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Tell us about YOUR backyard wildlife experiences!!!
14 years ago
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Here's a thread to share your backyard wildlife stories!!!  Animals can be very unpredictable and comical, and we would love to hear about your experiences!!! 

14 years ago
I had a raccoon on my balcony last night.  My kitties were growling at my sliding glass door, so I grabbed a flashlight and looked out.  There was this adorable masked bandit staring back at me thru the glass less than two feet away!  I turned my balcony lights on, and he ran off out back, and I went to my other window to watch him.  He ran into a "stinky kitty" and I was !!!  The skunk got into his "spray" stance and the raccoon back up very slowly.  Then the skunk went back to eating and the raccoon went off in the woods, very relieved he wasn't wearing a new perfume!   
14 years ago

It's a jungle in my backyard


14 years ago
14 years ago

Well, this wasn't "me" exactly, but my wife (I mentioned her aversion to Opposums before) had a box out on the back porch to give the local stray kitty a warm place to stay at night (landlord forbids pets inside).   One night she went out to put a little food out and a little white face peered up at her....I heard her scream from 5 rooms away through 2 closed doors .  The poor things was more afraid of her then she was of it.   Later that night. I found him a much nicer box down by the storage garage, so my wife wouldn't wake the neighbors again

   He was just a darling little guy,  but not a baby.  Maybe a yearling.

14 years ago
Mike!!!  That sounds like one heck of a scream!!!    I'm sure she scared more than the opossum that night!!!  Can you imagine all the wild animals scurrying for cover??? 
14 years ago
Last night was an interesting night for me!  I like to look outside my bedroom window to see what critters are visiting in the night.  Well, last night I saw 3 raccoons searching for food around my birdfeeder area!!!  They weren't fighting and were actually close together!  It was an amazing sight!!! 
14 years ago
Well, now, with the cold, I don't see much action in my backyard. Just the opposum for the last few nights! I guess he's hungry!
speaking of possum
14 years ago

I had only been living here for a month or so when one night something awakened me.. I looked around and the fur companions on the bed with me, one dog, Raphael - our protector, at least two kitties... were looking kinda silly, smiling, wagging tails.  I then looked down at the floor where they were smiling at.. and saw a long tail sticking out from under the dresser.. hmmmm.....

getting out of bed, I look under there to see a young possum looking back at me... well, oh well.. what can you expect when you've taken care of so many of their brethren.. and leave a kitchen window open at night that has a plank going from deck to that window. 

so, I went back to sleep,, later was again awakened this time the bed animals  were smiling so big - rolling their eyes over towards me and back - enjoying this scene.. I look over to where the noise is coming from and see  the little possum had climbed up and was sitting on the dresser  and -was trying on jewelry!

so I guess we had a she-possum.. She was sitting right in the middle of my jewelry box.. looking at herself in the mirror and fishing through the jewelry..

again.. after watching her awhile, went back to sleep.. hey! gotta sometimes let these things work themselves out.. the next morning, she had made her way back to the outside and I would have never known anything about her visit  but for having been awakened by my gleeful bed pals.  Made me wonder how often this had happened before !!! 

14 years ago

Oh Debbie...I just about fell off my chair reading that!  I can't imagine being that calm.  "Oh, well, there's a possum trying on jewelry over there on my dresser...yawn...I'll just go back to sleep."!!!!

The imagine still strikes me as so funny that I can hardly type.

I think my dog Briar (picture giant Newfoundland dog) would be terrified and my cat Hamish would probably be doing his best imitation of a fur hat on top of Briar's head!

For myself, this morning was like watching a tennis match out on my patio. 

First scooting by me went one of the resident squirrels, we'll call him "Streak" (both for his actions and a white streak of fur), closely followed by one of my neighbors cats...Phinneas, who paused briefly to give me a greeting.

The chase resumed and I went back to my coffee.  Back comes Streak, taking his time to make sure that Phinneas hasn't fallen too far behind.  I raise my coffee mug in salute.

Once again, back from the other direction comes ole Streak.  Well, by this point I was getting a crick in my watching them race back and forth across my patio.

Finally someone gave up and I was graciously allowed to finish my coffee to the loud "cawing" of the local raven society.  *grumble grumble*

Ooooh, and I finally got a good look at our cardinal pair.  I've seen them fluttering around but they finally perched for a while in our spruce tree long enough for me to drink in their beautiful color.  All and all, it was a good morning!



14 years ago

Where I live in Bermuda, they say that Spring arrives with the first Longtails (Tropicbird) and I saw at least 5 of them this morning on my way in to work this morning, they really are beautiful birds. I guess that means spring is here - yippee!


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