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cyclist political corner
8 years ago

In this thread we seek to create a voice for cyclist through writing letters to politicians in all nations. To support CO2 emissions reduction via more butts on bicycle. We seek to create a voice to gain cyclists equal access to the roads of the world via building 1.5 metre(5 feet) wide bicycle lane on all roads by 2050.

An to encourage governments to assist unemployed people to become touring cyclist/fruit prickers. As away to lower unemployment and to have a little fun and adventure

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cyclist letter to politicians
8 years ago

Greeting fellow fossil fuels exhaust eater/ politician

In regards to climate change, we are seeking your support for the cheapest form of CO2 reduction on the planet, I’m talking about the campaign of MORE BUTTS ON BICYCLES.

Human Powered Transport via the bicycle or trike is the simplest and easiest and cheapest form of transport we have to combat climate change. We are hoping the you will support the campaign to provide equal access to our roads for cyclists. Via adding a 1.5 metre(5 feet) bicycle lane to all roads by 2050

plus abolish any laws that may interfere with the goal of MORE BUTTS ON BICYCLES, such as compulsory bicycle helmets laws.

The average person can travel up to 30 kilometres(18.64 miles) to work via Human Powered Transport(bicycle)

Longer trips via bicycle tourism should be encourage via a system of camping grounds, spread out at 30 kilometres(18.64 miles) apart in between towns. Cyclist Adventure Camping Grounds should be free of charge. And Include a composting toilet.

We are seeking the transfer of all taxation dollars from the cigarette and fuel and carbon taxes to be directed towards the rebuilding of the entire road network to include the above Bicycle Lanes by 2050. We are also seeking that all advertisement dollars spend on anti smoking advertisement, be transferred towards pro cyclist campaign.

Our long term goals is to reduce the number of trips via motor vehicle by 50% on 2010 levels

the health effects of fossil fuels exhaust over the health effects of cycling should be the main focus of advertisement. When you consider that the exhaust from fossil fuels is 20 times more deadly than cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke output is one thousandth the output of fossil fuels smoke

So if politicians are serious about the health effects of second hand cigarette smoke. Then They must be a supporter of MORE BUTTS ON BICYCLES, As a measure of improving public health. When the health effects of second hand smoke from fossil fuels is 20 times more deadly

thank you for your time/support
craig clark

Biking in Chicago, Illinois
8 years ago

For the past couple of decades we have had the second Richard Daley as mayor, the first was daddy RJD his son took office a few years after dad passed and surprisingly presented himself as a biker Mayor. He lived on the longest bike path and was fairly consistent about keeping it clear in the winter and patroled in the summer. He pushed painted bike lanes, and worked with advocacy groups to find and establish many miles of workable bike routes on the streets.
Illinois has not fared as well. A Govenor that ended up in court was not a real driving force for bike issues, a court decision made it permissible to rip out road surfaces on bridges and roadways without adequate signage to let riders know the road was unsafe left towns all around the state pulling out bike routes to avoid being responsible for maintaining safe road surfaces.
The new Govenor while holding progressive credentials is so alienated from his own party that the opposition pretty much laffs at anything he tries to do for the people of the state so bikers are screwed.
There are counties out west near the Mississippi where bikers are fair game on the roads. The farmers pretty regularly run them into the ditch or just runn'em over.
There is work to be done and we have the groups in place to do the lobby pressure but political will is in short supply as the economy has collapsed.
The Chicagoan

hi jeff
8 years ago

Political will is a problem. when politicians present their own will as opposed to the will of the people. But the more people writing letters the large the movement

australian greens email
8 years ago

Advocates for alternate transportation
8 years ago

I have always been active with advocacy organizations for bikes and environment so letters flow off me quite regularly. I have been lucky that in my districts my representatives have been fairly good to both the wheeled and the growing constituants
The Chicagoan


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