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Off Duty ? Stop by Quark's !
11 years ago

Welcome to Quark's Bar, Grill, Gaming House & Holosuite Arcade !

Bloodwine, kanar, Aldebaran whiskey, snail juice, raktajino, a Black Hole or prune juice - delights from all over the Alpha Quadrant. Or how about a Modela aperitif ? Quark's mixing one now.

Quark Host

Have fun, but watch yourself (and your latinum) at the Dabo Table !


(But, please - don't sit in Morn's bar stool !)

Quark's Bar

11 years ago

Lovely pics, Pamylle!  I'll stick to prune juice tho.

11 years ago

Happy Birthday, Dennis !

C'mon everyone and order something - we're throwing a party for Dennis ! Wear something festive. No uniforms, please unless you're just coming off duty.

After much haggling with Quark, I've arranged for 2 hours in one of the Holosuites for Dennis - his choice of program - and a full buffet of Alpha Quadrant delights, plus a few from the other side of the wormhole. Let's party !

11 years ago

Thank you again for the great party, P! I put the 'suite to good use

11 years ago

Quark probably wouldn't want me to do this, but I've been trying to reverse-engineer some of the food he serves, so I can serve it in my home.

Take Raktajino for example:  At The ST Experience in Vegas, it's either a triple blend of insanely strong African coffees, or (if cold) the same blend mixed into a cappy-vanilla shake.  I actually made this one, and it's really good.

Those colorful shapes everyone eats in Journey to Babel?  Carved potato with food coloring, maybe?

Klingon Gach (sp?)?  You need plate with a battery-powered slow-rotating 'blade' in it (to make the food writhe).  The actual
foodstuff is either a wheat-based pasta or (for kids) brownish Gummi worms.

Romulan Ale is the easiest of all:  blue food coloring in either a white wine, or (for kids) ginger ale.

Anyone else have any great ideas on this subject?

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11 years ago

Wow, Dennis - I'd never thought of making alien-looking Trek foods...probably because, as a vegetarian of and on for almost forty years, some of the foods I eat have been regarded as strange enough. Imagine the reaction of folks to tofu in the 70s, and you get the picture.

Gagh might be difficult, after all, there are dozens of varieties. Although usually served live, it can be served stewed, in which case, whole wheat or spinach pasta might do nicely. Some sea vegetables, like hiziki, have a wormy look...

That ratajino concoction sounds like it would hit somebody like Jolt Cola...too powerful for the likes of me. Come to think of it, Klingon food and beverages are scary, period.

Maybe some of the Bajoran Vedics have some veggie dishes. Hasperat, however, sounds too spicy. Might have to stick to the Mapa Bread.

We're not going to ask about your birthday in the holosuite, Dennis. The next time we've got a bit of latium, we're running a program we can all enjoy.

11 years ago

I hear they're going to bring Star Trek: The Experience back!

Rumour has it that it will be located in the Neonopolis mall and will supposedly open on May 8th, the same day as the release date for the new movie.

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Trekkie food
11 years ago

You got me thinking about the food choices. I did a web search under "Star Trek food recipes" and got a number of hits.

I think I will buy the Cook Book with Nelix's cover picture.  

11 years ago

WB from vacation, Christian!  I trust it was enjoyable.

Yes, ST: The Experience is returning!  Neonopolis is along the "old strip", so it's not on the same street as it was before.  Rumor also has it that they're expanding upon the previous rides, and possibly adding a third.  I'd be happy just getting into Quarks!  I do plan to go, but with the state of the economy, I doubt it'll be soon

I'll have to get that book as well.  I have a local Meet Up group for Trek that's wanting to go to the Alamo Drafthouseto see the new Trek movie, and a party will likely be held at some point.

11 years ago
Mmm..Romulan ales...

(Pic from the Old Quarks Bar)
They sure could charge..

10 years ago

Those Romulan ales look good, but I'd better not - I'm still on duty.

Just wanted to let Quark know that we Hoo-mans are watching out for his cronies. Check out this off-beat petition (even if you decline to sign):

10 years ago

Here's a delicious sounding recipe for raktajino. Mmm, good strong coffee, a warrior's drink!

10 years ago


I had a feeling it was always than they let on.

Happy Birthday, Dennis !
10 years ago
Let's whip up some of those drinks - it's our fearless leader's special day !


You've got 3 hours booked in the holosuite - no, don't thank us, just let us know if you had fun....

Drinks on me, everyone - just make sure you report for duty on time !
Thank you, Number One!
10 years ago

I intend to do things in that suite that are still illegal over half the quadrant

Another BIG Birthday Party !
9 years ago

Happy Birthday, Camilla !


Dennis made so much trouble in the holodeck, I had to pay extra to get it for your party, Camilla, so try to keep it legal...(psst...what are you going to do ?).

I think I need a bigger expense account for these parties !

9 years ago

I hope u had fun in the holodeck!

9 years ago

Since I cannot return to the holodeck anytime soon, I'll have to hang out on Facebook instead.  You can find me there, under Dennis Archer, in Austin, TX.



9 years ago

So, nobody here is on Facebook?!  I mean, other than regulars Christian B., Erin M., and Tyra S.?

9 years ago

Happy Birthday, Dennis !

The crew has pooled their winnings at the Dabo Tables to get you back into the holosuite. Highway robbery, but you know Quark...

No, I am not on Facebook - egad, I can't keep up with Care2, my e-mail & a few Ning sites. Besides, I would run into too many people I know in "real life" !

Finally watched Ronald Moore's BSG & Caprica online - awesome.


9 years ago

Aww, TY P!  If you change your mind about FB, you know where to find me


Think I'll try a China Melville holonovel this time around...

9 years ago

If I do change my mind about Facebook, I won't fail to look you up, Dennis.

Meanwhile, it's morning - Quark had better have some coffee...

9 years ago

McCoy Dead Thread

Say it isn't so, Bones ! C'mon, I'm sitting here in Quark's having a coffee, aren't I ? And, no, I'm not sitting in Morn's place...

You're not drinking alone...
8 years ago

10cc Cordrazine, stat!  I'm going to be making some more regular contributions to the timeline project, etc. starting next month.

8 years ago

Well, glad to see that no one got beamed up this weekend

8 years ago

Okay, so I went to this Doctor Who meet-up last month (they have them once a month, you see) and I accidentally met a very nice girl.  I say "accidentally" because i wasn't looking to do so   We had a nice time in that big group with that nice handy distraction and all.  We exchanged basic contact info.


Now, out of the blue she starts texting me.  I'm not much of a text-er, but I've been in this century long enough to realize that it's something I'll have to compromise on.  She wants to hang out.  Good news, right?


Well, there's also bad news.  If you're a guy, you'll know exactly what I'm referring to when I note that it's the end of the month.  Needless to say, I live on a fixed income and it's embarrassing to have to beg off a date due to not being able to afford it.  To make matters worse, I found out that she's in a completely different bracket than I am.  Her world has a Rodeo Drive and mine has a Wal-Mart.  Oh, how I wish it was the 24th century and we didn't have to worry about money matters!


The last two nights, I've had terrible dreams about this upcoming encounter.  The first one was so animated that I literally fell out of my bed and got two hairline fractures in my left arm for my trouble.


Sorry Quark... just venting.  I'll take that drink now.

8 years ago

Ah, no monetary system - 24th century or the real world possibilities explored in the 2nd Zeitgeist doc (which features the vision of the Venus Project) - I'm all for it !

Meanwhile, those pesky economic class's hoping she's the kind of person who responds to the richness of character (which you have in abundance, dear Dennis) rather than what's in your wallet at any given time. If not, she's not worthy of you (you could beam down to Bajor & consult an orb, but let's face it, it'd probably agree with me by the time you figured out the message of the inevitably jarring experience).

Let's face it, Star Trek Captains often face challenges in romance. Time for a new script ? Strategies outside the traditional Terran dating box ?

Sending good vibes your way, Captain !


8 years ago

I hate texting, but I spent all yesterday night doing just that.  It didn't do my ailing arm any favors (hurts all the way up to the wrist now).  If only she didn't look so much like my sister-in-law!


Oh, well back to working on season five of Star Trek: Chirikov.  At least until Tyra shows up and I have some company.

8 years ago


Dennis, there's no doubt about it. If money is a major issue to her, you don't want to hook up with that person anyway.


8 years ago

P.S. I hate texting too.


8 years ago

She seems to be pretty down-to-Earth, and hasn't balked at my not having any Grey Poupon yet    I suspect it's probably more my fearful assumptions than anything else.  I'm going to play it by ear.  More on this as it develops...

8 years ago

Happy Birthday,Dennis! Oh,bty,unrelated to Star Trek,I was going though my movie colection and found 2001:A Space Odysey.Does anyone remember this? I first saw this movie in 1968 when it came out.My mom took me to see it,I was 7 at the time,and it was my first space movie.I had allready been weaned on Star Trek starting when I was 5,so I was big into Sci-fi by that time.those were good times,growing up in the 60's.I'm almost 50,and still a big fan of Star Trek!!

8 years ago

Thank you, Ancil!  My birthday was in January, but the well-wishes are always appreciated


2001: A Space Odyssey is a personal favorite of mine, too.  Did you know that G. Roddenberry & R. Wise had originally wanted to tie that movie in with Star Trek: The Motion Picture?  For obvious reasons, they couldn't though and any references were cut.  I'm guessing the monolith was supposed to be a Preserver artifact?

8 years ago


It's my favourite movie of all time.












8 years ago

I think they need to send another monolith back here, so perhaps we can evolve beyond the greed which is destroying our, help ! Benign aliens come hither !

The USS Chirikov needs YOU!
8 years ago

Real life has claimed my first officer   That, and I have at least three other positions to fill.  Stop by and apply if'n you like Trek & creative writing!



8 years ago

Happy Birthday, Captain Dennis !

Can't send you to Risa, but we've got the next best thing: a Holo Program ! And we've given you a really big Horga'hn to impress the Holo Beauties....


(Problem is, everyone wants to come know, to help you celebrate....)

8 years ago

Thank you, Pam!  Still missing you on facebook (hint, hint).  Everyone is more than welcome to come hang out with me!

7 years ago

An activist like George takei is priceless - an engaging combination of humour & an insistence on equality. Here he is, with a video on C2, if you want to read or leave a comment:

Tennessee Lawmakers: We need to Chat

Or, if you like, kick back & have a rootbeer, a Romulan Ale, Bloodwine or whatever and watch it here at Quark's:

If I ever go on Facebook, Captain, I'm looking you up...but I just don't like's just so generic & mainstream...I will not be assimilated....sorry...too much to keep up with already...

(Dennis, dear - you may call me almost anything - including late for dinner - but not "P*m".)

Mr sulu
7 years ago

It's ok to be Takai...

7 years ago

It sure is, Many Feathers !

7 years ago

Check this out - a bit of Trek on C2 Causes:

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7 years ago

Hi Pamylle, you post so many good links here and elsewhere.  Thank you.

7 years ago

Bwaa-ha-ha ! Let's see if anyone in the crew reports me to the Captain for flipping the thread order here to the way I like it, (with the oldest cool Quark pix on top) ! Bwaa-ha-ha !

Did a Star Wars movie marathon last weekend. I may have to start reading the novels. I'm interested in the Jedi/Sith biz. My son Raven may still have a few, but he's going all wabi sabi on me & not hanging onto as many things. Come to think of it, that's why I was able to watch Star Wars - he gave me his VHS Special Edition. (Yes, VHS ! I still have them & watch them. Ditto audio cassettes. And real vinyl records).


Didn't Lucas re-edit the original trilogy again after that ? Well, can't complain too much about Lucas, aside from wishing he'd done more Star Wars movies (I like the Ewoks enough, but I'll not count them or any animation).


Listen to me - I just can't be drinking these root beers - too much of a sugar buzz !



7 years ago

I got the new double-disc DVDs of all six movies last year, and the Star Wars Ep. 4 one has a copy of the unedited original version, the first time that has been available since the laser disc version back in the `90s. It hasn't been restored to modern-day quality, but it is the original.

In other news, I just came back from the annual Star Trek Las Vegas convention. I hung out with several ex-employees of Quark's Bar at the old Star Trek: The Experience attraction which closed down in 2008. One was a bartender there, but the others were actors who used to dress up in full costume for the patrons to pose with and such. They still attend the conventions in and out of costume.


I'm still editing the almost 5000 photos I took of all five days of the convention and all the parties and events.


6 years ago

Happy Birthday, Captain Dennis ! We're meeting in Vic's Lounge to celebrate, with a bevy of beautiful Orion ex-slave girls ("just dying to meet ya"), who actually fit into the Vegas scene quite nicely, despite the green skin...

Ah, Christian your DVD collection sounds awesome. You go, boy !

6 years ago

pausing to re-refuel and reflect

live long and prosper ...


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