR TREK as the standard Vulcan expression of farewell--at least in English translation.

Applying the tools of historical scholarship, Robinson considers and rejects various benign explanations for this coincidence, and concludes that

Once these possibilities are discounted, we are left with the conclusion that Harry Truman was in contact with Vulcans and was using his letter to Acheson as code. It is undeniable that the letter to Acheson was dated THE DAY BEFORE the crash landing of an object in Roswell, New Mexico that was reported to be a Flying Saucer. Preumably then Truman was intent on telling Acheson, following his resignation, to enter in contact with the aliens and open diplomatic channels.

I'm afraid that I have grave news to impart: this conspiracy is much older and broader than Robinson imagines.

death of Thomas Jefferson". A coincidence? Perhaps.

The other "live long and prosper" citation is to another, later play, attributed to "Charles Burke (1822-1854)".


"Burke" uses the same technique as "Kerr" to slip the phrase "live long and prosper" repeatedly into his play, first here:

Rip. [Rip Van Winkle]
Rip, Rip, was is dis for a business. You are a mix nootse unt dat is a fact. Now, I started for de mountains dis mornin', determined to fill my bag mit game, but I met Von Brunt, de one eyed sergeant ---comma see hah, unt brandy-wine hapben my neiber friend; well, I couldn't refuse to take a glass mit him, unt den I tooks anoder glass, unt den I took so much as a dozen, do I drink no more as a bottle; he drink no more as I---he got so top heavy, I rolled him in de hedge to sleep a leetle, for his one eye got so crooked, he never could have seed his way straight; den I goes to de mountain, do I see double, d---d a bird could I shooted. But I stops now, I drinks no more; if anybody ask me to drink, I'll say to dem---
[Vedder comes down, R. and offers cup to him.]
---here is your go-to-hell, and your family's go-to-hell, and may you all live long and prosper.

Could the bizarre and erratic accent rendition be some sort of code?

The second repetition of the Vulcan farewell is in a more ominous context, after the "elfin goblins of the mountains" have condemned Rip to twenty years of sleep. Rip toasts them:

They're a deadly, lively, jolly set; but I wonder what kind of spirits dese spirits are drinking! surely, dere can be no harm in taking a drop along mit dem.---
[Fills a flagon.]
Here goes!---Gentlemen, here's your go-to-hells, and your broad chopped familly's, and may you all live long and prosper.
Omnes. [Omnes]
Ha, ha, ha!

The last repetition, of course, is the very last line of the play:

Rip. [Rip Van Winkle]
Is dat my baby? come here Rip, come here you dog; I am your father. What an interesting brat it is.
Knick. [Knickerbocker]
But tell us Rip, where have you hid youself for the last twenty years?
Rip. [Rip Van Winkle]
Ech woll---ech wool. I will take mine glass and tell mine strange story and drink the health of mine frients. Unt, ladies and gents, here is your goot health and your future families and may yo all live long and prosper.

There are no other instances of this simple four-word phrase in all of English poetry and drama, at least as known to LION. In particular, Washington Irving's short story of 1820, introducing the character of Rip van Winkle, does not contain the fateful Vulcan idiom. Thus it was introduced as a catchphra

Attention ! Holly S. has signed up !
11 years ago

Welcome, Holly !

Glad you've come on board STAR TREK FANS !

Spock & Picard Mind Meld

This is the place on Care2 to discuss TREK.

Let us know what's on your mind !

Welcome Incoming Crew Member, Mira Z. !
11 years ago

Welcome to STAR TREK FANS, Mira ! We're having a nice dinner in your honor - never mind what the Klingon says, there's some good food here...

Star Trek Dinner

We'll start after you report for duty, and then after dinner, maybe we'll cruise over to DS9 for a cocktail at Quark's...

Welcome John B. !
11 years ago

Welcome John B.

Also -good to see you here, Lucy. Thanks for stopping by.

11 years ago

Well, here I am, reporting for duty! Honestly, though, I can't say I'll be able to make much of a contribution, but I am proud to be a crew member aboard this fine ship called "Star Trek Fans".

I want to point out as well, David S. is a friend of mine, and indeed a great guy!

Also, for the record, my favourite "Star Trek" character is Spock.

Live long, and prosper.

Welcome, Lucy B. & Juanita S. !
11 years ago

Welcome new crew members, Juanita S. & Lucy B. !

Transporter Pads

We're ready to beam you up for duty !

Welcome Jim S. !
11 years ago

A big WELCOME to our new crew member, Jim S.

Stop by Quark's and tell us what you're having, or visit one of our threads and tell us what you'd be doing on the Enterprise, which aliens are your faves - jump right in !


Looking forward to your communications !

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Welcome, Nancy !
11 years ago

Welcome to Star Trek Fans, Nancy L. !

Chapel & McCoy

Thanks for starting a wonderful new "History" thread - I love it !

A big "thank you" to David S., who sent the Invitation to Nancy !

Thank You~for the invitation
11 years ago
 Thank You~David for the invitation
11 years ago

Welcome to a strange place!

11 years ago

Welcome aboard,

Dana H. and Steve O. !

Hello Borg

You have been assimilated into this group !

Jump right in and share your thoughts on all things Trek !

Welcome ! New members "Report for Duty" here
11 years ago
| Discussion sticky

A big WELCOME to our newest member, David Swales !

David is a friend of mine; he's a long-time Dr. Who fan as well.

He's very fond of Mr. Spock.

Mr. Spock


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