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The Race around Australia
7 years ago
| touring cyclists

Hi my utopian friends
I'm setting up A Race Around Australia and I'm seeking sponsor to raise money for the Herbalife Family Foundation.
There are two forms of donations.
The first is for the distance covered, at 14,251 kilometres. donations start at 1 cent per kilometres and go up too 30 cents per kilometres
The second is for breaking the record, which is currently held by Dave Alley. At 37 days 20 hours and 45 minutes. or a total of 54,525 minutes for the distance of 14,251 kilometres. My goal is to break the record by 13,840 minutes. This second form of donation ranges from 1 cent to 10 cents per minute, Plus you can also set a maximum donation for breaking the record.
At the moment I'm training and saving my money. To purchase a greenspeed GTE 20/20 expedition trike. For My record breaking attempt.
I'm currently doing about 350 kilometres per week. When I achieve 3,500 per week I will be ready to race

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the web page for donations
7 years ago

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