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6/30/08 E-ZINE
11 years ago

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11 years ago

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Some fishermen pulled a bottle from the deep. It held a piece of paper,
with these words: "Somebody save me! I'm here. The ocean cast me on this desert island.
I am standing on the shore waiting for help. Hurry! I'm here!"
"There's no date. I bet it's already too late anyway.
It could have been floating for years," the first fisherman said.
"And he doesn't say where. It's not even clear which ocean," the second fisherman said.
"It's not too late, or too far. The island Here is everywhere," the third fisherman said.
They all felt awkward. No one spoke. That's how it goes with universal truths.

~ Wislawa Szymborska ~
Daily Om
11 years ago
Employing Presence
Being Present At Work

Being present at work begins before we even go to our place of employment. It starts with our intention to bring consciousness into everything we do, including those activities we do for money. Whether you are a secretary who files papers all day, a janitor who cleans the local high school, or a nurse caring for children, there is much to be gained by fully engaging in the tasks at hand. When you decide to bring your presence into your work activities, you may find that the entire experience of working is filled with new energy and life.

Sometimes we believe that when we step through the doors of our workplace, we cease being ourselves and start being someone else’s employee. Though our employer may depend on us to perform certain tasks, the truth is that we never stop being ourselves. The commitment to being a conscious, empowered person of integrity doesn’t stop and start with a time clock. Our decision to be present for our own lives is what weaves together all of our experiences from the moment we wake up, throughout our entire workday, and to the moment we turn off the lights at night.

Before leaving for work today, you can clear your energy and choose to step out with your best foot forward. Setting an intention in the morning can even help you stay present as your day unfolds. You might decide to find joy in every activity, complete all of your projects on time, or be truly helpful to your coworkers. By being fully present, you will begin to radiate and people may begin to notice; they may even want to follow your lead. Whether you run a company or hold a sign outside a deli, do it with pride and be the best you can be.

Meditation Tip Of The Day
11 years ago
Monday 30 June 2008

When I became awakened, it was the death of sleep, not of me.
The ego died, not me: duality died, not me.
Duality died, and oneness was born.
Time died, and I met the eternal.
The small constricted life broke, and the drop became the ocean.


11 years ago

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11 years ago

Fact of the Day
The American crow weighs approximately one pound when fully grown.

Quote of the Day
"Music is a part of us and either ennobles or degrades our behavior."
- Boethus

Word of the Day

Pronunciation: /moo/
n : small grimace or pouting face
"Smile, don't moue."

On The Way Today
11 years ago

1520 - Montezuma II, the last Aztec emperor, was killed during the Spanish conquest of Mexico.

1643 - The Battle of Adwalton Moor (also called Atherton Moor) in the English Civil War took place. The Royalists under the Earl of Newcastle defeated the Parliamentarians.

1690 - In the War of the Grand Alliance, a combined British and Dutch fleet was defeated by the French at the Battle of Beachy Head.

1815 - United States naval hero Stephen Decatur stopped the continued attacks by Algerian pirates by threatening to bomb Algiers.

1841 - The Erie Railroad's first passenger train. hit the rails.

1859 - French acrobat Charles Blondin (whose real name was Jean Francois Gravelet), became the first person to walk a tight-rope across Niagara Falls (between New York state and the Canadian province of Ontario). Blondin's feat, performed in front of a crowd of 25,000 people, took only 5 minutes. On other occasions he crossed blindfolded, pushing a wheelbarrow, and even carrying a man on his back. Blondin was the most famous of all daredevils who crossed the Niagara Falls.

1894 - London's Tower Bridge, one of the most well-known bridges in the world, opened. The raising bridge was designed by John Wolfe Barry, Sir Horace Jones and, after Jones's death, George Daniel Stevenson.

1908 - One of the largest explosions in recent history took place over the skies of Siberia (Russia). The seismic shock and firestorm was visible for hundreds of miles, leading to speculation that it was caused by an alien spacecraft. Most scientists believe, however, that the explosion was caused by a meteorite slamming against the atmosphere, and breaking apart before hitting the ground.

1913 - The Second Balkan War began when Bulgaria attacked Serbian and Greek positions.

1921 - President Harding appointed former President Taft chief justice of the United States.

1921 - Documents were signed forming the Radio Corporation of America, better known as RCA. RCA soon rivaled its main competitor, General Electric (GE).

1934 - During "the night of the long knives" in Germany, Hitler purged his political critics including.

1936 - Margaret Mitchell’s epic, and only novel, "Gone with the Wind," was published in New York City.

1936 - Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia appeared before the League of Nations to appeal for help following Italy's invasion of Ethiopia and his exile.

1939 - At the Hippodrome Theatre in Baltimore, Maryland, Frank Sinatra made his first appearance with Harry James’ band. Sinatra sang "My Love for You."

1940 - German troops occupied the Channel Island of Guernsey.

1952 - CBS-TV debuted "The Guiding Light," a daytime serial drama that still airs today.

1953 - The first Corvette, selling for $3,250, rolled off Chevrolet's assembly line in Flint, Michigan.

1960 - The Republic of Congo achieved independence from Belgium.

1962 - Los Angeles Dodger, Sandy Koufax, pitched his first no-hitter in a game against the New York Mets. Koufax would throw three more no-hitter games before retiring in 1966.

1963 - Cardinal Giovanni Battista Montini was enthroned as Pope Paul VI.

1970 - After 48 seasons at Crosley Field, the Cincinnati Reds moved to their new $45,000,000 home at Riverfront Stadium.

1971 - The three crew members of the Soviet spacecraft Soyuz II died on re-entry due to a drop in air pressure. They had just set a space endurance record of 570 hours, 22 minutes.

1971 - The United States Supreme Court ruled that the "Pentagon Papers," documents on American involvement in the Vietnam War, could be published; the Nixon government had tried to suppress them.

1971 - The 26th Amendment to the Constitution, lowering the minimum voting age to 18, was ratified as Ohio became the 38th state to approve it

On The Way Cont.
11 years ago

1974 - "Jaws'" famous July 4th scene was filmed. Until Steven Spielberg was satified, a crowd of 400 screaming, paniking extras in bathing suits ran from the water.

1974 - Mrs. Alberta King, mother of the late Martin Luther King, was assassinated during a church service.

1974 - Soviet ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov defected to the west while touring Canada with the Bolshoi Ballet.

1975 - Cher married rock star Greg Allman only to announce their divorce just days after their wedding.

1977 - The South East Asian Treaty Organization (SEATO) was formally dissolved after 23 years.

1981 - Head of MTM Enterprises, Grant Tinker, was named as the successor to NBC-TV president Fred Silverman. Although he was known as a programming wonder-boy at CBS and ABC, Silverman had a hard time the Peacock Network.

1983 - The high court in Melbourne ruled against the building of the controversial Gordon-below-Franklin dam in Tasmania.

1984 - The Los Angeles Express of the United States Football League (USFL) played the longest game in professional history, triumphing over the Michigan Panthers 27-21. The game lasted for 93 minutes, 33 seconds. The old record had been set at 82 minutes, 40 seconds, by the Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs. They did not count commercial time.

1985 - After 4,600 performances, Yul Brynner left his role as the King of Siam in "The King and I." The show had run at the Broadway Theatre in New York City, on and off, for over 34 years.

1985 - For the 13th time since 1972, the world’s official timekeeping atomic clock counted off one extra second at 23:59 Greenwich Mean Time, or UCT, Universal Coordinated Time, (7:59:59 p.m. in New York). The leap second was compensation for the gradual slowing down of the Earth’s rotation.

1985 - 39 American hostages who had been held on a TWA plane for 17 days were released in Beirut.

1985 - Twinkie creator, James A. Dewar, passed away. It was in 1930 that Mr. Dewar created the yellow cake with cream filling, and many say Twinkies will stay fresh almost forever. In the 1960s, many bomb shelters were furnished with hordes of Hostess Twinkies for that reason. Today, more than 45 billion of the cakes have been sold.

1989 - Sudanese military leader Omar Hassan al-Bashir toppled the civilian administration of Sadeq al-Mahdi.

1989 - Argentinian president Raul Alfonsin presented his letter of resignation. He had already announced his decision to go following poor election results in May.

1990 - East and West Germany merged their economies, with the East adopting the Deutschemark as its currency.

1993 - The parliament of Azerbaijan elected rebel leader Suret Guseinov as prime minister.

1994 - The U.S. Figure Skating Association stripped Tonya Harding of the 1994 national championship and banned her from the organization for life for an attack on rival Nancy Kerrigan.

1996 - Bosnian Serb "President" Radovan Karadzic relinquished all power to his deputy Biljana Plavsic, but kept the title of head of state.

1998 - Linda Tripp, whose tape-and-tell friendship with Monica Lewinsky spurred a White House crisis, spent six hours testifying before a grand jury in Washington.

Daily Aromatherapy Tip
11 years ago
Glass Cleaner

Crunch up a piece of newspaper, put 7-10 drops
of Grapefruit or Lemon essential oil on it and polish
windows or mirrors. An added bonus, when the sun shines
on the windows a wonderful fragrance will be released.
Recipe Of The Day
11 years ago
Quick Dill Dip

Enjoy this flavorful low fat dip anytime.

Prep: 5 min - Total: 3 hr 5 min

1 cup MIRACLE WHIP Light Dressing
1 container (16 oz.) BREAKSTONE'S FREE or KNUDSEN FREE Fat Free Sour Cream
1 Tbsp. dill weed
1 Tbsp. dried minced onion
1 Tbsp. parsley flakes
MIX all ingredients; cover. Refrigerate several hours or overnight.

SERVE with assorted NABISCO Crackers or vegetable dippers.

Makes 24 (2-Tbsp.) servings

Make-Ahead: Dip can be made a day in advance. Most vegetables can be cut up a day in advance as well. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Nutritional Info Per Serving: Calories 45,Total fat 2g, Saturated fat 0g, Cholesterol 5mg, Sodium 100mg, Carbohydrate 5g, Dietary fiber 0g, Sugars 2g, Protein 1g

Diet Exchange: 1/2 Carbohydrate
11 years ago


Meteor Watch Day

About This Date

A "shooting star" is a small meteor falling into the Earth's atmosphere. On a clear night, you might see one or two every hour. Very bright meteors are called fireballs, but these are much less common. Large meteors are rare. The impact from one of these was probably responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.
Easy Home Remedies
11 years ago

Scraped Knee? Bag It
It seems like kids manage to scrape their knees every day. Solution: Bag Balm. Originally designed for use on cows' udders, it protects scraped skin and keeps scabs soft so that they're less tempting to pick at. Vaseline, or any other kind of petroleum jelly, is also effective.

For itchy bug bites look for aspirin in the medicine cabinet. Crush 1 low-dose aspirin and add 1 oz. of water to dissolve, then dab on the affected areas. This can ease the discomfort for hours in just 20 minutes.

*For cuts or burns grab some natural l bee honey. Dabbing honey on a skin injury before covering it with a bandage is eight times more effective at speeding the healing that prescription and over-the-counter ointments. Honey contains a rich supply of natural antibiotics and enzymes that sterilize, ease pain and stimulate new cell growth to reduce the risk of scarring!


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