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Chemtrails Documented Germany February 09, 2008 5:42 PM

Germany becomes the First Country to admit Clandestine Chemtrails Operations

For all those activists who have been investigating and reporting on clandestine government operations around the world to manipulate our weather patterns, this news from Germany is groundbreaking.

The TV news report states that “the military planes of the German Federal Army are manipulating our climate; this is what the weather researchers are presuming and their suspicions are confirmed…

“We can state with a 97% certainty that we have on our hands chemical trails (chemtrails) comprised by fine dust containing polymers and metals, used to disrupt radar signals.”

See German news broadcast  with translation
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Going through old photos February 03, 2008 1:13 PM

I found a black and white picture I hadn't seen for a while taken in the summer of 1971 from an angle which included the sky overhead .  I live on an island between Vancouver Island and the Mainland of British Columbia.

There is an unmistakeable chemtrail in the picture.

So it obviously has been going on for a long time, but probably not to the extent it is now.
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Chemtrails from the BBC February 03, 2008 12:52 PM

Normal Contrails last for only a minute or two, usually less.__The ones that last for hours and spread out are not normal contrails, they are known as chemtrails, often containing barium, aluminium, and pathological mixes; viruses, bacteria, _mycoplasma... and many think are the cause of Morgellons disease. Please stop the disinfo, contrails do not last for a half an hour or more._Craig Robinson We have lived in Biggin Hill since 1964 when only small local aircraft were in the skies. Some years later a guidance radio beacon was installed on the local airfield for use by commercial aircraft. Since then the number of aircraft overhead has increased considerably. Over the last five years the number of aircraft criss crossing overhead has increased tenfold to a point that when we wake up on a sunny morning the sky is clear, by mid morning the skies are littered with contrails. By early afternoon they have formed into light clouds that obscure the sun. During 9/11 and the BA strike there was such a marked difference, the skies were clear all day and so very blue. The effect on the local environment is very noticeable, how long will it be before it effects us world wide._Dave and Irene Fairhurst I feel that it is essential that everyone see for themselves the strange lines in the sky that are obscuring our deep blue skies in a matter of hours. This issue needs to be brought to the public's attention and I hope that the public will look up and see what NASA, in their October 2005 newsletter, refers to as persistent jet contrails making man-made clouds that exacerbate global warming and change our climate. __These jet plumes persist for long periods of time making man-made clouds that change our climate according to NASA. I have now observed black as well as white persistent contrails, white haze formed by these jet contrails, various types of skywriting by jets, jets leaving stop and go trails, X’s, and much more. This is definitely not normal and I invite the public to look up and watch our skies. __Not only does the sky get covered, or blitzed by jets leaving persistent contrails in a matter of hours, small rainbows appeared on either side of the sun. Here you have a world-wide, government-sponsored chemtrail spray program going on for over five years, and yet no media is covering it? __What I do know is that in areas that are being covered by these persistent contrails, large amounts of barium and aluminium are showing up in water and soil samples.__Aluminium is known to cause Alzheimer’s disease and barium is a cancer-causing agent. There are other materials currently used in atmospheric testing as well. __Our atmosphere was doing just fine when Nature took its course, but manmade's course is disrupting our atmosphere, and Earth's and all living species biorthyms. __And when you disrupt the normal flow, for every action their is an opposite reaction.__There is an emerging knowledge of atmospheric dysfunctions. There is also an emerging knowledge of an increasing energy of electric and magnetic fields which in reality are really one energy because neither can work in any capacity without the other. __But our atmosphere is filling up with electromagnetic/ electrostatic energy fields. Energy fields amassing like this are the cause of what is actually_happening to induce our cells dysfuntions. The atmosphere itself is being manipulated for one thing, to attempt to harness energy resources. __But this masses of electromagneti energy being produced _over our heads on a daily basis HAS A UNDENIABLY NEED OF ADDITIONAL ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY TO BE CONTINUALLY ADDED TO IT.__The disruption of Earth's energy (ley) lines may be related to the electroconductive properties of the Chemtrail aerosols. __Or the Chemtrails' chemicals may serve as an energy-reflective barrier to help shape and intensify weaponized energetic beams from HAARP and other scalar weapons engineering systems, which may be being used to disrupt Earth's natural flow-lines of energy, and at any rate clearly do so when powered up.__Every day, hundreds of millions of people suffer from chronic respiratory diseases. Currently 300 million people have asthma, 80 million people have moderate to severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) while millions of others suffer from mild COPD, allergic rhinitis and other often-undiagnosed chronic respiratory diseases. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that in 2005, some four million people died of chronic respiratory diseases. Deaths will increase by a staggering 30% in the next 10 years, if urgent action is not taken. The Global Alliance against Chronic Respiratory Diseases was formed to help stop this global epidemic. My concern is that the health, climate, water, soil, air quality, and the lives of the people are being impacted by these events. I would like to know who is responsible for leaving these persistent jet contrails that change our climate. Research indicates that the activity observed may violate a 1978 UN treaty that the United States ( and UK?) signed against artificial weather modification, as well as various laws and regulations. __I am interested in protecting our climate and human health from man-made clouds and the resulting climate change. I surely do not want to see this happen without public knowledge, agriculture oversight, and public debate. This is a great example of just how out of touch the media and therefore the “people” are with what’s going on in the 'real world' of science, technology and Big-Brother. __This subject seems worthy of an 'exposé', that is if we’re still allowed to know such things. Until then, start looking up. _L. Woolford  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
Hows your skies look?? January 06, 2008 12:58 PM

Jan 2,3,4, Vegas got a heavy dose of chemicals. Three days of non stop spraying and our beautiful skies were filled with poison again. Who is funding all of this and who is producing it. Someone is making millions and I`m sure our tax dollars are paying for it. NO TAXES , No Funding , no chem trails....Problem solved.. Vote RON PAUL  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
Chem trails December 25, 2007 12:18 PM

After going out on a nice day it really sucks to see the skies get filled with poison. It seems that they spray more on the weekends. Vegas has most of its tourist on weekends. After a good spray our pool has it floating on the top. Any one want some samples?  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
Chem trails December 10, 2007 8:09 PM

After noticing what has been going on in the skies, I call the local news, wrote my congressman and EPA. No reply on the news, congressman wrote back a generic letter and EPA doesn`t care. Who ever is running the world governments will not stop. Using are own tax dollars to fund these projects. We must all make a stand for our selves.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
new activity August 12, 2006 7:56 PM

After I think at least two months of not seeing chem trails here in Lakehead CA, I saw four the evening of 8/10 (the fourth was being made at around 7:20pm) and one being made this evening 8/12 (around 6:20pm)--an hour later there was still just one.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
Yesterday, SLC, UT November 06, 2005 9:47 AM

Asked my daughter(24) to look at the sky and tell me what she saw. She said what are all those lines doing there? Why do the clouds look funny/wrong. Kind of dirty looking or I don't know how to say it but they're not right. Clouds don't look like that. Why are the lines spreading to cover the sky? Look, there's more. 2,3 4 more new lines. She wanted to know who is doing this and why. 

All I could tell her is that in the last 2 months, both times that they were this noticable many people we know got sick within a couple of days and the patient intake at the childrens hospital appeared to increase also. (I work in the food service area and only monitor this by patient meals ordered and by parents in attendence.) I guess I'll have to keep my eyes open to this weekend's results.

I do wonder if the supper light rain and the mud traces on my car last week were the result of unobserved chem-trails. I've never had this kind of residue on my car before and I alway park under open sky.

Life goes on ,


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Chem trails in Chicago August 30, 2005 4:49 PM

August 30, early morning. At first I thought the 'clouds' were just overflow from the hurricane, but I spotted the trails and saw them actively spraying, or whatever they do.

Added note. I drive school bus so I spend a lot of time out and about and tend to notice what they are doing. One day while waiting to start the next section of my route, I watched them (whoever they are) actively leaving trails for a good 30 minutes. No doubt whatsoever what they were doing. I actually could watch them turn the spray on and off.


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refer documentation to authorities February 13, 2005 6:20 PM

I think that a good idea for people in the states is to start sending photos and log book documentation of CTs to local and federal authorities...asking for an explaination.

Information I have says that time is running out to get this exposed before it's too late and THEY have so much control that we cannot do anything.

It's great that Bear is doing such a good job with this site...please let all your friends and friends of friends know about it

This could be the most important environmental and social issue facing humanity!

Along with everything else that CTs do, they are part of a mind control project

It is inspiring for me to see so many people joining this site as over here in O(zz) most people are alsleep or in denial...if I can help to can get things happening in the States, it will be much easier for me to get a government enquiry here and to wake the rest of the planet up.

Can someone PLEASE list email. fax and postal address of the appropriate authorities in all states?  As it is just too difficult for me to do from here and I do not know the names of the regulating bodies.

The other thing that I have discovered after many years of reseaching this stuff is that it is really important to vibrate LOVE and only send 100 percent positive vibrations out into the universe.  The "people" responsible for all the havock being wrecked upon the planet cannot survive in a positive atmosphere.  They need fear and terror, it gives them energy...this is why we are being bombarded with so much fear etc.

Even love the enemy,  let this be our new weapon!

LOVE to All    Ashiya

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only light activity 01-27 thru 2-1, heavy 02-02 February 03, 2005 3:12 AM

Only light activity for the past week, but have had a lot of cloud strange cloud formation, probably from sprying just over the horizon. Scott Stevens explains these very well. 02-02-05 dawned with heavy spraying all morning, then crystal clear skies until almost Midnight.  [ send green star]
Hardly any activity January 29, 2005 6:32 AM

01/25, 01/26 had hardly any trail activity. 01/27 started with hardly any trials but picked up in the afternoon. 01/28 was very overcast and cloudy, but by early evening, at least three bright white trails appeared below the dark gray clouds.  [ send green star]
Chicagoland area 1/24/05 January 25, 2005 4:41 AM

Activity started about 9:45 am with 8 plus trails in the western sky { probably Quad cities area}. About 11:30 am the trails shifted to the southwestern sky, then moved over head late in the afternoon. Never enough to completely blanket the sky, fairly heavy all day. by night fall most had ended except for a big A directly overhead with the Moon in the middle {not that that is of importance, just caught my attention < I guess I amuse rather easily>}. Actually the moon did help, it allowed me to see the trails and brought to mind my days driving limo and spend a lot of time at the airports. I will explain the importance of that in "Debunking the Debunkers".  [ send green star]
Document what you see. January 25, 2005 4:22 AM

Here is a place to record what you see. The more information we keep, the harder if will be to refute. By posting here, there will be a record here and on a lot of other computers { at least on mine, as I track this subject, get emails, and save them all}. Important data to record here would be Date, Time, and Location. I you can post pictures, that would be great.  [ send green star]
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