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Photos of your Backyard Projects :)
14 years ago
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I would love to see photos your projects that you are doing in your backyards! 

Here is my birdbath that I did about a month ago:

my birdbath

It was a resin birdbath on a pole, but the pole broke!  The birdbath part was okay, so I decided to get creative, and the birds love it and use it far more than they did when it was on the pole! 

I'm also working on stone fences, and I'll posts pics when I get them completed.  It's amazing how the wildlife love rocks!!!

14 years ago
Hey, that's great, Kat!  I'll have to look for it when I drive through Bangor in less than a week! 
14 years ago

Kevin, then you won't see it!    I actually live in a small country town surrounding Bangor, but I put Bangor on my profile to keep wackos at bay! 

Driving thru Bangor, huh?  You must be going to a state south of here! 

14 years ago
A small community around Bangor, eh?!  I'm glad your name wasn't on the 'list!'   No, I am not that kind of Nova Scotian!    I will be headed to Niagara Falls, ON ... well, staying over night in CT now first ... so, not really south, but a faster drive than going through Quebec and Ontario.
14 years ago

Kevin, the list huh?   Niagra Falls sounds like fun!  I hope you have a great trip!!!  Next time you drive through Maine, you should swing by! 

14 years ago

Kat I just love your birdbath!!!!  It was a very creative way to solve a problem but what I love the most is that you used things natural to the environment to create a feature that's not only useful but blends in so beautifully with the natural surroundings.

Darn, you should include that in the "Nature Crafts" thread!  You've created something using materials found in nature!!!  Those are exactly the kinds of projects that I love making and enjoying. 


My backyard project
14 years ago

I have finished my pond.

The start of the dig

Here I have just started to dig.  I had laid out the pre-formed ponds to see where they looked best and marked the ground with flour.

Finished digging and pre-form is in the ground

I have finished the digging and used the soil that I dug out to form a berm where the stream would go.

More back-filling

I used local rock layered to prop up the edge of the small pool.  I live just minutes from the Niagara escarpment so the rock was a natural.

Setting liner for the stream

I bought 10 feet of rubber liner for the stream and have laid in place.  I have also added rock around the bog pool.

 Almost done

The rocks have been laid on the liner to form the stream with some rapids.  The pump has been installed and rock laid around the pond and the bio-filter to disguise the black plastic for a natural look.

Up to date

This is what it looks like now with plants and fish and basic landscaping from my favourite spot.  There are some things that I need to change but for now I enjoy the sound of running water and the rave reviews that I am getting from everyone that sees it.  I did it all by myself and it only took me two weeks.


14 years ago

Amazing, Jean! Truly amazing! Looks really, really good! When I am ready for mine, I will be turning to you for advice (hope that's ok!).

It is so interesting to see the beginning and the end! Thank you for sharing that with us!

14 years ago

Jean, that is amazing!  You did an awesome job! 

Garden project
13 years ago

pictures of finished project

Starting 1st Stage


2nd Stage the finished effect


These were taken 1-2yrs back it's changed alot since will post more recent pics soon.  

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13 years ago
Wonderful! Can't wait to see it now!
13 years ago

I finally put in my ponds!  Here is a pic of it after I just finished...


And here's more recent photos of the ponds...



And I also changed the birdfeeding area...


13 years ago

What an amazing backyard! Absolutely great! I have to admit: I'm a bit gelous

for sharing the photos with us!

13 years ago
I really like what you did.  The ponds look natural with the stone paths.  The feeder area is so neat.  I like your back yard.  It looks like it is quite large so you can do many things to enhance it.  You did  a great job.
13 years ago

Thank you! 

Jean, yes, my backyard is quite large...those pics were only a small area.  I love the natural look, and I would love to plant a wildflower prairie in my backyard, but unless I put up a privacy fence, the next door neighbors will complain. 


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