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Take Responsibility for your Own Actions and Share Thoughts
8 years ago

We have to for the economy in the worst shape take responsilibty for our own actions. It’s not just on who we vote for just as John Kerry should’ve instead of George W. Bush been president. High gas prices might’ve lead to the economy in the worst shape it has ever been in. We are all affected by the economy in very bad shape as there had to be cuts on things. There are even waiting lists on things. There’s also a post about the economy. In the worst times we could share our thoughts with United States Senators or Congress or even the White house like the president and vice president. The unemployment rate at the highest affects everything. Let’s take action for this. Have any more of you shared thoughts with politicians? If so please reply here. You could even share thoughts when signing the petition to reshape the world leaving comments. We can't blame all this on politiicans that screw up or have screwed up the most.

Update on this thread
7 years ago

This is the most important on my activist network. There are high gas prices that affect things but also the economy in the worst shape it’s ever been in. There are also driving schools on waiting lists as of the economy in bad shape as there had to be cuts on things. This isn’t all political or undoing the damage of the Bush/Cheney administration. Let’s take action on this one. We are in the worst times of the unemployment rate being high. We kind of saw coming in 2007 the economy going in the worst shape as cuts on things have started along with businesses having to cut short on employees or work hour cuts. We kind of saw it coming soon that the economy is in the worst shape and we also need to take responsibility for our own actions. I got into reshaping the world as of not getting driving lessons with having a learner’s permit as driving schools have too many people on waiting lists and most driving schools in the world are on long waiting lists. There are more important reasons to take action for reshaping the world than waiting lists on driving schools like joining emergency services and power companies so people aren’t without electricity for too long. There is allot of greed for money as not just oil companies are greedy and stock market crashes with the economy out of shape. This petition started off on high gas prices. Let’s all take action on reshaping the world as it’s mainly on the economy.

6 years ago

Here’s the links to the petition for this and a link for taking pledge.


1,000 signatures is the goal.






Let’s get this petition signed. Did any more of you trying sharing them with people you know?

6 years ago

I have a petition on this link below. You could all sign in with comments and could say signing for others who would sign it if they had a chance. This is the reshaping the world one.

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