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2 weeks ago

I may have signed before these but did so anyway. What a beautiful photo. I will have to look at more of them before we are back in business.

3 weeks ago

-Petition to protect the Antarctic: At the South Pole much is at stake 

The oceans around the Antarctic are the only waters in the world that are relatively spared by human influence. They are home to nearly ten thousand different species of animals. But even in these remote areas, our species is increasingly invading and becoming a threat.

OceanCare is part of the Antarctic Ocean Alliance(AOA), which is committed to creating a network of marine protected areas in the Southern Ocean. There, fishing should be banned and important ecosystems and wildlife protected against human interference.

3 weeks ago

Disappearing beauty.....great photography


The Stunning Images From Paul Souders' Intrepid Journeys to the Arctic to Photograph Polar Bears | Daily Mail Online
Christeen - 2 hours ago -
Great pics.

In Arctic Solitaire: A Boat, A Bay and the Quest for the Perfect Bear, Paul Souders, from Seattle, reveals how snapping the great outdoors and the creatures in it can be brutal.

The book charts four solo journeys he made in the Arctic between 2012 and 2015 and is packed with incredible pictures – many of which illustrate the dangers the 57-year-old faced.

The book charts solo journeys Souders made in the Arctic and is packed with incredible pictures – many of which illustrate the dangers the 57-year-old faced

1 month ago

UP to date

1 month ago

Take a stand to protect Alaska's bears and wolves from extreme hunting methods!

Unable to sign the Arctic petition dear Monika

All the rest up to date Thank you too Kate

1 month ago

Penguins starving to death is a sign that something’s very wrong in
the Antarctic (The Guardian)

Overfishing, oil drilling, pollution and climate change are imperilling the ecosystem. But ocean sanctuaries could help protect what belongs to us all


The awful news that all but two penguin chicks have starved to death out of a colony of almost 40,000 birds is a grim illustration of the enormous pressure Antarctic wildlife is under. The causes of this devastating event are complex, from a changing climate to local sea-ice factors, but one thing penguins, whales and other marine life don’t need is additional strain on food supplies.

Full article and video:

1 month ago

US only

The Trump administration’s Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, has proposed rolling back a 2015 National Park Service rule that banned savage hunting practices, such as shooting wolves in their dens and baiting bears, on 19 million acres of America’s National Preserves in Alaska, which includes millions of acres of Wilderness.

 Take action

1 month ago
Protect Alaska’s Natural Legacy: Do Not Strong-Arm Damaging Drilling onto Arctic Wildlife Refuge
Protect Alaska’s Natural Legacy: Do Not Strong-Arm Damaging Drilling onto Arctic Wildlife Refuge

The land where life begins: this is an honor native citizens have bestowed upon one of the world’s final untamed frontiers. Join them in condemning efforts by oil profiteers and politicians to maim Alaska’s awe-inspiring wilderness

2 months ago

Grassroots fighters for the Arctic Refuge take the case to DC
We must stand for the protection of the Arctic Refuge and ask our
representatives to do the same.

Even though our day-to-day existence may be far removed from Arctic
Alaska, we must stand for the protection of the Arctic Refuge and ask
our representatives to do the same.
Most Americans oppose drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
In fact, a majority of us “strongly oppose it.” This broad public
concern echoed through the halls of Congress during Alaska Wilderness
League’s Wilderness Week, when more than 25 people from around thecountry (as far as Alaska and as young as six months) convened in
Washington, D.C., in late May to advocate for the protection of the
Arctic Refuge. Collectively, our group met with more than 60 offices
in just three days.
The experience reaffirmed our role in the lower 48, where even though
our day-to-day existence is far removed from Arctic Alaska, we must
stand for the protection of the Arctic Refuge and ask our
representatives to do the same.
“An assault on one community is an assault on all of us,” said
Adrienne Titus, an Inupiat and a community organizer at Native
Movement. “An assault on one tribe is an assault on all of them.”
Full article

2 months ago


Same title but different from the Greenpeace petition!


Tell the Antarctic Ocean Commission: Create an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary
 The petition to the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources reads:
"Protect the Antarctic and its wildlife from the threats of overfishing, plastic pollution and climate change. Create an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary."
Add your name:
Sign the petition

2 months ago

Great news!

Petitions signed dear Marilyn and Kate

2 months ago

Big news Kate,

A group representing almost the entire krill industry has agreed to stop fishing in vast areas around the Antarctic; including the breeding grounds of penguin colonies.

This group includes nearly every krill company working in the Antarctic - including Aker Biomarine - the largest krill fishing operation in the world.

The best part? They’ve also agreed to support the creation of a network of Antarctic Ocean Sanctuaries. Which means, when the Antarctic Ocean Commission meet in October to decide on the Sanctuary, the influential krill industry won’t be standing in the way.

This is HUGE news for the Antarctic - will you help spread the word? 

2 months ago

-Save the Artic Circle Trail

On Greenland's most famous trail is a road for Quods (ATVs) to be built. In contrast, in 2017, 300 hikers protested, but without an answer. In February 2017, an extensive petition was sent to Parliament and the Government of Greenland by a club. So far no answer. That's why we want to make this public now. More information on

Here is the petition:


Save the "Arctic Circle Trail!" 
We, the undersigned and signatories of this petition, hereby appeal read more!! 

2 months ago

US only

Stand Up for Alaska's Iconic Wildlife ! PLEASE SIGN ! !
Cher - 20 hours ago -
Speak up now and urge Interior Secretary Zinke to save Alaskan wildlife from senseless killing.
2 months ago

Signed! Thanks dear Marilyn and Kate


Antarctic ice melt has tripled in five years

'"A three-fold increase now puts Antarctica in the frame as one of the largest contributors to sea-level rise."


3 months ago

Caught up.

3 months ago

I was hearing about this on the radio today. Still the destruction goes on by greedy naysayers. Protect polar bears from Trump's plan-good luck with that. He should only get eaten by a polar bear.

3 months ago

Antarctic Ice Melt Has Tripled in Five Years

Ice melt in Antarctica has tripled in the last five years, according to the most comprehensive assessment of the state of South Pole ice to date, published in Nature Wednesday.

The Ice Sheet Mass Balance Inter-comparison Exercise (IMBIE), as the assessment is called, involved 84 scientists, 44 international organizations and 24 satellite surveys and found that Antarctica had lost 219 billion tonnes of ice a year (approximately 241.41 billion U.S. tons) between 2012 and 2017, contributing 0.6 millimeters (approximately 0.02 inches) to global sea level rise, a Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling (CPOM) press release reported. Before 2012, ice loss held steady at 76 billion tonnes (approximately 83.78 billion U.S. tons) per year, for 0.2 millimeters (approximately 0.008 inches) of sea level rise.


Up to date dear Monika email sent

petition US only Kate

3 months ago

Every day it is something else with him  and more of the same old crap. No one likes us anymore-can you blame them? I am guessing this is US only but one can try.

Protest email
3 months ago

Taking and Importing Marine Mammals; Taking Marine Mammals Incidental
to Construction and Operation of the Liberty Drilling and Production
Island, Beaufort Sea, Alaska



Subject: Taking and Importing Marine Mammals; Taking Marine Mammals
Incidental to Construction and Operation of the Liberty Drilling and
Production Island, Beaufort Sea, Alaska

Ms.Jolie Harrison
Chief, Permits and Conservation Division
Office of Protected Resources
National Marine Fisheries Service

Dear Ms Harrison,

I am writing to express my sincere objections to Hilcorp’s plans for
Arctic drilling in the Beaufort Sea, and application for bypassing
protections for marine mammals.

A permit to allow incidental take (aka killing) of bowhead whales,
ringed seals, bearded seals and other imperiled Arctic marine mammals
during exploration and operation processes should be denied.

Environmental rules have been in place for decades, offering whales
and other marine life a degree of protection from the cacophony of
seismic activity that can damage or kill. These rules should be
strongly adhered to especially with regards to the Arctic. High
decibels are known to reduce the presence of zooplankton, impair fish
eggs and larvae, and temporarily if not permanently deafen adults and
juveniles. Without the ability to hear, fish and marine mammals
struggle to communicate, navigate, avoid predators, and locate prey.
These disturbances can also disrupt important migratory patterns,
forcing marine life away from suitable habitats meant for foraging and
mating. In addition, seismic surveys have been implicated in whale
beaching and stranding incidents.

Offshore drilling threatens our oceans, marine wildlife, and
terrestrial wildlife with the risk of catastrophic oil spills; the
possible, if not imminent, loss of imperiled species would be

As I understand it, a special permit from USFWS, for the incidental
“take” of polar bears, a federally protected and declining species,
would also be necessary. With under 900 Beaufort Sea polar bears
remaining, this is also unacceptable.

Hilcorp’s atrocious track record in Alaska dates back to 2012,
according to a lengthy list of Hilcorp missteps and violations, where
state regulators write that “disregard for regulatory compliance is
endemic to Hilcorp’s approach to its Alaska regulations.”

Clearly Hilcorp’s history of numerous violations demonstrate that
pipeline hazards and disasters are imminent, and would cause
irreparable harm to marine life, as well as federally protected species.

I urge you to deny Hilcorp’s request and uphold laws put into place to
protect Arctic wildlife.

Thank you for your time and consideration of my comment.


3 months ago
ACTION ALERT: Help Protect Alaska's Wildlife!

The National Park Service ("NPS") instituted regulatory provisions in 2015 to ban certain extreme hunting practices in the State of Alaska, recognizing that Alaska "has allowed an increasing number of liberalized methods of hunting and trapping wildlife ... [that] are not consistent with the NPS's implementation of [the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act's] authorization of sport hunting and trapping in national preserves." These banned practices include killing wolf and coyote pups and mothers in their dens, shooting caribou from boats or from shore, using dogs and bait to hunt and kill bears, and using artificial lights to kill mother black bears and their cubs as they hibernate.

Now Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and the NPS are proposing to adopt a rule (RIN 1024-AE38) that rolls back the 2015 regulatory provisions, and would again allow egregious and scientifically unsound methods of hunting native predators in Alaska's National Preserves.

RIN 1024-AE38 is in direct conflict with the NPS's congressional mandate to conserve wildlife to preserve biological diversity, and to ensure that generations of Americans to come may experience the full beauty of Alaska.


Take action:
WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW to ensure that these critical protections for Alaska's wildlife aren't eliminated! Please let the NPS know you oppose RIN 1024-AE38 by submitting your comments to the proposed rule here before the July 23 deadline.

Suggested talking points (and please personalize your comments):

  -  I’m opposed to the National Park Service’s proposed rule to repeal the 2015 regulatory provisions that prohibit killing black bears and their cubs with artificial light at den sites, using bait to attract brown bears for an easy shot, killing wolf and coyote mothers and pups in their dens, using dogs to hunt black bears, and killing defenseless swimming caribou.
  -  The National Park Service should not reverse its original rule, which was carefully deliberated, based on the best available science, and subject to extensive public input.
 -   As an American, I appreciate our native carnivores and believe that they should be treated humanely and with an appreciation for the critical role they play in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.
  -  The National Park Service is directly contravening its own findings that the described methods of hunting and trapping frequently allowed by the Alaska Board of Game to increase opportunities to harvest predators are not consistent with the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act.
  -  The 2015 protections currently in place only restrict sport hunting in national preserves, which constitute less than six percent of the area in Alaska open to hunting. These limitations are sufficient and reasonable.
  -  The Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act and other federal laws mandate that the National Park Service preserve national lands, including national preserves, for the benefit of present and future generations.
  -  The proposed rule will increase public safety concerns resulting from baiting of bears. This practice was originally prohibited by the NPS to help protect the public from food-conditioned bears, which are more likely to cause human injury.

Please share this Action Alert — and thank you for helping protect Alaska's wildlife!

Project Coyote

3 months ago

Up to date! Thanks dear Marilyn, Kate and Christeen


Keep Big Oil out of the Arctic Refuge
Add Your Comment and Help Keep Big Oil Out Of the Arctic Refuge


POTUS and Secretary Zinke are rushing forward with plans to open the Arctic Refuge to drilling.

Take action to stop them

3 months ago Protect the ANWR from the devil!

3 months ago

I think i signed that already-done just in case.

3 months ago

Up to date (forgot again sorry everyone)

3 months ago (US only)

The Department of Interior has taken initial steps to end protections for bears, wolves, and other animals on National Park Service (NP Preserves in Alaska. Their plan would allow outrageous practices including:

  • Shining blinding spotlights to aid in the killing of bears and cubs in their dens;
  • The use of donuts and other baits to draw bears to a location where they will be shot;
  • Killing wolves and their pups during denning season;
  • Using dogs to hunt bears;
  • Indiscriminate and cruel trapping;
  • Shooting defenseless caribou from boats or shore as they cross rivers.

These currently prohibited practices would be allowed on land that belongs to all of us–National Park Service Preserves. Please speak out against this proposed slashing of protections on these NPS lands in Alaska by submitting your comment today

3 months ago

I'd rather block those idiots (and I am being nice) from living but I signe the petition instead.

3 months ago

signed! Thanks Ladies


Block seismic blasting near polar bear dens

Right now, the best way to protect polar bears is to repeal the Arctic Refuge drilling bill. Tell your Representative to sign on to this bill now!

The new “Arctic Cultural and Coastal Plain Protection Act” will keep
drills out of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for future
generations to experience and enjoy.

Tell Congress to support this
important bill! #ProtectTheArctic

3 months ago

All have been signed. Jeff Flake, who is a Republican, is retiring at the end of his term. he gave the Commencement speech at Harvard and it was very compelling hearing him speak of Trump (not kindly) and the state of ruination he has brought us to so far.

4 months ago

Excellent news Monika!! These big companies need to be let know that they are not always going to get what they want when they threaten wildlife and their environment.

I could be wrong but I think that Huskies and sled dogs do not always look the same. I say that only from what I remember of seeing pictures of other sled dogs. I could be wrong.


Good news
4 months ago
Communities Win International Protections for the Arctic Ocean
Reporting directly from London, I’m excited to tell you that yesterday was a big day for Arctic waters and wildlife.
Indigenous leaders and environmental activists like me convinced the international community to adopt new rules that require ships to avoid fragile marine ecosystems, reducing the threat of oil spills, environmental disasters, and harm to wildlife and subsistence hunters.
This is a hard-won victory—the culmination of over five years of community organizing and savvy international advocacy.

New international protections in U.S. territorial waters off the coast of Alaska protect fragile marine areas surrounding Nunivak Island, St. Lawrence Island, and King Island. These waters are critical for wildlife and central to indigenous cultures and food security. Shown here are walruses nursing calves on ice south of Nunivak Island.


Arctic communities in the remote Bering Strait region between Alaska and Russia rely heavily on healthy oceans for food and cultural traditions.
So when the U.S. Coast Guard first started considering new rules for the Bering Strait region, Pacific Environment and community allies insisted that the Coast Guard take indigenous concerns seriously and include the now adopted measures to protect marine wildlife, fragile ocean ecosystems, and indigenous subsistence activities.
Then, we and indigenous allies made sure that international decision-makers heed local input. In fact, it was our testimony that ultimately moved international lawmakers to approve these protections at the International Maritime Organization—the U.N. agency in London regulating the high seas.
The fragile Arctic needs special protections like these to defend it against the many looming harms of increasing ship traffic.
Once rarely seen, ships are quickly becoming a familiar sight in the Bering Strait region.
We and allies are working hard to put protections in place well ahead of the anticipated onslaught of commercial ship traffic.
And we know that these protections work. A couple of years ago local communities and environmental allies pushed for similar protections in the Aleutian Islands. As a result, ship traffic has dramatically shifted away from sensitive and dangerous areas.  

After this win, Pacific Environment and allies will push hard to establish similar protections in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas.
You can see why these protections are a big win for Arctic communities. But much remains to be done to fully protect the fragile Arctic from the worst harms of commercial industrialization, with increased shipping driving it.
In the coming months, Pacific Environment will campaign to establish similar protections farther north in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas. We are also pushing the international community to ban heavy fuel oil, the world’s dirtiest fuel, from the Arctic. And we’re pushing the shipping industry to do its part to move completely to clean energy sources.
4 months ago

Yes, the Huskies do look different dear Jan, this was my first thought, too!

4 months ago

Thank you Monika - what fabulous photos. Does anyone else think that the huskies look different to the ones we see today?

Environmental Action
4 months ago

The Department of Interior (DOI) kicked off its efforts to fast-track the lease sale to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to the oil and gas industry -- and we really need your help to prevent another catastrophic environmental disaster.


Add your name to oppose opening the Arctic Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling.


Polar bears, caribou and hundreds of species of migratory birds depend on the natural habitat the Arctic Refuge offers. We have an obligation to protect their environment. Oil and gas production would disrupt the lives of these animals and could lead to devastating spills that could harm them, their water and their climate.1

Can we count on you to help us protect the Arctic Wildlife Refuge? Sign our petition today.

4 months ago
Tell Trump Administration: Don’t Drill In The Arctic Refuge
Tell Trump Administration: Don’t Drill In The Arctic Refuge

As we remember the tragedy of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, more dangerous drilling programs are being planned. Stand with us in demanding the Arctic Refuge remains untouched.

4 months ago

thanks dear Kate, Christeen and Jan!

Great photo series, it is worth to have a look:


Rare Photos Of First Australasian Antarctic Expedition Taken 100 Years Ago Will Make You Shiver | Bored Panda
Christeen - 17 hours ago -
Stunning pics.
More than a hundred years ago, the young Australian geologist Douglas Mawson embarked on a first Australasian Antarctic expedition. This expedition is deemed legendary for the resilience, physical endurance, loyalty and accomplishments of the crew.
Huskies Pulling Sledge
Wreck Of The 'Gratitude' In Macquarie Island
4 months ago

Done. Thanks Monika. I may have signed that one to but who knows?

4 months ago

Thanks dear Kate


Urgent: Stop Oil Drilling in the Arctic Refuge ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

Cher - 1 day ago -
We can stop this. Using the form on this page, tell the feds to withdraw their plans to drill and keep the refuge a haven for wildlife.
4 months ago

I think I signed for the Arctic Refuge already but did so now and the other is now signed.

4 months ago

Speak out: It's an Arctic REFUGE, not an OIL FIELD!

4 months ago
Protect Walruses Foraging in Alaskan Village
Protect Walruses Foraging in Alaskan Village

Roughly 200 walruses have settled onto the beach of a small Alaska village to forage for food. Walruses are a vulnerable species, especially due to the Trump administration’s refusal to put them on the endangered list and denying them government protection. Sign this petition to ensure that the village protects these animals during their stay and subsequent returns.

Good news
4 months ago

Breaking: Investors take a stand against Arctic Refuge drilling.


Today, a group of investors representing $2.5 TRILLION in assets took a stand against drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge! They urged oil companies and banks to not support drilling in this wildlife nursery. And, in under a week, activists will arrive in Washington, D.C., from across the country to drive this point home.

Thank you for all your support in standing up for the Arctic Refuge. You can amplify this effort by sharing this victory on Facebook. If you do not use Facebook please click here and we won’t email you about it again.

In upcoming meetings with dozens of House and Senate offices, we want to reference public comments from constituents like you. Support for the Arctic Refuge in a member's home district makes the issue more relevant and our meetings all the more powerful.

Share our post and encourage your friends to submit a comment opposing Arctic Refuge drilling.

As these savvy investors state, drilling in the Arctic Refuge is a bad investment. It’s a risk to invest more in dirty fuels. It's a gamble to invest in speculative drilling. And it’s bad business to threaten the human rights of Alaska Natives as well as the countless wild creatures that rely on the Arctic Refuge to survive.

Share the good news and help us ramp up the opposition to the destructive drilling process the Trump administration is pushing forward.

Thank you,

P.S. Thanks for all your support in standing up for the Arctic Refuge. Your voices helped make this happen!

Alaska Wilderness League

4 months ago

back on main page

6 months ago

Oh  I missed so many! Will sign them now! Thanks dear Jan and Marilyn!

6 months ago

Up to date with all. Thank you Marilyn and Jan 

6 months ago please sign and share thank you


Signed Jan thank you

7 months ago

I ahve often thought that as well,Marilyn. You get these crazy people going in and destroying their homes and looking to take them home or kill them and even if they do neither of those things they are still invasive. The human ego can be a dangerous thing. Just look at He Who Shall Not Be Named. Yes, I read Harry Potter.

7 months ago

Signed Jan Don't you think it's probably better not to advertise when new colonies,or herds or any new group of animals are discovered? I'm immediately frightened for them!

7 months ago

Signed. The human species is jost one big busybody. They have to know everything and destroy so much in the process. Every tmeIhear ofsome new animal being found my first thought is that they are then in danger which sometimes they are.

7 months ago

Protect Recently Discovered Penguin Colony

Protect Recently Discovered Penguin Colony
A huge hidden colony of penguins has been discovered in an Antarctica peninsula, partially quelling the concern for their status. However, their survival hinges on the area being made a legal safe zone, free from human interaction and overfishing and safe from climate change effects. Sign this petition to help make Danger Islands a legally protected zone.
7 months ago

Topic closed but see for former petitions

Antarctica Petitions! (3)

Antarctic & Arctic (4)
7 months ago
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New topic incorporating both polar regions.


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