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10 years ago

Thanks guys for the links to see Star Trek things. I always was a fan of them.
I will have fun watching them.

Can't wait for the new Trek flick?
11 years ago

Try out these fan creations, produced for the web:

Star Trek: Phase II This one is endorsed by Paramount Pictures, and features the continuing adventures (TOS: Season Five) of the U.S.S. Enterprise under James T. Kirk.  Gene Roddenberry's son works on this one, and several old TOS stars and guest stars have appeared on it.

Star Trek: Exeter

Star Trek:  Farragut

Star Trek:  Hidden Frontier Deals with the adventures of the U.S.S. Excalibur, as featured in novels.  You can also find four spin-off series here:  Star Trek: OdysseyStar Trek: The Helena Chronicles, Star Trek: Federation One, and Star Trek:  Frontier Guard.

Star Trek: Intrepid A Scottish production, and a little difficult to understand at times.  I just know there's a deck full of sheep somewhere on that ship

You can go here for even more, including spoofs.

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Hey, Ella!
11 years ago

I've got at least one link for every week in the year, but that one wasn't on my list - so thanks!  Looking forward to seeing you on Trekspace, and resuming our chats.

11 years ago - this is a great site for all kinds of Trek talk and such. I'm actually a little surprised that I didn't already see it on the list. Enjoy! 
11 years ago
TrekJunkie - A place to buy/sell Star Trek stuff.

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SIM Fleet links
11 years ago  - The largest and longest running SIM.
Somewhat rigid in its administration.  Set in 2385.  - Second largest SIm; it split off from Bravo Fleet when Bravo made the decision to break from accepted procedure and begin using "Voyager Tech" before it was reflected in canon.  Unfortunately, Obsidian's Command Staff isn't very competent; a great deal of the COs are friends, and thus it oft conjures images of High School cliques.  It is this which causes the formation of so many other, smaller fleets (mainly out of frustration in dealing with "the powers that be").
Set in 2385.  - Small, recently formed fleet which branched off from Obsidian.  Uses forum message board.
Set in 2385.  - Most recently formed fleet, which also branched off from Obsidian.  It's so new that it hasn't even formally launched yet! - Fairly well established site, though not as visually appealing or accessible as the other SIM hosts. Accepts all Trek-related comers, regardless of original fleet origin. - Loose collection of unrelated individual SIMs which run the range of sci-fi (not limited to Trek).  Hosting philosophy is identical to TrekSimms. - Very small SIM situated in the Delta Quadrant; takes place in an alternate future. Clumsy, counter-intuitive site design. - Small SIM situated in the Gamma Quadrant.  Sleek design, well-organized.  Set in 2385. - The Federation SIM Fleet.  Uses chat, message board, and e-mail lists.  Hosts a variety of sci-fi SIMs, including BSG and Stargate. - Very small, poorly laid out, graphic-intensive site with a questionable host (porn links below Trek info on every page). - Best viewed in IE,
this site is so new, it hasn't formally launched yet. - Mid-sized SIM set in an alternate future which (as policy) deviates from canon, following Bravo's example.  The site itself has a sleek look. I can see Juno one day surpassing Obsidian. - Obsidian Fleet branch-off which uses message boards and chat.  Set in 2386. - A Trek SIM host with a confusing
site design (what's with the blurry text?).

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