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9 years ago

Culled the membership list, removing the five "dead" profiles.

STF has gone to Groups II
10 years ago

I'm interested in hearing feedback on the functionality.  Do we like this better?  Do we hate it?  Do we care at all?  Let the hosts know...

10 years ago

I can handle the redecoration, and even take the time to walk you through what I do.

The first time we tried it, the group had a lot more functionality and was easier to use.  The problem was that some people (regular contributors) had difficulty getting to the group to display on their computer browsers.

Since then, Care2 has made a lot of improvement in the software and worked out a lot the bugs.

10 years ago

Groups 2...(gulp)...I don't know....ask Christian, who is much more savvy in this regard.

Will it mean we have to "re-decorate" ? Egad. I really don't care about fancy stuff. A nice post, a picture or vid is good enough for the likes of me.

Are we ready for Groups 2?
10 years ago

Fellow hosts, what do you think?  Are we ready (yet) to try Groups 2 again?  Maybe now, after all this time, they've worked out the bugs.  It certainly seems more functional and user-friendly...

Group Blog
10 years ago
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Finally got around to updating the addresses on the various rss feeds.  Sorry it took so long!

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