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What do readers think of Unlock Reality (UR)?
14 years ago
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Below there is a list of postings made by members of this site after reading Unlock Reality (there is one posting from a non-member - explained further below). They have been copied from (link below) and taken from different topics on this site. There is much of our sites history weaved into these accounts and they should go a long way to explaining why so many of us are so enthusiastic about Unlock Reality – it really is more than a book.

Bookrossing – link

Arthor has received 43 new, 189 total stars from Care2 membersArthor has been awarded 1 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Arthor R.

Yes it has changed me. It has given me a whole new life. It has reminded me of who I really am, and it has shown me clearly, what up to then were just good ideas with no substance. I'm not sure if everybody who reads it will get it. Some people may be frightened at abandoning some ideas which have been with them since birth, but somehow this book holds your hand and teaches you not to be afraid.

And also it has brought new joy into my life by bringing me some wonderful new friends. Your excitement here people has come for me along with this book and you all here on this site are evidence that what the book claims is true. The book teaches how important it is to share, and almost as soon as I finished reading it, along came all of you to share it with. Yes it has changed me, and I am very grateful to all of you for the part you have played.

September 22, 2005
United Kingdom

Dscape has received 15 new, 48 total stars from Care2 membersDscape has been awarded 2 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Dscape D.

I found Unlock Reality in Primrose Hill Park. The title caught my attention straight away. I sat down and read it all in one go. This book took me on the roller-coaster ride. As I put it down, my personal view of the world and of myself started to change. A positive feeling spread through my body. This book can make anyone feel good, and open our eyes to things we just don’t notice. If you get your hands on it, highly recommended.

book rating: 10 out of 10,
December 04, 2005
United Kingdom

14 years ago

Jenny has received 19 new, 78 total stars from Care2 membersJenny has been awarded 1 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Jenny W.

My name is Jenny Wells and Dscape on the Prepare to Unlock Reality Care2 site kindly loaned me her copy when she came to visit my home. It is a beautiful book and well worth waiting for. It has made me happy to have the chance to read it before it is released.

book rating: 10 out of 10
December 14, 2005,

MorningStar has received 102 new, 1042 total stars from Care2 membersMorningStar has been awarded 489 butterflies for taking action at Care2 MorningStar L.

I invited Dscape to join the Care2 Unlock Reality group and after getting to know her as a friend, she kindly allowed me to read her copy of the manuscript. It has blown my mind, it tells us nothing we already know, but clears the fog from our eyes to see life and love as it truly is. It is a manual for life and I'm looking forward to it's official publication so I can buy the book.

book rating: 10 out of 10
January 01, 2006,
United Kingdom

Silvia has received 36 new, 97 total stars from Care2 membersSilvia has been awarded 7 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Silvia M.

My name is Silvia and I'm a member of the Care2 Unlock Reality group. I was sent Unlock Reality a few days ago by Dscape, to whom I'm really thankful. I think it's a very positive book and I'm glad to have had the opportunity to read it. It has been a very special way to start this new year 2006.

Clarity and simplicity are two important qualities of this text, which brings a beautiful approach to life and humanity. It doesn't talk about any new discovery, but instead it helps to look at ordinary things in a different way, gaining a better understanding and a more positive perspective about reality and mankind.

It's a book easy to read, even for those who don't have English as their mother tongue, like me. I wish it will be published soon, and also that it will be translated into other languages, to make its content available to everybody.

I truly believe that if we human beings lived according to the main idea expressed in this book, our world would be a much better place in which to live.

Silvia Martínez
book rating: 10 out of 10
January 19, 2006,

14 years ago

Shuunya has received 45 new, 274 total stars from Care2 membersShuunya has been awarded 15 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Shuunya N.

I was sent the manuscript from this wonderful lady who own it. It is true that this manuscript explains the construction of the Universe in simple terms that anyone can understand.

I come from a family where half of them is atheists, and half of them is what we call "personal christians". I can see, after reading Unlock Reality, that it will be quite revolutionary for many people.

Many of the atheists will realise that they cannot explain away this simple fact that is right in front of their nose. Because it is happening all the time, always.

The people who believe, but keep it for themself, will feel that their belief will be strengthened. Because they now have a fact that is confirming their belief!

There will be people who will deny what this book is saying. Because to really understand how Universe works, will turn the mind updown. And that is not comfortable for humans who have decided to believe in something else than what Unlock Reality is explaining. But its not to avoid, because its a part of human nature.

However, as they say in the psychology, it is not possible to be in denial forever. So it will be this way that something will happen, one day. And the denial is over....


book rating: 10 out of 10
January 31, 2006,

MadameInvisible has received 146 new, 1822 total stars from Care2 membersMadameInvisible has been awarded 163 butterflies for taking action at Care2 MadameInvisible G.

I caught the book as part of the Care 2 Round Robin. The former "catcher", a lovely and generous lady, was kind enough to choose me to send it to.

I slept very little last night and woke tired and with a headache. At around 10am I started to get butterflies in my stomach and two minutes later, UR was here. As I took it out of the packaging, I felt my right hand tingling and my mood lifting.

Normally when I read, I fall asleep within a short period. I would have expected this in my normal state, let alone a tired one. I read UR cover to cover in 2 hours, with a tea break in the middle! No sleepiness…. My headache is gone and I feel elated.

Absolutely beautiful.

For me, this cannot be published soon enough. It is a crime to keep it hidden much longer. For some, it will be a spiritual awakening, for others it will gently direct to areas where attention is still needed. It will not please the rigid or the authoritarian personality however. My partner, who is 12 years my senior, is this very minute enjoying it too. What he will say I cannot predict, but I feel he too will love it, and so will everyone who has this wonderful opportunity.

Even had I not been asked to quote or paraphrase, I could not. Unlock Reality has to be viewed holistically. If you enjoyed the Four Agreements for its logic and simplicity of writing you will love this. Fundamentally important spiritual concepts stripped to the core in language a child could grasp but written with beauty and with humour. Written above all with Love.

Much of what is written within I already knew, so came as confirmation; but it also signposts those areas that 49 years of “learning” have muddied. I am on my way! With joy in my heart, a spring in my step, and compassion for those in this world who will never know the beauty that comes direct from the source…

Lisa Gabriel, poet, musician, teacher and former Westminster and European parliamentary candidate.

book rating: 10 out of 10
31st January 2006,
United Kingdom

14 years ago
Elizabeth has received 342 new, 4483 total stars from Care2 membersElizabeth has been awarded 247 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Elizabeth F.

Following is the poem I wrote on 1 October 2005 after completing two readings of the manuscript, "Unlock Reality", followed by my commentary.


I've just read the manscript
"Unlock Reality"
A simple conception
For life lived with dignity
The contents within
I cannot reveal
It is a whole package
I plan not to steal
For those who are following
Would be done a disservice
If I were to tell you
The truth of the universe
'Tis practically simple
And written so plain
The youngest of all
Will surely exclaim
"Why was I deprived
Of life as it should be?
It's time 'twas revealed
Let's unlock reality !"
Now is the time
For the truth to be freed
A change is so needed
So true, yes, indeed
Let's now see this script
Come out on the market
For all who are clamouring
For Truth; they will spark it
The more who do read it
Will see the impossible
Of the love, peace and joy
Is so surely possible
There is in us all
The answer to all
Yet reading this script
Does no harm at all
If one is a Christian
The Bible one reads
If Jewish or Muslim
Their Books they do heed
Likewise the Hindus
And other sects too
A book it is part
Of religion, their due
So let us move forward
The past leave behind
Please unlock reality
To all let's be kind

©Elizabeth A Feisst 1 October 2005

Having now read the manuscript, I can honestly say that there is nothing in it that will harm society...instead it will provoke a much needed boost to the change happening on our planet. After all if one really believes we live in a world right now that is heaven on earth, then one has got blinkers on, surely !!

The new day is dawning and society as we currently know it is seeing/about to see a tumultuous change for the better (the transition may not necessarily be a comfortable ride, however, but the end result will be very worthwhile). Heaven on earth is attainable and "Unlock Reality" will make a huge contribution to this happening.

Its simple revelation of the true concept of life is undisputable... it confirmed for me much of what I already knew to be true and opened up my mind to further, deeper understanding of how everything really is. The publication of its contents is a must.

I know this book, when it comes out, will be seen by many as "corrupt" (the manuscript is already creating heated discussions on some forums), yet it is not for others to say what one should or should not read...

This is 2005 and we have come far enough where individuals are wishing to take the reins of their own lives, rather than being blindly led along by others (individual/groups/organisations/religions/governments/etc. ) and this I applaud. The individual has the right of choice and along with that the intelligence to make up his/her own mind as to what is right for them. People power is what it is all about, where the will of the people prevails.

They want to be part of the change and the change begins within self first, then filters outward as people begin walking their lives in a new way. "Unlock Reality" will go a long way to assist in this inner and outer change.

I give humble thanks for having had the opportunity to read it. It is a potentially huge publication and I wish the Individual Self-Discovery Trust the greatest success in its promotion.

Elizabeth A Feisst

book rating: 10 out of 10
Isle of Man
October 1, 2005, Isle of Man

14 years ago

Leo has received 13 new, 31 total stars from Care2 members Leo W.

Found this book on Primrose Hill. I can’t tell you how much I love it. My past has been fragmented – religion as a child, academia in my teens, full-on heavy-duty internal kung fu in my twenties. Now at 33 I’ve just come back from time in the north African desert. I landed lost, chose life, made some very positive decisions, and then this book lands on my lap…. And EVERYTHING makes SENSE!!! Ok, you may say “calm down” but I was very happy to find the way science/aeronautics so closely resembles internal kung fu, and I discovered many wonderful things about this playground as a result. But then this book comes along and connects everything! I’ve done all this study but missed the most important point! The only point… and every point. And it has me in tears every time I read it.

book rating: 10 out of 10
September 07, 2005,
United Kingdom

Fred Grant

This is a facinating book which everyone should read. So simple yet so complex. I'm very happy to have found this. It can't be argued with while it explains things most of us don't consider, perhaps until it's too late. This manuscript should be published.

book rating: 10 out of 10
August 16, 2005
United Kingdom

14 years ago

Tony has received 39 new, 127 total stars from Care2 membersTony has been awarded 1 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Tony H.
When I read Unlock Reality my first thoughts were ‘the time of the Dark Side is drawing to an end’. It will be ended not by a war or by the convoluted planes and ideologies drawn up by lofty intellectuals, but by a small book and the simply message of love that it emanates’. Making answers so simply that no one can deny them is a cunning way of preserving freewill while ensuring the whole race comes along for the ride. Now I know that such a statement should come from a tie-dye warring com-by-ya singing hippy type, but I sit here in my baseball hat, wicked beats in the background and a love of all things rave. I thought, if this could have this kind of impact on me, what then of the rest of the world? I watch this site grow and the vibe it shines with and think yes ‘all things are possible to those who believe’. U.R. is already making its mark. As more readers join and the ideas that are the backbone of our universe get focused by 122 pages like light through a magnifying glass and start to melt the craziness away, my question is, no longer ‘can this world be changed?’ but ‘when?’

October 03, 2005
United Kingdom

14 years ago
There will be more readers and their thoughts will be added to this topic as they are written. However having read through the above you may be thinking ‘wow – this is too good to be true, there must be more to this, somebody must not like Unlock Reality, what’s the other side of the story?’. Well I’ve looked high and low and I can only find one person who doesn’t like it. And in the interest of offering you as much balance as possible (even though I loath giving the cantankerous cote the space) here are some comments from Rev Wallice taken from the Unlock Reality yahoo site (link below).

Rev Wallice

Yes I did read it, under the protection of constant
prayer, and knowing I must endure this ordeal in order to do the Lords will in helping to stamp it out. The difference between me and some unsuspecting person reading it is I knew what to expect and what to look out for. Even though, it took me several days to recover. The sad thing is, there are many who will never recover from it's effects.

Yahoo Message 429
October 1, 2005

Rev Wallice

The world may indeed be ready to know the truth, I do not know the appointed time, but this trash Unlock Reality is not the truth. The Bible is the Word of God given onto men.

Yahoo Message 431
October 1, 2005

14 years ago

Christine has received 48 new, 359 total stars from Care2 membersChristine has been awarded 11 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Christine W.
Phew !
What a read !

UR and I got comforably settled on the sofa .... then ... I became completely immersed in her words !

It really is as though one is with a real entity and that this entity is actually talking

My first impression was oh boy yes - this is so true I know this already !!

Then as I read on I understood suddenly why I'd felt from childhood that I didn't belong to my family and that I'd been adopted ! ( to my child mind this was the only logical explanation to feeling so 'different' to everyone else 

I know that sounds daft - but you see - since I was a child I felt so different from everyone else in my family - I used to ask why the world was the way it was and why people couldn't just be nice and loving and why there had to be war and hunger and and and ....... little by little I 'learned' not to ask such questions .. little by little I learned how to 'shift my vision' to seeing the world as everyone else saw it ... little by little I learned to fit the 'role' alloted to me .... but I never learned how to stop feeling different I never learned how to 'belong' - either to my family or to society

Now I understand everything !!!

Something else that occured to me ... this whole group is what UR is all about ! Amazing !

Now I'm off for a wee cuppa - I just wanted to share with you my first impressions hot out the oven


14 years ago

Shannon has received 8 new, 126 total stars from Care2 membersShannon has been awarded 5 butterflies for taking action at Care2
Shannon C.

My thoughts on UR

Wow.. what a read, read it straight through in one sitting….took 5 hours and I will have to go back and reread a few parts to fully digest it. While I was reading it the movie the Matrix kept popping into my mind. Well after I finished the book I walked through my living room and noticed my husband was watching the Matrix...not a coincidence

Some of what was said in the book I already knew or discovered on my own however it was still good to get the reminder in a new and unique way. However there were some things I just didn't see before and it has helped to clear up some things and motivate me even more to live to my full potential!

This is something everyone else has said about Unlock Reality but it is really true that it is an easy read, the concepts are simple and clear and to the point. It's amazing to think how I have come to read it. First Dscape discovered UR resting alone on a bench in the UK and she was inspired to share this book with others and therefore made it's way to me here in Canada. I am definitely grateful for the opportunity to read it, I knew I would get to read the book when the time was right and now that I have read it I know that the timing was perfect as it came to me when my heart and mind are in a place to fully appreciate what it had to say.

I will not disclose any conclusions from the book or quote from it and after reading the book I can see why that rule is in place…that being said I feel that because I am reading this right when the announcement has come from the ISDT regarding losing its publisher that I need to address some things and speak about the truth in UR and those that fear it.

Sometimes the truth hurts, and when someone points it out to you it can make you angry and fearful because you have chosen not to see it but rather believe what others have chosen for you to believe, look at the news and what they choose to report on…that is not an accident, it is carefully planned out to guide our attentions away. Right now so many people around the world are fighting for the truth to be heard and suffering the slings and arrows because of their mission. Take for example global warming, not too long ago people laughed at that and thought it was nonsense. Now it is accepted and people are more willing to act so eventually with enough perseverance the truth is heard.

UR is no exception, some of what it says many people will not want to hear regardless of whether it is the truth, they would rather believe the lie as for them it seems easier. Going back to the Matrix…UR is like Morpheus trying to unplug as many as possible from the great lie. There is a scene in the Matrix where after Neo is unplugged he asks why his eyes hurt and Morpheus tells him “because you have never used them before”. When you finally see the truth it can hurt but that is temporary and afterwards you are empowered to live your life as you choose and not how others have chosen for you. To use the Matrix again; the scene where Morpheus has to apologize to Neo as he comments on awakening minds that are older as they become comfortable with the Matrix there minds close and it is too much for them to be awakened. I feel like that is how it is for many on the planet right now, they simply don’t want to be awakened however we are at a point in time where it is necessary as a human race we are like a runaway train speeding towards a brick wall that we built and soon it will be late to stop it so it is vital we toss away old thoughts and open our minds to new ideas and solutions.

Anyone who tries to ban UR or stop the publication are those that want to live in the Matrix and want to hit that brick wall as they helped to build it. They have had their time and served their purpose but now it is time for us to open our hearts and minds to new ideas and ignore those that jump up and down trying to stop you from slowing down the train and living a healthy happy life with a future to look forward to and not fear.

Thank you again to Dscape for being who you are and to everyone in care2 who has made this a wonderful journey

12/07/06 - 1:56 PM

14 years ago

BFG has received 4 new, 4 total stars from Care2 members BFG B.

The most amazing thing happened to me yesterday when I went out to Hampstead heath. I sat down at the top of the hill to admire the view. At that moment I noticed a battered A4 sized book on the bench next to me. Immediately I picked it up and looked around to see if someone had lost it. No one was around. On the front cover was Unlock Reality that I thought was a strange title, stranger still was that it said on it that it was one of 50 left around for people to find. This immediately court my attention, I began to read the first page it was simply written and compelling but not initially groundbreaking. The more I read the more of my misconceptions vanished and I wanted to read it. Buy about half way through there was no question but to read the rest.

With out going on, this book was a revelation, the only way I can explain it is that it let me feel like a child again walking with my father holding my hand. It reminded me to stop planning to live and to start living. On the book It said that your not supposed to quote from it which is a shame because I what to share my experience with the world, but this book has given me something great and so I think it best to respect the wishes of whoever’s involved and let the book run it’s natural course. I passed it on to my brother, and I hope he will get the same enjoyment out of it as I did. Unlock Reality is like an old friend pointing you in the right direction with a joke a smile and a piece of advice. I hope everyone gets to read it at some point. Ilovebfg.


Monday, August 14, 2006

book rating: 10 out of 10

13 years ago

Char has received 44 new, 56 total stars from Care2 membersChar has been awarded 126 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Char N.
I received my book today (how's that for a coincidence?).

Having never read the book before and learning of it solely from this site, I admit I was rather skeptical. However, I think highly of some of the individuals on this site recommending it, so I decided to fork over the money as soon as it was available and give the book a shot.

I have only read the first 10 pages so far. I will tell you that the language is simple enough for a child to understand, sane and very clear. I do look forward to reading the rest of it with an open mind.

Since it presents the information in steps, it does make sense not to talk about the content of the book. Many Western Wisdom schools present their information in the same way. The information is layered and is best served when followed in the order it presented. Since I have only read 10 pages of it, all I feel qualified to say is that I have received it and I like what I've read so far.

13 years ago

Char has received 45 new, 60 total stars from Care2 membersChar has been awarded 127 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Char N.
As a new reader of UR, and because I previously stated I would do this when I finished reading it, here is my review of UR.  Please note that I have tried to be honest and present both sides to the picture.

 What I liked:

1. The book is written in very simple English.  A child or by someone who does not have a full grasp of English could easily read this book.

2. The first basic conclusion of this book would indeed make the world a better place if everyone followed its basic logic.  There are numerous other conclusions, equally as positive, which also correlate with many teachings and are backed up by scientific evidence.

3. The book, written in chapters similar to steps, made following the logic a no-brainer.  It is an easy read and particularly works well pausing between chapters to let them sink in.

4. The book correlates several principles common to the writings of mystic seers, several philosophers and scientific principles.  It presents them in an orderly fashion which gives you several, "Ah ha!" moments.  Previously read texts, which may have seemed vague, can become clearer upon reading the book.

5. The book can give you several "Why didn't I see that before?" moments if you allow your thoughts to expand on the key points.

6. It tells most adults absolutely nothing they have not heard before but reiterates many principles they already knew until they seem blatantly obvious, hard to ignore and simple to execute.

To be continued...

13 years ago

Char has received 45 new, 60 total stars from Care2 membersChar has been awarded 127 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Char N.
What I did not like:

1. There are short passages in the book, particularly in Chapter 4, which struck me as being slightly condescending. I do not believe it was intentional but it does come across like that. There is simple and then there is silly.

2. I wish they had included a wider variety of examples starting in Chapter 4 instead of focusing on one single train of thought as a given. Because of that, it has a tendency to be somewhat exclusive. There are numerous examples that could have been included to offset that and it would have broadened, not lessoned, the appeal of the book.

3. There were a few passages scattered throughout the book akin to negative advertising. If you explain something clearly by showing shining examples of goodness, people are generally smart enough to figure out what the opposite is. Unfortunately, the book sometimes has a tendency to dwell briefly on those opposites. I simply felt it was not needed. They had already made the point.

4. Although the overall logic of the initial principle was certain, I felt that some minor points starting in Chapter 4 used a type of false logic. It does not change the big picture, or the underlying principles, but again limits their audience.

To be continued...

13 years ago

Char has received 45 new, 60 total stars from Care2 membersChar has been awarded 127 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Char N.
Overall impression:

The book almost gives the impression of a rough manuscript that has not yet seen an editor. Some of my negative comments would be eliminated with a little rearranging of some of the same text. The biggest thing about this book is that if you institute the principles in your life, substitute your own nomenclature for some of theirs, regardless of whether you agree with my dislike opinions, your world will absolutely change for the good. If you read the book with a completely open mind and truly want to make changes to your world, the fundamental principles in this book are completely sound, totally loving and absolutely life changing.

Would I buy this book again?

I would not buy a second copy. However, I do plan on sharing my existing copy because it reiterated several things I have been working on in my life and confirmed numerous principles I strongly believe in. I am glad I bought the book and plan to read it again.


13 years ago

Mate has received 2 new, 2 total stars from Care2 members Mate K.
I read it finally!

Hi Friends!

Here's someone's view on UR who also saw The Secret.

At first UR is beautiful and he is truly capable of making this world a much better place for everyone. I've been seeking books and teachings about how to develop the fundamental capabilities of the individual since 2 years. I can say that the most amazing material that I've found iare UR and The Secret. After carefully reading UR I realized similarities with The Secret and that was a powerful and valuable experience for me, because for me, it made the content more believeable.

UR is very easy to read and to understand but I'm sure that he will shake the world(as they know it) of people who read it.

I'm from Hungary and I haven't got any difficulties with UR's language and the way he describes the Universe and the powers within us. Reading him was an exeptional encouragement for me.

I have to say that UR should be read by all people on this planet to tell them how we all belong together.
I will surely read it much more times because I think this is a book which can give you more and more while you read it again and again and I'm sure that after every single reading of UR you will realize more and more good things in yourself!

I'm seriously planning to translate it to hungarian and to lend it to my family and friends!

With Love,


Budapest, Hungary - 04/09/06

13 years ago

Angela has received 33 new, 298 total stars from Care2 membersAngela has been awarded 102 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Angela S.
My first impressions

As most of the readers have already stated, the book is quite easy to read and comprehend. Truthfully, it has not presented any information that I have not been aware of, but it most certainly helps to reinforce many things that I already believe or have innately felt for most of my life. It makes me feel that I am on the right path. I particularly like the way the book builds up with each chapter and ends on such a beautiful high note of enthusiam and hope, which is quite infectious. You can't help but feel good after you have finished reading it. To me UR is about how to make this world a better place, and how each one of us can all take part in doing just that. It's all so beautifully simple!

Pennsylvania, USA - 06/09/06

13 years ago

Derek has received 136 new, 4286 total stars from Care2 membersDerek has been awarded 904 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Derek W.
Having received my copy in the post, with a little excited trepidation, I started to read yesterday afternoon and, with a good night's sleep in the middle, read it in two sessions

My first reaction:

I felt as I was reading it that this was something I have been familiar with all of my life, and yet I was experiencing it in a completely new and liberating way, which has left me with a smile even broader than the usual smile that anyone who knows me has often seen

I want to the whole world, have another good night's sleep and then read it all again several times

Since I have had a brain injury, it will take several readings for much of the book to be welded into my brain, but already the central message is hot-wired into my outlook on life. I now understand why a friend of mine always ends her postings with the phrase 'Love is all'

 UK - 09/01/06

13 years ago

Francois has received 203 new, 2750 total stars from Care2 membersFrancois has been awarded 375 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Francois A. My conclusions
Some thoughts about UR, it’s contents and conclusions

It is amazingly simple to understand. As some did already point out we all will recognize some knowledge we already had in new cloths... And be presented some new aspects as well.
What amazed me most: The simple way to prove it's dealing with reality and not with theory or something far away that could be ignored. We are clearly shown how the “distance” to this supreme reality some may have perceived is mere a kind of “discretion” of that principle not distant at all – leaving us the freedom to position ourselves towards it. Keeping us the option to have our personality granted forever.
It looks as a little fire expanding itself into a big forest fire. I now know why firemen are so eager to extinguish it rapidly, to protect the “status quo”.
We have the choice, take it - or leave it. UR is describing a movement that never will stop its course and includes a friendly invitation to take part in this adventure of life and love. I made my choice and recommend its reading.
Conclusions: Who ever asks for UR will be introduced to it’s light.
My challenge to you: Just ask any reader of UR to help you to Unlock Reality !

Sincerely - Francois

Switzerland -

13 years ago

Artist L.
I'm finally getting around to posting my report.

My overall impressions are positive. I think that any book that makes people think and raises their consciousness about the world around them is worth reading. Let's face it, there are lots of unconscious people walking around who are taking everything at face value and never examining life. Many people simply do not think for themselves, and UR encourages them to do that. Because I am an independent thinker and have examined life quite a bit, reading UR was not a mind-blowing experience for me, although I found it interesting and entertaining.

The central theme of sharing and cooperation as the natural, healthy, and intelligent design (or construction) of the world, is irrefutably true. It is also quite true that modern society is not optimally designed to promote sharing and cooperation. In my view, Unlock Reality is as much a political work as a spiritual work. It is blatantly anti-establishment, and I can understand why it would rattle some people. It is a little more than just a gentle voice reminding you of what you "already know;" there is a clear call to action if you are reading between the lines.

I do have a sense of more than one voice contributing to this manuscript. I found the writing more eloquent in some parts than others. I also was struck by the cultural cliches running through this book. Of course, these cliches are readily understood by all, but for me it diminishes the literary quality of UR, as do some of the bumpy transitions in parts. This only means that stylistically it could be improved, not that its message is diminished. One thing I found curious is that although the New Testament is heavily quoted in parts of the manuscript, Jesus Christ, to whom these quotes are attributed, is never mentioned by name. Furthermore, the only person who actually is mentioned by name is Bob Geldof.

I could say more, but I think that's enough. In conclusion I'll say: read it and see what YOU think, and after you have read it, please do continue to think.


Providence, RI, USA
13 years ago

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"was chosen to read this book a big surprize and honour , the book is a seminal work. and I experienced feelings of awaking, releasing and freedom whilst reading it. my life will never be the same again with love only love Snowwhite8xxx"
book rating:
 10 out of 10

(Below are some comments Eirwen made on this site at New UR Reader, Announcement).

"...however just to say that when this book comes there will be a shift big time"

Q) "So Eirwen, for fun, can you describe UR for us in two or three words?"

A) "...three words ' awakening , releasing , freeing"

06/17/06 - U.K.

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When my Mother finished reading this is what she said.

"I wish we had a book like this when I was young. Children should all have this book young. It is easy but very important. Why this is not in the book shop?"

Sweden -  28/09/06

13 years ago

So glad

that I can be

So glad

I can allow myself

to be me

So glad

I am in position

to be together

So glad

I am here

so I can share my views

and being able

to let my fellow-humans feel

my devotion,

my passion

for all what is

So glad

I can watch

and see our children grow

So glad

I can give

and inspire

with their own inspiration

Dare to love

Love to dare

We are one

One are we

Annemieke ©

13 years ago

Annemieke V.
Hiya, here a nowaday-reader from the lowlands (dutchy-country).

Oow, like Derek says: "It's so familiar". Funny thing is that I see clear visions of times long ago now and then while reading. Visions about lessons I was taught during my time at highschool, things I always was imaginating about, my daydreams, my questioning which did not seem to fit in daily life like 'everyone' was living their daily life.... (I am an 'image-thinker', can you imagine? UR is becoming a movie in my mind).

Somehow it is like reading my own thoughts..... Great to be able to read 'my thoughts' and even more wonderful: I am not alone in this.

Most remarkable up to now (I came to page 13 now) is that suddenly it popped into my mind that I am not only thinking what is to be read in UR. It is not only that I thought and think that I live quite near to what UR now tells me. But it is happening right now. The difficulties I go through at work, the good feelings while working in my relationships, it all fits together.

And yes, the difficulties (most prominent at work right now) are dealing with some kind of ego-conciousness and 'not wanting to know/not wanting to see' while solutions are right in front of us. And that in practice is a hard part to deal with. I need to practice a lot of patience. Not only with my co-humans. Also with myself. Piece by piece things will get there.

I will end my report of today with an addition to what Derek said earlier. "Dare to love" is so important. Being nice is not always the way to be good. We are all able to succeed when we allow ourselves to make mistakes......

13 years ago

Annemieke V.
......Here I am! My internet is holding Tony, fortunately! I have been out for the weekend. And inbetween all the activity I keep on reading!

Funny to remark: Sometimes I experience something which I read about soon after. Great example which all UR-readers probably will recognize from reading: A girl about 6 years old tells me she learned how to write number four. After telling me what 4 looks like she says: "My teacher knows everything." I told her that I doubted that and asked her if her teacher knew what colour her two fishes at home have....

While reading I see 'misunderstandings' of what is happening in daily life passing through. And I think of a movie.... You know that movie in which Jim Carey  is living his life and he happens to be the only one who is not acting?

Now again, there is somehow not really anything 'new' about what I read. The thing which is making all this a true gem to read is that it is putting several information we all (should) know about together in such a way it makes a story complete.

To complete my evening I will read further from page 43. I already know that somewhere in this world there are people who know what I will find there, but more important I know that there are people who know us for who we really are. No one excluded.

It is great to discover what is no secret at all. It is great to get to see what is hidden behind daily life. It is great to know we are capable of doing great things just with the possibilities which are here and now.

"Expect the unexpected: expect a miracle"

Seeya around!......

13 years ago

Annemieke V.


And again I somehow fore-read. What I just read (tomorrow I will read on form page 59) was kinda what I wrote above about faith and trust. Not the kinda faith and trust many of us are used to in the form of religion-rituals and insurances.

The kind I am talking about is holding more strength and is absolutely more giving versus receiving in a whole other form then we are used to in daily life. At least from what is (supposed to be) common. I am sure loads of readers and future-readers were/are practising this without thinking about the difference they are actually making in our amazing and changing world!

To be continued!.......

13 years ago

Annemieke V.

........I think I got the hardest part (at least... uptil now). It was quite something to get through. This part was somehow feeling like a cold shower at first ànd at second ànd at third. Later on it came all down and fell into proportion. It still ain't easy to realise what is to be realised. And again: somehow, somewhere it is not new at all.

Thing here is that I thought with what I knew I was alreading dealing with. But old-time-habits which you 'know' about can be very unknown at the very same time. It is so regular to me that I simply see what I believe to see (read: what I so dearly want to see) though it is an illusion.Even as a non-believer, in the way of religion, I am having believes which I do not believe in. I am believing things I don't believe, wow how far can things get?

I am raised with ideas. Ideas which are not mine. Ideas from which I myself, never ever have experienced as well. How can I believe what I never have experienced myself? It is not that I think my parents did wrong. Indeed, I think they did quite some job by getting me this far, where I stand now, by stimulating me to think ,yself instead of only believing others. Even when they have their believes. And they supported me weather they agreed with me or not (as long as it was not obviously bad).

It is quite something to free yourself in your thoughts in a way which is freeing not only yourself. Don't think I am already there now. Not only because I haven't finished reading UR. All change is a start. And as far as I can oversee there is no end to it. Fortunately: that's important for enjoying it.

Now what is happening to me right now somehow will get me somewhere. Somewhere where I already am and it will turn into somewhere I really want to be, want to do, want to feel, want to live!

I am ready to open doors, because I know it is up to me for what I do. Now I am making a start to really feel what I am, what I have been all along.......

13 years ago

Annemieke V.

........Hiya! I'm back!

Well Tony, UR should be arriving back home any moment..... It should be tracable at with code LX 501594525 NL.

Although UR is not physically with me anymore.... UR with me forever! Noone can take this away from me. It can not be kept from anyone!

I think that's quite something which tells about what impact reading UR can have on me. Not by knowing more, seeing more, feeling more, but just by sseing a truth which is in everyone of us. A truth which is not telling us what to do.

The way UR is travelling around the globe is a great example!

"Water the flower and take good care of it", is all I am going to add here!

Thank you all for being with my while I was reading, that was of great support.

(between 05/10/06 & 19/10/06)


13 years ago

Mayke K.
Hello you all

I have enjoyed reading UR. A great confirmation to what I already knew and I am very happy this book is going around so many people. We will change the world!

Much love,


Holland (21/10/06)

13 years ago

RaeJean M.
The book was an extremely easy-read. Nothing complicated, nothing weird, just stating the same thing you've always known but may have forgotten. It was a nice remembrance of the teachings of my grandmother.

Martinsville, IN,U.S.A.

13 years ago

Miss Jill
Here are my views on UR. I found chapter one hard to get through, it just did not sink in. Repeating could be the key words here. The more things were being drummed in to me the more I did not get it. Once they key words stopped I started to enjoy myself. Different themes were introduced and eliments were added to make you think. Then you are reading about one eliment and they then change things again.

I was expecting a different and new concept but got the familiar and a little disapointing aspect. A lot of UR brought up images which I could relate to, in events which have happened in the 20th century. Without giving anything away the excellent commentry of an event where you could see all sides of the event. A clue would be Nov 22nd 1963 came to mind.

I also felt UR was trying to help me to find UR and gave me clues to find it. I hope I am making sense here. The religious aspect was very one sided and should of reflected different aspects for examples and not be so one sided or as some would say preach or force one persons views onto others.

UR makes you think and re evaluate things. I do recommend that others take the time to read it for themselves.

PS:reading chapter one for a second time was easier.

lol Miss Jill

30/10/06 Madrid Spain

13 years ago

Sweet has received 78 new, 796 total stars from Care2 membersSweet has been awarded 200 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Sweet J.UR was definitely not what I is full of wisdom and encouragement that I immediately could relate to...and I see the potential for transforming lives with it's message.

....Jenny, you're so right! And my experience has been that 'true' wisdom is never complicated or convoluted...but 'simple', in the way that even Children are able to express it!

06/18/06 CA USA

13 years ago

Isma A.
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Well, I have read it finally too, and must say that what I knew since small age... ( I always had thoughts which I found reflected in books ) became a deeper meaning for it, and I think it is a gift to humanity .

UK (08/11/06)

13 years ago

Elizabeth F.
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I've just opened to Chapter 1 Thursday, 4:45 PM
Hi, Folks -

I'll repeat what I had written to the head of the Round Robin who had allowed me the privilege of reading her copy (paraphrased here):

WOW! I've just opened the cover and read the introduction ~ It's is so rewarding and confirming to see thoughts put down in such a way, and to know that I haven't been far from UR. (Or something to that effect.)

I haven't yet had an evening or day to really delve into the volume other than getting through the intro and the first 2 paragraphs of Chapter 1, but I love the manner in which the voice of the author(s) are so positive and it comes across as a chat around the fireplace, a dog at your feet, and good friends with whom to share conversations over the dying embers. It's like an old friend returning from a long time away, and picking up the conversation from where you left off before the friend went on his/her travels. I'm off to get further into the manuscript, but thought you might like to know...


Pittsford, VT, USA (17/11/06)

13 years ago

Leo S.
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As Is Above Is Below

Hello! Longtime i have been away, but i am bak. what can i say about UR? there is nothing new that others have not written before. in simple words and briefly it explains the blueprint our universe was designed on.

as is above is below was my first thought when i started reading it. it means to get out of our little boxes and observe what is out there besides what is going on inside our boxes.

it has taken me many years, lots of reading and much more inner work to get to the same conclusions that UR explains in simple words in few pages.

i understand it is a good reading for both, those who like me already knew what it explains and those who are awakening now their conciousness. excellent reading for our children, our future.

San Juan, PR, USA

13 years ago

Shiva D.
UR - It happened one night

“Ha! I know all this already!” was the line of thought which danced across my head as I read the first two pages of UR. But some superior presence (?) very gently made me continue reading and by the time I had reached page 26 (That is where I am now), I began to feel what rock fans very eloquently express as “tripping” LOL.

Yes, most of what ‘UR’ says is not rocket science nor is it some new discovery. It is the good ‘ole wine in a new bottle’. But, wow, what a bottle! And whatta wine!

Sometimes we need the Right Teacher to come along in helping us digest the knowledge which was right before us.

Most of us would intellectually would agree and know the teachings from UR, but to feel them at an emotional and spiritual plane, we need UR!

Thank you Elizabeth Feisst


Karnatak, India 06/01/07

13 years ago

George C.
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Not sure how to approach this.

I think I would have wrote it differently, all of the basic info is in there, but its written for an audience that needs for the explanation of the universe to be laid out simplistically, reiterated, and reiterated again. It also puts forward the proposition in a form that would not sit unpleasantly with one aspect of the religious community, which of course means that for those with other learnt beliefs it might be a tad off-putting.

Nonetheless, the contents are valid and this book is a simple to understand first step towards a persons path to enlightenment. It will not take you all the way but certainly would get you on the first few rungs…..

(more comments from George from another posting…)

Hi Arthor,

I know what you mean. I reckon that UR and the Celestine Prophecy make good companions because they are both written in a simplistic manner, maybe you could describe it as "without ego". Whilst UR introduces the spiritual side, the Celestine Prophecy introduces the mechanics.

20/02/07 - UK

13 years ago

The thoughts reproduced below were written by Sunshine R on the topic...

UR off to Toronto, Canada

Most readers or UR so far have read it and then reported how they felt which is great. What makes this unique is that Sunshine tells us how she feels while reading it at the same time respecting the author(s)request not to quote it or give away its conclusions.

What we get is an amazing insight into the sort of journey UR can open one up to.

You’ll see she went far beyond the usual reports and wrote extensively how UR made her feel, sharing circumstances and emotions she had during her reading experience. In addition – on the topic – there was much general conversation.

What appears below is an edited condensed version highlighting specifically her UR thoughts. The original topic is also well worth a look.

Sunshine R.
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I have 1/2 way through, and because people are in line, I do regret not having/being able to have the 2nd/3rd read, lol, … although I have had no profound "movement" I am really LOOKING FORWARD TO THE 2nd half, that appears to really motivate people and there is even a request to go through that process (no I have not peeked ahead, lol, which I had to laugh as I usually skim books when able so got me there right away asking not to). Who knows I may get a 2nd reading in, we'll see…

…Well day before yesterday, I made (for me) much headway into the 2nd part of the book to several matters of my heart and mind that have been severely problematic and creating anger, especially for the past several years.

One, not at the time, when I read it, I felt love, but I rebounded yesterday quite badly, and this has been an agnst with me for some time now and goes to the heart of the matter in all things.

I was able to read/type abit yesterday but did not read any of UR. Right now I am glad I didn't, I needed that day to let what had come up ONCE AGAIN, wash over…

What else I would like to say, is that my DESIRE has been so strong, that I have READ THIS MUCH of a book from page by page for first time in some years AND that SO MUCH STARTED COMING THROUGH FOR ME (nothing I didn't know before, but challenging my present conditions, thoughts, paradigms, don't think I said that right) THAT I STARTED JOURNALLING, AS I COULDN'T HIGHLIGHT THE BOOK LIKE I DO MY OTHERS. I find writing (physically difficult for me now), which I did much of when young and I have blocked it, so this was another plus for me.

Feeling being slammed against a wall may sound negative, for me it was a mix of emotions on especially this 1 topic, and that it had come to me again, to me, is the life of the universe asking me to then to reconsider .... I am finding it difficult.

I leave it at that, and have to rest and hopefully get some more reading today, I feel at the same time to help save/extend this life, I should be doing something else, however, my heart says KEEP AT IT, READ THE BOOK ND LISTEN AGAIN TO UR TAPE ON COURSE IN MIRACLES (short version, quite), that was nagging at me for a WEEK BEFORE I GOT UR.

I think I just had a UR aaha moment…

ok, I have finished reading UR for the first time yesterday except for much minute (sp) details near end, although did look as some, and highlighted already, some leaving out 1 part referred to ( no I am not highlighting (UR), which actually 1 made me laugh, I had highlighted some before/prior and stopped right before it.

The last page before these gave me a jump as I have/know some history about it that I thought wasn't common place, so far to others it hasn't been in my experience & know more details…

…On the whole, as mentioned before most is nothing I haven't thought of or felt, or read before, a refocusing and some issues, actions, especially 1 that needs some immediate attention and sorted out, and some new ideas on how to approach current situations (more I am praying will come up & fast, lol), life, perhaps not new, a reminder again.

I gave up abo
13 years ago
ut 1 year or more ago & turned away so to speak, much from an incident with someone, & I went to anger, so this is really pushing me, asking me to reconsider & more. I will need help with the main issue I am referring to without saying what it is here), and will ask for it again, it came up when I first got ill, well some years after & just increased.

I reread the 1st few pages Tony, and some of it was quite striking, still is and, lol, in some ways goes back to this other issue.

Odd talking in riddles. I have been reminded that during another past part of this life, that was tediously difficult, how I got through it.

Ok, that's it for now, again so much gratitude, thank you for the flowers, they too were a reminder regarding someone else, lol…

…After UR (andmy notes a few times), I was lead back to a copy of my Course In Miracles tape (1 tape only), I knew it was a big book so never did it as it sorta was introduced to me after my reading skills/cognitive/memory skills problems, let alone being able to lift a book of the weight for me would be painful. AH, but many things come to you when you think you are readying or not, and I found an online version of Course in Miracles, with Audio as well, that I would highly suggest to those who want to go further or take again if you already have prior to UR as many have done here.

that's it for typing for now, I am so immersed in CIM right now, that UR seems light years away, and CIM reminds me of many things that happened to me in my youth that I lost, however, I am in the early stages. With that said, I would have both as required reading in all schools, with UR being the basis, here that would be grades 4-8, although it could be discussed at any grade and taken futher, and CIM, I would like to see in high schools, or those WHEN THEY ARE READY OR IT COMES TO THEM. I have found this the way with many books like this during my life, they showed up in my hands I rarely had to go searching for them on a book store shelve (unless I wanted my own copy after, lol)

lots of gratitude to Elizabeth & David, the Group here, and LOVE to EVERYONE


Canada (06/11/06 - 01/11/07)

12 years ago
The thoughts posted below were first put up as a share, click here if you wish to go to the original and comment.

Holly Swint
Holly Swint


Enlightening Manuscript

I have just purchased and read UR off the official site. I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't what I thought it would be. I was amazed that it was about mostly what I already knew, but explained in a way I have never thought about before. It confirmed alot and changed my mind about a few things. I understand why it would not be good to tell someone what it is about before they read it. The affect it has on one, is much better not knowing and just letting the heart listen for the first time. It is amazing how simple the message is. How it makes perfect sense... I hope the manuscript is never spoiled by others exploitation but do hope that it's message can wisely be integrated into the world ASAP. *Peace to all, Holly

Posted: Wednesday August 8, 2007

12 years ago

Shane F.Stars
Well, I read it, and I think it's definitely worth 11 bucks. For me, it was mostly reinforcement of what I already believe in, but, even that reinforcement is worth it. It's always good to know that I'm not alone in the way that I think, and that there really is hope for the world.

I really liked everything it had to say, and it presented its case very well. The common sense involved in the message is just about as strong as any argument ever made, and I find in all the debates I've been in prior to reading it, I've actually only been reinforcing the details of UR.

I don't know what else to say, except that it's a really great read, and, as it is often said, is simple enough in its approach that anyone could grasp its content. I doubt our friend, would want it any other way.

I think it is exactly the sort of thing a person should be introduced to, at the very least. If and when my luck with women changes, and I ever have kids, I'll definitely be instilling these principles in them.

P.S.: I just thought of these really nifty slogans, spoofing Geico car insurance, of course:

"Unlock Reality: So easy a pastor could do it."


"Unlock Reality:15 minutes of reading could save us 15 millenniums or more of fear and oppression."


Summerfield, FL, USA (30/08/07)

12 years ago

Darrell B.


I am new here. I just finished reading UR. I liked it vey much, and will refer it to some people in my life. I am new to this material, but not many others, as I have been on the ' path ' as it were for thirty years, working closely with many people and perceptions in that time. I have read enough books to be a mini library in my mind. I was raised catholic, so Jesus was my ' first ' as they say.

This text talks of what ancient Chrisitan mystics call ' Chrisitng ' or becoming as Jesus in lue of worship. In my researches I ran across something that has bothered me for many decades. The current Bibles are the combination of two, one form 400AD and one from 600 AD. But text from the one found in Mt. Carmel dated to around 150 AD. It is basicaaly the same, except that there is no mention in it of the resurrection. The gospels basically read the same, but without this. I thought perhaps someone here could shed some light.

Even as a child in the Catholic church I did not beleive what I was being taught, but it was what it was then. I beleived God would not send just ONE person to say " see what I am and you can never be ' it just didn't make sense to me. As I studied all the other religions and texts across time, I found a common thread of Human potential, leading to the text of UR, and many presently presented ideals coming to light right now. From Christians to the new age light workers, all are saying the same thing, just saying it differenlty according their own perceptions.

Of course the '' Secret " now leads the pack of professing globally this ideal of new Human growth and evolution. Perhaps the Seret reveals nothing new, but just gives us permission to let out the secret thoughts we have had about all this all along. I know even as child sitting in the cathedral, I thought such possibilities were the truth.
I apologise for the length of this post, but as you know, UR can be quite thought provoking. I teach meditation in Ohio , because when I learned to meditate it took to that place religion talked of yet never took me too, that place of peace and calm that illuded me in prayer as I was taught. In class I say prayer is the art of talking to God, and meditation, the art of listening for the answers.

In Love and Grace,


Wadsworth, OH, USA - 19/09/07

12 years ago
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